Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Morganate, Fred, r.residence 129 n.north 14th.
Morganer, Henry, Carpenter , r.residence 133 n.north 18th.
Morganthaler, John n.north , r.residence rare 222 High.
Morganthaler, Nicholas, porter Heinicke & Estel ,
r.residence 13th, nr.near Biddle.
Morhiser, C.r.residence , seamstress, r.residence 174 n.north 5th.
Moriarty, Eugene, alb. , r.residence es.east side 19th, b. O’Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Moriarty, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards 104 s.south 2nd.
Moriarty, Owen, riverman , r.residence rare 160 n.north 9th.
Moriarty, Patrick, riverman , r.residence 12 Harty’s bidg.,
es.east side 14th, b. O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Moriarty, Stephen, bookkeeper MorrisCollins, .
Moriarty, Timothy, lab.laborer al.alley b. Biddle and O’Fallon,
8th and 9th.
Morrissy, William, blacksmith , es.east side 13th, b. Soulard
and Lafayette.
Moritz, Caspar H., clerk , bds, rear 316 s.south 3d.
Moritz, Charles, bookbinder , r.residence Main, below Mul-
Moritz, Charles, saddler , r.residence 21st and Warren.
Moritz, Edward, carpenter , rear 311 s.south 5th.
Moritz, Francis, boxmkr , r.residence 18th and n.north Market.
Moritz, Francis, grocer , ws.west side Main, b. Mulberry and
Lombard, r.residence same.
Moritz, William n.north , clark C. B. Hubbell, jr. & Co.
r.residence 29 n.north 6th.
Morley, Charles, tailor , bds.boards 311 Broadway.
Morluck, Vincent, riverman , r.residence ws.west side Columbus, bet.
Lesperance and Picotte.
Morman, John, lab.laborer , 231 n.north 8th.
Morne, John, soldier , r.residence 33 n.north 18th.
Moroney, James, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Barton, bet.between DeKalb
and I. M. R. R.
Moroney, William, riverman , r.residence 129 n.north 11th.
Morr, Joseph, ropemkr , Bellefontaine c. Destrehan.
Morrell, Joseph, carpenter , al.alley rare 222 s.south 2d.
Morrell, Joseph, carpenter A.Wildermath, , r.residence
Cedar, b. 2nd and 3d.
Morrie, Frank, riverman , r.residence 10 Spruce.
Morrin, Patrick, alb. , r. al. b. 7th and 8th, Franklin
av.avenue and Morgan.
Morriner, John, caropenter Kinglands & Ferguson .
Morrion, F. C., patternmkr Phœnix Foundry .
Morris, , moulder Marshall & Co.
Morris, Benjamin F., student Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Morris, Charles, cutter Ticknor & Co. , bds.boards 85 St.
Morris, Charles, engineer , r.residence 34 Benton.
Morris, David, salesman Sonneborn, Seligman &
Marx , r.residence Myrtle, bet.between 3d and 4th.
Morris, David, steamboatjoiner , 100 n.north Levee, r.
205 Carr.
Morris, David C., printer , r.residence 250 Wash.
Morris, Mrs. e.east J., dress and mantillamkr , 56
n.north 5th, bds.boards 16 St. Charles.
Moris, Emily J., wid.widow , r.residence 352 s.south 2d.
Morris, Evan, shoemaker , r. al. bet. 8th and 9th.
O’Fallon and cass av.avenue
Morris, Francis A., postor 1st Methodist Church , r.residence
181 Washington av.avenue
Moris, George, patternmkr , r.residence 275 Franklin av.avenue
Morris, George, salesman Pollock & Co. , bds.boards ns.
Chesnut, bet.between 11th and 12th.
Moris, Henry, lithographer , r.residence 10th, nr Cass av.avenue
Morris, Isaac, (col’d), r. al. bet. Wash and Carr,
7th and 8th.
Morris, James, carpenter , r.residence 220 n.north 10th.
Morris, James, corkdealer , 17 s.south 3d, r.residence same.
Morris, James P., carpenter and joiner , bds.boards West-
ern House, Carr, c. Broadway.
Morris, Jeffrey, lab.laborer , r.residence Foster, bet.between Biddle and
Morris, John, bricklayer , r.residence 203 n.north 14th.
Morris, John, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side Moore, bet.between Market and
Clark av.avenue
Morris, John, lab.laborer , r. al. bet 13th and 14th, Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash.
