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St. Louis
Commercial College ,
Founded 1856.

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Chartered 1860.

w.west s.south Mitchell, , Jas. A.Higgins, , Principals.

Entrance 50 1-2 Olive Street, bet.between Third and Fourth.

The Design.

It is the design of this Institution to impart a true and useful knowledge of Commercial Sci-
ence and Art, as found and applied in every departmant of Trade and Commerce-embracing the
theoretico-practical mode of instruction, and replete with the best and most modern facilities for
aequiring in an easy and expeditious manner, an education of practical utility, and successful ap-
plication, upon Terms within the reach of every one.

Time Of Entering.

This Institution is open Day and Evening for Ladies and Gentlemen; the entire year-each
Student receives separate instruction; they can enter at one time as well as another, and attend any
hour from 9 A. M. to 9 1/2 P. M. We have no vacation. Persons from 15 years up to 60 attend this

Terms Of Tuition.

For an unlimited, Complete, Thorough, Practical and Comprehensive Course of Instruction
in the art of managing business upon scientific principles, in all of the various branches as taught
in this Institution, with the privilege of reviewing the same at any time, even after haveng grad-
uated, without extra charge, and Diploma. $50 00

Book-keeping alone, and Certificate. 30 00

Penmanship and Book-keeping, with Certificate. 35 00

Commercial Calculations and Book-keeping, with Certificate. 40 00

Extended of Teacher’s Course in Penmanship, Card Writing, &c. 100 00

Phonography, as per agreement,
Languages, as per agreement, English Grammar as per agreement Penmanship, during life. $10 00


St. Louis Commercial College .-The gentlemen conducting this Institution are men of high
educational standing, and well approved masters of the art of teaching, especially in the branches
of their profession. Cordially do we commend their truly excellent school to the patronage of a
discriminating public. Wm.WilliamMcKee, ,
John F.Hume, , Democrat.


Hon. Charles DDrake, , Hon. JohnColvin, , Wm.William M.Jones, , M. , H.Frazer, Stephen D.Barlow, ,
Hon. J. r.residence Barrett, , Rev. Wm.William G.Elliot, , G.Boernstein, , Dr.Baumgarten, , Wm.WilliamCuddy, . JohnHow, ,
Rev. T. M.Post, , StephenHoyt, , IraDivoll, , Dr.Hillgaertner, , s.south , w.west Wright, Esq., HermannAchen-, , FrantzSaler, , AdolphusMeier, , r.residence , M.Funkhouser, IsaacRosenfeld, , SeymourVoullaire, , A.
P.Jones, , J. , b.between Mackey, ErastusWells, , Prof. J. C.Hoyt, , Hon. O. D.Filley, , HenryAmes, .

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for Circulars containing information in regard to Terms, &c., call at the College Rooms,
or address w.west , s.south Mitchell.