Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Tilke, Mary, wid.widow , r. al. b. 8th and 9th, Franklin
av.avenue and Wash.
Tilkmeyer, Herman, shoemaker , 169 n.north 13th.
Tilker, Zacharias, plasterer , r.residence es.east side 15th, b. Madi-
son and Jefferson.
Tilkin, John, carpenter , al.alley b. Biddle and O’Fal-
lon, 7th and 8th.
Tillay, Frank w.west , (Tillay and Tompkins,) r.residence Paul,
nr.near Chouteau av.avenue
Tillay, George w.west , clerk e.east , A.Corbet, r.residence Paul, b.
Hickory and Chouteau av.avenue
Tillay, John T., (Tillay & Co.,) r.residence 240 Olive.
Tillay, William J., bookkeper Richardson & Co. ,
r.residence Paul, b. Chouteau av.avenue and Hickory.
Tillay & Co. , (John T.Tillay, and —, ,)
com. mers. and butter and cheese , 3 Pine.
(See adv.)
Tillay & Tompkins , (Frank w.west Tillay, and Wil- M.Tompkins, jr.,) com. mers. , 76 n.
Tille, Charles, porter JohnWann, .
Tiller, Michael, blacksmith , Broadway, ne.north east cor.
Tilley, George, foreman James S. Price & Co.
Tilley, Mary, wid.widow Mednon, , r.residence 233 s.south 3d.
Tillis, Louis, sutler , r.residence 256 Morgan.
Tillman, A. w.west , grocer , 290 Broadway, r.residence same.
Tillamn, Dietrick, winemaker , r.residence Cass av.avenue and
Tillman, Charles, whol.wholesale grocer and boat
stores , 19 n.north Levee, r.residence park av.avenue , c. Decatur.
Tillmann, Joseph, moulder , r. al. rear 22 Emmet.
Tillotson, Ezra, machinist , r.residence Marine av.avenue , b. Mag-
azine and Common.
Tillotson, Jonathan, engineer . r.residence 10th, b. Webster
and Chambers.
Tillotte, Nicholas, beerdriver , r.residence es.east side Jackson, b.
Barton and Victor.
Tillson, Charles H., lawyer and com. of
deeds , Chesnut, se.south east c. 2d, r.residence 139 Chesnut.
Tillson, Mark, blacksmith , bds.boards Wash, bet.between 13th
and 14th.
Tilly, Charles, carpenter , r.residence rear 208 n.north Market.
Tilse, Christian, photographs , se.south east c. Market and
3d, r.residence same.
Tilse, Maria, fortuneteller , es.east side 9th, b. Lafayette
and Geyer av.avenue
Tilson, e.east T., distillery , c. Main and Poplar.
Tilton, , finisher M.Pauley, .
Tilton, Alfred e.east , distiller , 16 s.south 2d, r.residence New
Tilton, Dearborn w.west , painter , r.residence Ham, b. Hickory
and Chouteau av.avenue
Tilton, William, blacksmith TheodoreSalorgne, .
Timpkin, , stoves , bds.boards 159 Broadway.
Timkins, Henry, carriagemnfr , 145 n.north 6th, r.
194 n.north 8th. (See adv.)
Timmer, Hermann, lab.laborer , 99 Lafayette.
Timmerman, John, teamster , r.residence Gratiot, b. 15th
and 16th.
Timmerman, Joseph, porter Peter, e.east, Blow, Bu-
chanan and 12th.
Timmermann, Bernhard, teamster , r.residence ns.north side Miller, b.
Jackson and Columbus.
Timmermann, Carl, grocer , r.residence 334 s.south 2d.
Timmermann, Christian, shoemaker , 16th, bet.
O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue , r.residence same.
Timmermann, Clemens, carpenter , 1141 Broad-
Timmermann, Garret H., machineshop , 25 and
27 Myrtle, r.residence 227 s.south 2d.
Timmermann, John G., (Timmermann & Hart,)
154 s.south 5th.
Timmermannn, Mary, wid.widow , es.east side 14th, b. Park av.avenue
and Carroll.
Timmermann, Rudolph, rectifier Myer & Meister ,
r.residence 53 s.south 2d.
Timmermann & Hart , (John G.Timmermann, ,
and AloysiusHart, ,) grocers , 154 s.south 5th.
Timmermeister, r.residence, student Rohrer’s Commer-
cial College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Timmins, Frederick, waiter Planters’ House .