Morris, Margaret, wid.widow Edward, , r.residence 15 n.north 12th.
Morris, Marshall, (col’d.) barkeepter F.Davis, , r.residence
Green, bet.between Carr Biddle.
Morris, Matthew, chopper , r.residence Main, bet.between Florida
and Mullaphy.
Morris, Milton, driver streetrailway , r.residence Maiden, la.,
near 24th.
Morris, Molly, 112 Green.
Morris, Morris, (Morris & Gershon,) r.residence 55 Myrtle.
Morris, Patrick, bakery , 239 Biddle, r.residence same.
Morris, Peter, glazier , r. al. b. 6th and 7th. Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash.
Morris, r.residence b.between , student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Morris, , ss. Randolph, bet.between Ulrici and Mercer.
Morris, Robert. corkdealer , 17 s.south 3d, r.residence same.
Morris, Samuel T., (Morris, Peters & Co.,) r.residence 115
Morris, Stephen, moulder , r.residence 9th. c. Mound.
Morris, Susan, wid.widow Samuel , r.residence O’Fallon, bet.between 5th
and 6th.
Morris, Thomas, baker , r.residence Biddle, ne c. 18th.
Morris, Thomas, bookerper , bds.boards Poplar bet.between 13th
and 14th.
Morris, Thomas A., clerk W. Seemuller & Co. , bds.
97 Pine.
Morris, William, student , r.residence 378 n.north 2d.
Moris, William b.between , gen. agent Parker’s Express ,
70 n.north Main, r.residence 183 Chesnut.
Morris, Peters & Co. , (Samuel T.Morris, ,
Henry b.between Peters, and Nathan J.Stratton, ,)
prod, com. mer.commission merchant , 3n. Commercial.
Morris & Gershon , (MorrisMorris, and JosephGer-, ,) tailors , 137 Market.
Morris, Alexander, messenger Q. M. dept .
Morrison, Bonny, (col’d), cook , r. al. bet. Wash
and Carr, 7th and 8th.
Morrison, Christopher, (col’d), driver Brooks ,
Hathaway & Schureman .
MorrisonDaniel , s.south , riverman , bds.boards 159 Broadway.
Morrison, Edward, (Morrisin & Holland,) r.residence Or-
chard, ne.north east c. Beckwith.
Morrison, Frederickboatman , r. al. bet. 6th and
7th, Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Morrison, Hall, 130 n.north 4th.
Morrison, Henry, (Morrison & Logan,) r.residence Chesnut,
c. 9th.
Morrison, Henry, engineer , bds.boards 81 Gay.
Morison, J. L., bds.boards Lindell Hotel.
Morrison, John, barkeeper , 89 Morgan.
Morrison, John, carpenter w.west , F.Detert, r.residence 123 n.
Morrison, John, steamboatclerk , r.residence ws.west side Jackson, b.
Marion and Carroll.
Morrison, John, saloonkeeper , 89 Morgan.
Morrison, John, tailor , al.alley bet.between Wash and Carr, 14th
and 15th.
Morrison, Johnston, teamster , r.residence es.east side 12th, b. O’Fal-
lon and Cass av.avenue
Morrison, Joseph, (col’d), r.residence Wash, bet.between 22d and
Morrison, Kitty. (col’d), wid.widow Samuel, , r.residence rear 131
n.north 10th.
Morrison, Robert, ropemaker , r.residence 198 High.
Morrison, Sarah, wid.widow John, , r.residence 123 n.north 12th.
Morrison, Thomas, shipehandler , 20 n.north Levee, r.
125 n.north 12th.
Morrison, William, r.residence 17th, c. Locust.
Morrison, William, lumberyard , 12th, se.south east c.
Market, r.residence Morrison av.avenue , bet.between Stoddard av.avenue and
Morrison, William n.north , dentist , 81 Olive, r.
Morrison & Holland , (EdwardMorrison,
and w.west , HenryHolland,) agts, fire, marine and
life ins. co. , 21 Locust.
Morrison & Logan , (HenryMorison, and
Charles C.Logan, ,) house and real estate
agts. , 41 n.north 3d.
Morrisse, James, drayman , Walnut, b. Beaumont
and Pratte av.avenue
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholsale and Retail, by Keevil, Our Hatter, 271 Broadway