Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Premium Wire Works ,
59 Market Street,
Between Second and Third, St. Louis, Mo.
r.residence C.Ludlow, ,
Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wire Cloth, for Fan Mills, Threshing Machines, Flour Mills,
Starch Factories, Paper Mills, Locomotives, Meat Safes, etc. , etc.
Bird Cages, both Japanned and Wooden frame, of every variety, style and finish,
unsurpassed in America.
Seives, of iron, brass or copper wire, for flour, meal sugar, drugs, starch, gravy, etc.
Also, a superior article of Foundry Riddles, for moulders.
Standing Screens, for coke, coal, ore, gravel, sand, lime, malt, etc.
Iron Wire, for Fencing, and all other purposes.
Rat and Mouse Traps, of all shapes, sizes and contrivances.
Miscellaneous Articles, in great variety, such as Nursery Fenders, Fire
Guards, Flower Stands, Dog Muzzles, Corn Poppers, Dish Covers, Wire Gridirons, Wire
and Wicker Bird Nests, Bird Seed, Seed Glasses, Egg Whisps, Egg Panniers, Mullers,
Scoops, Toasters, Rice and Tea Balls, and other articles, too numerous to specify.
Fancy Wire Work, of all kinds, made to order, at short notice,
and in the best style.
J. e.east liggett, , HenryDausman, .
Liggett & Dausamn ,
Manufacturers of
Chewing Tobacco
and Dealers in All Kinds of
Tobacco, Cigars, Snuff, Pipes, &c .
N. W.north west Cor.corner Walnut & Second Sts.,
Opposite Barnum’s Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.