Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /

Rocjard, Ennis. J. , D.Chenver.
Stationers’ Hall .
Ennis & Cheever ,
Book and Job Printers,
Manufacturers of Fine Account Books ,
10 Olive Street,
Between Main and Second Street, St. Louis.

A full and complete stock of the Finest Stationery, for the use
of Banks, insurance and Railroad Companies, and Merchants
generally, is offered at prices less than the market rates.

Country Dealers, who buy to sell again, will find it to their interest to examine the stock, among which will be found—

Cap and Legal Cap Paper.

Letter, Note and Fancy Paper.

Envelopes of every variety.

Gold and Steel Pens, many hundred varities.

Faber’s, and all other good Pencils.

Best Writing Fluids.

Black Inks and Inkstands.

Carmine and Red Ines.

Copting Ink, Mucilage.

Bankers’ Cases, Monet Books.

Cask and Deed Boxes.

Copying Presses and Apparatus.

Letter Balances, Eyelets.

English Pocket Knives, of Rogers’, Crookes’
and Westenholms’ Manufacture.

Ledger, Cash, Dat and Invoice Books.

Record Books, of every size, for Town and
Country use.

Hotel Registers, Steamboat Registers.

Blank Books of every description.

Memorandum Books—all qualities.

Wallets, Pocket Books, Money Cases.

Binders’ Boards, Bonnet Boards.

Manilla, Straw and Rag Paper.

Slates and Slate Pencils.

Writing and Copying Books.

School Books, such as are in use in this and
the adjoining States.

Printers’ Material—Card Stock, Ink, News
and Book Paper, &c.

Having a large and well-appointed office, we are prepared to execute
Book, Job and Commercial Printing,
In a style not excelled by any establishment in the country, and at prices that
defy competition.

Blank Books,
Of every description, for Banks, Courts and Commercial Houses, made to
order in the most satisfactory manner.

Seal Presses and Seals for County Clerks, Lawyers, Notaries, &c.,
At Very Low Prices.

Legal Blanks of Every Description for Sale.