Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Kernan, Charles., grocer , r.residence 7th. nw.north west c. Lancaster.
Kernan, John. police , r.residence 96n. 8th.
Kerne, Ernst. teamster , r.residence 130n. 8th.
Kerner, George, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side Kosclusko, b. Lesper-
ance and Picotte.
Kerrnile, James, steamboatman , r.residence 64 n.north 3d.
Kernion, Rev. Gastave H., St. Louis University
Kernonan, Andrew, bds.boards 159 Orange.
Kernon, Bernard. agt.agent , bds.boards 105 St. Charles.
Kerns, Michael, hackkeeper , 429 Market,r. same.
Keron, Henry b.between , r.residence 74 Mound.
Kerr, Arthur, millwright , r. al. b. Howard and
Mullanphy, 8th and 9th.
Kerr, Beainard, clkerk Leitch & Corlies , bds.boards 172
Kerr, George, bricklayer , r.residence 8s. 7th.
Kerr, Henry, riverman , r.residence 165 Wash.
Kerr, William, porter King, Dcan & Co. , r.residence 206 n.
Kerr, William, riverman , r.residence ns.north side Warren, b. 9th
and Broadwayl.
Kerrigan, e.east C., clerk Keiler & Co. , r.residence 12th, nr.near
Kerrigan, Elizabeth, wid.widow , r.residence 150s. 3d.
Kerrigan, Ellen, wid.widow , r.residence Chouteau av.avenue , b. Jeffer-
son and Pratte av.avenue
Kerrigan, James, saddler , r. al. bet. 6th and 7th,
O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Kerrigan, Martin, saloon , Carondelet av.avenue , nw.north west c.
Kerrigan, Patrick. porter , 15s. Main, r.residence 18th, bet.
Morgan and Franklin av.avenue
Kerrigan, Thomas, helper , r.residence ws.west side 14th, b. Cass av.avenue
and O’Fallon.
Kerriagan, William, chief clerk adjutant gen’s. office,
116 Market. r.residence 81 Spruce.
Kerrigan, William, porter Painters’ House , r.residence
Spruce, b. 6th and 7th.
Kerwin, Thomas G., (Kerwin & Co.,) r.residence 10th. c. Cass av.avenue
Kerschel, George, clerk J. , b.between Ghio.
Kershaw, Andrew J., brass founder and plumber , 82
n.north 3d,r. same.
Kershaw, James M., engraver , 36 n.north 5th,r. 135
Kershaw, William L., bds.boards 159 Broadway.
Kerst, John G., lab.laborer , r. e. of Grand av.avenue , nr.near Plank
Kerst, Oitto, lab.laborer , r.residence 18th and Benton.
Kersten, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence 13 Saoulard.
Kersting, Richard, mailclerk Republican .
Kerth, Frederick, clerk , r.residence 87s. 7th.
Kerth, George, es.east side 8th, b. Murion and Barry.
Kerwin, John, lab.laborer , r.residence Smith, c. Main and Lewis.
Kerwin, Daniel, foreman Stone & Duryee , r.residence 18
Kerwin, James, blacksmith , r.residence 22 Biddle.
Kerwin, John, clerk Stone & Duryee .
Kerwin, John, machinist , r.residence 18 Biddle.
Kerwin, Thomas, locksmith , r. cor. 10th and Cass
Kerwin, William, lab.laborer , r. al. b. Main and 2nd, nr.near
Kerwin, William jr., rivermanj , r. al. b. Wash and
Carr, 7th and 8th.
Kerwin & Co. , (Thomas G.Kerwin, and Conrad
Andreas, ,) locksmiths and bellhangers , 88 n.
Kerzinger, Francis, saloon , St. Charles rock road,
cor.corner Grand av.avenue
Kesen, Jacob, brewer , r.residence 16th, c. Singleton.
Keshan, James, finisher , bds.boards 7th,c.Biddle.
Keshan, Thomas, drayman , r.residence Cass av.avenue , b. Glas-
gow and Webster avs.
Kesler, Anthony, Tanner , 1028 Broadway.
Kesler, Edward, lab.laborer N. Schaeffer & Co.
