Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Schmidt, William, lab.laborer , 43 Marion.
Schmidt, William, sadeler , es.east side 10th, b Lafayette
and Emmet.
Schmidt, William, soldier , r.residence 146 n.north 16th.
Schmidt & Co. , (CatharineSchmidt, and Caspar
Esphorst, , grocers , Mallinckrodt, c. 11th.
Schmiodt & Schulbarch , (MichaelSchmidt, and Ju-Schulbarth, ) furniture , 240 s.south 5th.
Schmidter, Mary, wid.widow , r.residence Rutger, b. 6th and 7th.
Schmidtill, Sigismond, bookkeeper Goodwin &
Anderson , r.residence ss.south side Arrow nr.near Menard.
Schmied, John, brushmkr , es.east side Hamtramck, bet.
Emmet and Julian.
Schmieder, Conrad, lab.laborer , ns.north side Allen av. bet. 9th and
Schmieder, Stephen, porter GeorgeSchlosstein, , r.residence
10th, nr.near Soulard.
Schmieder, Xaver, lab.laborer , 238 Carondelet av.avenue
Schmeiding, Charles, clerk H. Gildehaus & Co. ,
bds.boards Johnson, n.north of Gratiot.
Schmieding, Frederick, clerk , r.residence Cooper, b. Austin
and Gratiot.
Schmieding, Frederick e.east , (F. E. Schmieding &
Co. , r.residence Cooper, b. Austin and Gratiot.
Schmieding F. E. & Co. , (F. e.east Schmieding, ,
FrederickWiebush, and Frederick A.Witte, ,
hardware , 171 Broadway.
Schmiet, John, driver , r.residence es.east side Columbus, b. Marion
and Carroll.
Schmiexamp, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side 13th, bet.between Cham-
bers and Madison.
Schmit, w.west, bds.boards 60 s.south Main.
Schmit, Fridolin, shoemkr , r.residence ss.south side O’Fallon, nr.near
Schmitgens, Franz, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side Carondelet, b. Pes-
talzzi and Arsenal.
Schmittgens, Frank L., salooon , 1029 Broadway, r.
1047 Broadway.
Schmitka, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence 11t, c. O’Fallon.
Schmitt, Anthony, cashier Missouri Republican , r.residence
6th, sw.south west c. Elm.
Schmidt, Caspar, physician , r.residence 72 Poplar.
Schmitt, Caspar, physician , 56 Walnut, r.residence same.
Schmitt, F. A., med. student , bds.boards Marine av.avenue , c.
Carondelt av.avenue
Schmitt, Frank, bootmkr , 468 Market, r.residence same.
Schmitt, Frederick, winedealer , nw. cor. Ann av.avenue
and 9th.
Schmitt, G. Adam, saloon , 465 Carondelt av.avenue
Schmitt, George, soldier , ns.north side Emmet, b. 13th and
Schmitt, Henry, tailor , sw.south west c. 11th and Marion.
Schmitt, Hermann, saddler , 20 s.south 12th, b. Soulard
and Lafayette.
Schmitt, John, tailor , r.residence 54 Montgomery, nr.near 9th.
Schmitt, Joseph, lab.laborer N. Schaeffer & Co.
Schmitt, Joseph, saloon , 65 Chesnut, r.residence 6th, c.
Schmitt, Joseph, stonecutrer , 18 s.south 12th, b. Sou-
lard and Lafayett.
Schmitt, Lawrence, saloon , 150 s.south Main, r.residence same.
Schmitt, Peter, coffeehouse , 69 s.south Levee.
Schmitt, Philip, (Wm. Simpton & Co.,) r.residence 14th, c.
Chouteau av.avenue
Schmitt, Phiipp U., capt. 2d Mo. Infantry, r.residence 398
s.south 7th.
Schmitt, Victor J., clerk Miller & Grant , r.residence 6th, b.
Pine and Olive.
Schmitz, August, (A. Franke & Co.,) r.residence 94 s.south 14th.
Schmitz, Bernhard, teamster , es.east side 10th, bet.between Geyer
and Allen av.avenue
Schmitz, Fran, barber , r.residence 326 s.south 2d.
Schmitz, George, lab.laborer , es. al. bet. Marion and Car-
roll, Carondelet av.avenue and 7th.
Schmitz, Jacob, barkeeper , r.residence Ferry, nr.near the river.
Schmitz, John, brickyard , Pestalozzi, c. 2d Caron-
delet av.avenue
Schmitz, Louis, saddler , r.residence Wash, b. 24th and 25th.
