Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Transportation Lines & Agencies.
(See also Freight agents; also Forwarding and
Commission Merchants)
Able, Barton & Co. , St. Louis and New Orlenas
Merchant Line Packets, 42 Commercial.
Boyden, John s.south , ns.north side Plum, nr 3d.
Bull, James r.residence , 26 n.north Commercial.
Compromise Express Fright Line, J. B.
Reevey , agent , Pine, nw.north west c. 2d. (See adv.)
Forsyth, L. e.east , Erie, r.residence r.residence , 58 n.north Commercial.
Gray, s.south M., Great Western Dispatch , 119 n.north 4th.
Great Central Route Fast Freight Line , n.north
Stevens, , agent , 2d, c. Poplar.
Illinois River Packet Company , 27 s.south Levee.
Merritt’S Express Freight Line , J.
Merritt, , agent , Main, nw.north west c. Locust. (See
Merritt, Henry b.between , M. S. & N. I. R. R. , Main, ne.
c. Locust.
Merritt, J., Merritt’s Express Freight Line ,
Main, nw.north west c. Locust.
Mitchell, Miltenberger & Tansey , 27 n.north Levee.
Parsons, H. b.between , Merchants’ Dispatch , 95 n.north 4th.
Peters, Alexandria e.east , 9 Locust.
Sass, r.residence F., 57 n.north Commercial.
Stevens, n.north, Illinois Central R. R., 2d, c. Pop-
lar. (See adv.)
Warden, Sohn A., Northern Packet Company,
and Memphis & St. Louis Packet Company ,
63 n.north Levee.
Whitelaw, J. H., Illinois Packet Company , 27 s.