Kesler, Gustavus, wagonmkr gov’t corrall , r.residence Gra-
vois rd., nr.near McNair av.avenue
Kesler, Henry, lab.laborer F. Messiner & L. D. Herman .
Kesler, Joseph, blacksmith Louis Espenschied .
Kespohl, Charles, clerk Torlina & Co.
Kessels, John, Millwright , r.residence 199 O’Fallon.
Kessler, Anthony, tannery , r.residence es.east side Broadway, bet.
Dock and Buchanan.
Kessler, August, brewer , r.residence ws.west side 9th, b. Pestalozzi
and Arsenal.
Kessler, Caroline, wid.widow John, , dressmkr , 173n. 6th,
r.residence same.
Kessler, Catharine, wid.widow , es.east side 12th, b. Marion and
Kessler, Christian, wagonmkr , ns.north side Gravois rd., nr.near
Kessler, Edward, cooper , r. ws. al. b. Jackson and
Columbus, Marion and Carroll.
Kessler, George, lab.laborer Christian Peper , 181n. Main.
Kessler, George, lab.laborer , es.east side Buena Vista,nr. Eliza
Kessler, Henry Mrs., wid.widow , r.residence head of Emmet.
Kessler, John, watchman , 66 Park av.avenue
Kessler, Joseph, cigarmaker , r.residence 357 Carondelet
Kessler, Julius, policeman , r.residence 492 Carondelet av.avenue
Kessler, C. Julius, policeman , Park av.avenue , sw.south west c.
Kessler, Mathias, shoemaker , r.residence ss.south side Miller, b. Co-
lumbus and Kosciusko.
Kessler, Mordais, stonecutter , r.residence 9th, b. Gratiot
and Cerre.
Kessnar, John, lab.laborer , r. al. b. Carr and Biddle,
7th and 8th.
Kesating, Richard, carrier , 409s. 7th.
Keston, Henry, huckster , Broadway, nr.near Morgan.
r.residence 194n. 4th.
Ketchum, Ewing C., painter Wilgus, & Ketchum ,
r.residence 171 Locust.
Ketchum, Fount H., coppersmith , r.residence ns.north side Lucas.
b. 16th and 17th.
Ketchum, Joseph, r.residence 19th, b. Maiden lane and
Ketchum, Solomon P., r.residence Dickson, se.south east c. Clay av.avenue
Keth, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence 234 n.north 12th.
Keth, Jacob, cooper , r.residence 136 n.north 16th.
Ketsig, Henry, riverman , r.residence 233n. Main.
KettelKamp, Rudolph, grocer , Carondelet av. nr.
Marine av.avenue
Kettelmann, Conrad, barber , 229 Carondelet av.avenue
Kettelman, Herman, policeman , r. ns. n. Market.
b.15th and 16th.
Ketterer, John, r.residence 20 Carroll.
Ketterer, John H., law student , r.residence Carondelet av.avenue ,
ne.north east c. Arsenal.
Ketterer, Joseph e.east , baggagemaster I. M.R. R. ,
r.residence Carondelet av.avenue , c. Arsenal.
Kettlar, Frank, grocer , ws.west side 12th, b.Spruce and Clark av.avenue
Kettlar, Frederick, saloon , Levee, b.Biddle and
Kettler, Henry, gardener , c. Michigan and She-
nandoah av.avenue
Kettler, John D., huckster , n.north Market Hall.
Kettler, Charles T., machinist , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue ,
4th and 5th.
Kettman, Henry, tailor Ticknor & Co. , r.residence 85
Franklin av.avenue
Kettmann, Bernhard, lab.laborer , Mallinckrodt, b. 12th
and 13th.
Ketzel, Wilhelm, finisher , r.residence ss.south side Sidney, b. Jack-
son and Columbus.
Keuffner, William C., capt. U. S.A., bds.boards Poplar,
c. 7th.
Keune, Christianshoemaker , 357n. 9th,r. same.
Keune, Friedrich, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side Columbus, b. Ma-
rion and Carroll.
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by our Hatter, Keevil’ 271 Broadway.