Timmins, John, lab.laborer , 182 n.north 12th.
Timmonds, Catharine b.between , wid.widow Jerome, , boarding ,
10 s.south 5th.
Timon, James J., clerk L. A.Benoist & Co. , r.residence 275 s.
Timon, Owen V., agt.agent St. Louis Cathedral , 30
Tine, Christopher, lab.laborer , 139 n.north 18th.
Tingelhof, Meinholph, porter E. A. & S. R. Filley ,
r.residence Christy av.avenue , c. 14th.
Tingnagel, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side 13th, nr.near O’Fallon.
Tinkeman, Gerard, drayman , al.alley b. Biddle and
O’Fallon, 9th and 10th.
Tinker, George, (Tinker Bros. & Co.)
Tinker Bros. & Co. , (GeorgeTinker, and Zachariah w.west
Tinker, , and WilliamSmith, ,) malsters , 72
Plum, brewery, es.east side 17th, b. Market and
Clark av.avenue
Tinley, Charles, lab.laborer , r.residence 443 Broadway.
Tinn, Theodore, lab.laborer , Elizabeth, b. Gravois rd and
Ann av.avenue
Tinscher, Francis, paver , ss. Geyer av.avenue , b. 9th and
Tintera, Francis, tailor , 90 Lafayette.
Tinwoody, William, lab.laborer , r. al. b. 15th and 16th,
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Tippach, Andrew, lab.laborer Chapman & Thorpe , ne.north east c.
Broadway and Bates.
Tippel, Adam, lab.laborer , ss. al. b. 11th and 12th, Geyer
and Allen avs.
Tippett, Peregrine, justice county court , Meremac
Tippin, Patrick, riverman , 62 Biddle.
Tipton, , capt. invalid corps, bds.boards Spruce, b. 7th
and 8th.
Tirmenstein, Samuel M., tin, copper and sheet
iron , 306 s.south 5th, r.residence Clara av.avenue , nr.near Potomac.
Tirre, William, teamster , r. al. b. 10th and 11th,
O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Tirrell, Nathan D., prof. Washington University ,
r.residence Papin, b. 14th, and 15th.
Tirrill, Jacob P., (Cutter & Tirrill,) r.residence 187 Locust.
Tisch, Catherine, 19 Lafayette.
Tisch, Magdalena, wid.widow , 458 s.south 7th.
Tisch, Joseph, carpenter , 19 Lafayette.
Tisch, Xaver, tobacconist , r.residence rear 279 n.north 11th.
Tischbein, Michael, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side DeKalb, b. Lesper-
ance and Picotte.
Tischhauser, Gabriel, lab.laborer , r.residence 309 s.south 2d.
Tising, Charles F., bridlebit mnfr.manufacturer 11th, b. Green
and Washington av.avenue
Tising, Frederick, blacksmith , r.residence Orange, b. 19th
and 20th.
Tissier, Francis, clothing , 45 s.south Levee, r.residence same.
Titgemeier, Henry H., (Titgemeier & Co.,) r.residence 9th,
b. Howard and Mound.
Titgemeier H. & Co. , (HenryTitgemeier, , John
F.Bokeman, , and FrederickHulschen, ,) wood
and coalyard , 9th, b. Howard and Mound.
Tittenhorst, Christian, carpenter , Kossuth and
Titterle, Frederick, blacksmith , Broadway, nr.near
Tittmer, Edward, captain , 8 Russel av.avenue
Titus, Asbury, (col’d), fireman , r.residence 203 n.north 7th.
Titus, Sherman L., clerk C. B. Hubbell, jr. &
Co. , r.residence 179 Locust.
Tivenan, Mary, wid.widow Peter, , saloon , 14 Morgan.
Tivy, John n.north , (Tivy & Bro.,) r.residence 198 Wash.
Tivy, William H., bookkeeper Tivy & Bro. , bds.
Western House.
Tivy, William n.north , (Tivy & Bro.,) r. se. c. Union
av.avenue and Olive.
Tivy & Bro. , (William, n.north and John, n.north,) prod.
dealers , 284 Broadway.
Toachimi, Louis, clerk Anzeiger Des Westens , r.residence 7
n.north 3d.
Toal, John, striker , r.residence 7th, b. Cass av.avenue and O’Fal-
Tobac, Lisette, r.residence ws.west side 10th, nr.near Soulard.
Keevil, Our Hatter, established March 6th. 1849, at 271 Broadway.