Schmitz, Peter, teamster , es.east side 12th, bet.between Emmet
and Geyer av.avenue
Schmuch, Ferdinand, tailor , 212 Carr.
Schmack, Ferdinand, tailor O’Fallon, ne.north east c. 14th.
Schmucker, Bernard, (Wetekamp & Co.,) 17th, c.
Franklin av.avenue , r.residence same.
Schmucker, Bernard jr., clerk , bds.boards 17th, cor.
Franklin av.avenue
Schmucker, Conrad, carptner , bds.boards 73 n.north 8th.
Schmucker, David r.residence , mer. tailor , 26 Olive,
r.residence 135. s.south 5th.
Schmucki, Joseph, lab.laborer , r. es. al. bet. Jackson and
Columbus, Barry and Marion.
Schmuntkamp, Willliam, carpenter , Bellefontaine,
se.south east c. Salisbury.
Schnable, Ondre, tinshop , 127 Franklin av.avenue , r.
Schnadt, Ferdinand C., miller r.residence es.east side 13th, bet.
Spring and Wright.
Schnaider, Joseph, (Max Feurbacher & Co.,) r.residence
77 s.south 2d.
Schnaider J. & Co. , (JosephSchnaider, and
MaxFeu4rbacher, ,) breers , 135 and 137 s.
Schnarke, Frederick, tobacconist , r.residence 94 n.north 7th
Schnalting, Henry, tailor , al.alley b. Biddle and O’Fal-
lon, 10th and 11rth.
Schnappauf, Franz, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side Columbus, b. Les-
perance and Picotte.
Schnart, August, miller , r.residence ws.west side 15th, bet.between Spring
and Wright.
Schnaus, Valentine, bds.boards Bernhard Hund, Man-
chester rd., bet.between Summit av.avenue , anbd Beaunmont.
Schneck, G., tobacconist , r.residence 184 Biddle.
Schneeberger, Andreas, lab.laborer , DeKalb, nw.north west c. La-
Schneeberger, Andreas F., whipmaker , es.east side Buena
Vista, nr.near Eliza.
Schneeberger, Jacob, shoemaker , bds.boards 190 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Schneeberger, John H., bootmaker , 44 Olive, r.
Schneider, Adam, peddler , ss. Cass av.avenue , bet.between Clay
and Eliot avs.
Schneider, Andrew, metalspinner , 165 n.north 6th, r.
Schneider, Caspar, lab.laborer , c. Pennsylvania av.avenue
Schneider, Caspar, musician , rear 162 n.north 14th.
Schneider, Charles, butcher , 31 Noth Market Hall,
r.residence Christy av.avenue , nr.near 25th.
Schneider, Charles, mer. tailor , 220 High, r.residence same.
Schneider, Charles, student Rohrer’s Commer-
cia College , 55 and 57 n 4th.
Schneider, Christian, shoemaker , es.east side 112th, b. Ma-
rion and Carroll.
Schneider, Eugene, 272 s.south 3d.
Schneider, Frank A. H., justice of the peace,
and notary pubic , 1st Ward, office 159 r.residence 194
Carondelet av.avenue
Schneider, Franz Wm., fisherman , r.residence Piotte, ne.
c. al.alley b. DeKalb and Kosciusko.
Schneider, Frederick, cooper , al.alley bet.between 3d and 4th,
Mulberry and Cedar.
Schneider, George, cooper , r.residence 3 Gay.
Schneider, George, saloon and boarding , 245
s. 4th.
Schneider, George, grocer , 245 adn 247 s.south 4th.
Schneider, Gerhart, blacksmith , r.residence 174 n.north 12th.
Schneider, Gustav, salooln , 25 Columbus, sw.
c. Lafayette.
Schneider, Henry, r.residence Carr, b. 21st and 22d.
Schneider, Henry, bootmaker , 20 Myrtle, r.residence Spruce,
b. 2d and Main.
Schneider, Henry, stonemason , r.residence ws.west side 17th, bet.
University and Dodier.
Schneider, Henry, watchman , r.residence 149 s.south 3d.
Schneider, Hehry J., clerk Gehrke, r.residence 74 Caronde-
let av.avenue
Schneider, J. Frederick, tailor , 237 Carondelt av.avenue
Schneider, Jacob, baker , 262 s.south 2d.
Schneider, Jacob, riverman , r.residence es.east side Jackson, b. Car-
roll and Soulard.
Schneider, Jacob F., lab.laborer , 2d, nr.near Penrose av.avenue
Keevil, Our Hatter, established March 6th, 1849, at 271 Broadway.