Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Carpenters and Builers.
Adams, James, 89 Orange.
Baker, L. D., es.east side 11th, nr.near Cass av.avenue
Barron, Samuel, 44 Centre. nr.near Market.
Beattie, John, es.east side 6th, b. Market and Walnut.
Bent, J. K., agent , Spruce, nw.north west c. 12th.
Bent & Ricker , ws.west side 11th, near O’Fallon.
Rentner, Henry, Clary av.avenue and n.north Market.
Bevin, Wm.William T., al b. 4th and 5th, nr.near Olive.
Bierman, Albert, 21st and Warren.
Black, Joseph, ss. Clark av.avenue , b. 26th and Mercer.
Borlinghaus, Henry, 96 Poplar, b. 3d and 4th.
Bulter, r.residence, Salislbury, b-9th and 10th.
Buhler, John G. C., c. Ohio and Menard.
Burns, H., al., b. 4th and 5 th, near Olive.
Burrichter, Berenard A., 19th, nr. n. Market.
Cadding, John O., 9 St. Charles.
Couper, George b.between , ws.west side 15th, nr.near O’Fallon.
Detert, William F., 11 th and Green.
dressel, Edward, al.alley b. 3d and 4th nr.near Chesnut.
Edgar & Hopewell , ws.west side 13th, nr.near Clark av.avenue
Dies, Michael, ss. Davis, b. 23d and 24th.
Doyle, William H.5th, c. St. Charles.
Durham, John F., al.alley b. 3d and 4th, nr.near Chesnut.
Engleson, William H., es.east side 14th, nr.near Papin.
East, w.west A., 31 St. Charles.
Eckstean, Florien, Franklin av.avenue , b. 22d and 23d.
Felter, Louis, Morgan, b. 21st and 22d.
Fitzgibbons, Maurice, ws.west side 12th, nr.near Poplar.
Forse, Thomas, office 81 Locust.
Frie, Henry, ws. al. bet. 13th and 14th, Park av.avenue
and Carroll
Giebler, Frederick, al.alley b.2d and 3d, nr.near Walnut.
Givens & Adams , Washington av.avenue , nr.near 14th.
Gugerty, Thomas, Poplar, nr. s. 5th.
Hausgen, e.east w.west , Market, nr.near 19th.
Heckwolf, Ferdinand, ns.north side Soulard, nr.near 9th.
Hendry, Elihu e.east , al. ns. Locust, b. 5th and 6th.
Hodgmann, Joseph, 36 Benton.
Go to Bryant, Stratton & Wheeler’s Commercial College , cor.corner Fifth and Olive.