Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Merchants & Manufacturers
Insurance Co., of St. Louis .
Office, No. 3s Pine Street.
This Company insures, either on the Mutual or Cash plan, all
kinds of good property, in City and Country,
against loos or damage by Fire.
Policies Issued From Thirty days to Six years.
William, Colcord, Sam’sStillwell, , s.south w.west Eager, Jr.,
H.Johnson, , H. , H.Clark, w.west , n.north White,
w.west , w.west Glenny, HohnGlenny, , e.east , C.Ketchum,
s.south , b.between Flint, Alex.Crozier, , A. , s.south Rutherford,
A. , A.Ladd.
Wm., Colcord, President. H. , H.Clark, Vice-Pres.
Wm.William n.north White, , Secretary.
Lumbermen and Mechanics’
Insurance Co. ,
capital, $200,000. Main Street, s. w. cor. Pine.
Fire and Marien risks.
b.between M.Runya, , Wm.WilliamPatrick, , Chas s.south Kintaing, ,
L. , b.between Harwood, G. , w.west Chadbourne, A. , C.Errfort.
e.east C.Sloan, , A. , M.Bissell.
Rob’tHolmes, .
b.between M.Runyan, , President. A. , M.Dissell, Vice-Pres.
Jno. n.north Pritchard, Secretary.
Laclede Mutual Fire & Marine Ins. Co.,
of St. Louis .
Office, New Marble Building, ThirdSt.street , opp. Post-Office.
Polices Issued From Thirty Days to Six Years.
Directors :
Joseph, O’Neil, IsaacWalker, , Wm.William T.Gay, ,
Wm.William M.Price, , Rob’t w.west Powell, , ThomasSlevin, ,
Levin H.Baker, , OliverGarrison, , Sam’lMcCartney, .
J. , M.Powell, Sec’y pro tem. r.residence , w.west Powell, President.
Francis P.Burke, , Agent. Wm.William T.Gay, , Vice-President.