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St. Louis Saw-Works
Branch, Crookes & Co. ,
Proprietors .

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Manufacturers Of
Warranted Extra Fine Cast Steel
Saws ,
Of all descriptions now used in the United States, consisting of
Circular saws, Cross Out, Tenon, Mill, Muley Mill, Pit, Gang,
Mill Webs, Billet Webs, Felloe Saws, Veneer.
Segments and Turning Webs.

We respectfully call the attention of Cireular Saw Mill Manufacturers, Circular Saw Mill
owners, and Manufacturers of Lumber, to the great improvments we have recetly introdu-
ced into our establishment for the manufacturing of our Circular Saws. Having purchased
from Mr. Wm. Clemson his patent machine for Griding saws, which is far superior to any ma-
chine in use, and the only one ever invented that will grind a saw perfectly even in thickness,
we warrant our saws to rn truer, and to be superior in temper. to any other saws made. We
can grind Circular saws, from 6 to 72 inches in diameter, with the greatest accuracy and preci-
sion. The impossibility of grinding a Saw without leaving it uneven in thickness, has always
been achnowledged by practical saw-makers. This causes the saw to expand. as soon as it
becomes slightly heated in working. When this takes place, the saw loses its stiffness, and will not cut in a direct line. We warrant our saws to be free from these defects ; they are made
perfectly even in thickness. or gradually increase in thickness from the edte to the centre, as
may be desired. As there are no thick or thn places, the friction on the surface of our saws is uniform, conseqently they will remain stiff and true; will require less set and less power, and
are not so lable to become untrue, as other saws. We warrant oursaws to cut smoother, run
truer, and save more lumber, than any other Circular Saws manufactured.

For Sale At Our Warehouse,
No. 18 Vine Street, bet.. Main and Second, St. Louis, Mo.

Particular Attention paid to Repairing all kinds of saws.

Repear Teeth and Trunk Spring Made To Order.