Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Loughlin, Patrik, r.residence 228 n.north 15th.
Loughlin, Michael, lab.laborer Cogswell & Co.
Loughran, Thomas, clerk , r.residence ns.north side Clark av.avenue , bet.
20th and Mercer.
Louis, Abraham, lab.laborer , r.residence 95 n.north 9th.
Louis, Louisa, (col’d) wid.widow , r.residence 36 Gay.
Louis, Missouri, wid.widow Coleman, , r.residence 336 n.north 9th.
Louis, Thomas, marketman , r.residence Christy av.avenue , bet.
19th and 20th.
Louis, William A., puddler , 59 Lafayette.
Louisa, Mary, lab.laborer J. , C.Cameron.
Love, Emeline, wid.widow , r.residence 3 Orange.
Love, Joseph C., clerk Taussig, Livingston & Co.
Lovelace, Ezra L., shipcarpenter , r.residence 10 Brooklyn.
Low, Amos, (col’d.) blacksmith , r.residence 69 O’Fallon.
Low, Jacob, riverman , r.residence Division, ne.north east c. 22d.
Low, Lamont, clerk J. G. Greer & Co. , r.residence 28 s.
Low, Patrick, boilermaker Fulton Boiler Works.
Low, William, carpenter , r.residence ws.west side 2d Carondelet av.avenue ,
nr.near Park av.avenue
Low, William, r.residence 28 s.south 14th.
Lowe, Charles, carriagemaker , r.residence 174 n.north 8th.
Lowe, Gustavus, machinist w.westFallon, , r.residence 171 Carr.
Lowe, M. r.residence s.south , student Jones Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Lowe, William, soldier , c. Angelrodt and 11th.
Lowell, George w.west , bds.boards Locust, nr.near Beaumont.
Lowell, William H., bds.boards 456 Broadway.
Lowencamp, William, teamster , r.residence 10th, b. Mound
and Howard.
Lowendrath, , wid.widow , 310 s.south 3d.
Lowenstone, Marcus, varietystore , 184
Broadway, r.residence same. (See adv.)
Lower, Edward H., (Jones & Lower,) r.residence Walnut,
cor.corner 4th.
Lower, Frank, brewer , r.residence ns.north side Eugenia, bet.between 20th
and Mercer.
Lowery, Maria, wid.widow Robert, , r.residence 124 Christy av.avenue
Lowery, Thomas, carpenter , r.residence 318 n.north 8th.
Lowman, George, cigarmaker , al.alley bet.between Wash and
Carr, 12th and 13th.
Lownes, George, r.residence n.north 10th, terminus of Labeaume.
Lownes, George b.between , (Hobbs, Lownes & Co.,) r.residence
9th, nr.near Brooklyn.
Lowney, Thomas, steamboatwatchman , r.residence 109
Lowrey, Andrew, waiter Planters’ House.
Lowrey, Johncapt. , bds Barnum’s Hotel.
Lowry, Alexander, actg. asst.assistant adjt. gen. State of
Mo. , 116 Market.
Lowrey, John, carpenter , ns.north side Poplar, nr.near Adoplhe.
Lowry, John, coalmer. , r.residence 75 n.north 10th.
Lowry, Patrick, fireman , r.residence Bates, bet Main and
Lowry, Peter, clerk Goldstein & Bro. , r.residence 209 Broad-
Lowry, Priscilla, wid.widow Samnel, r.residence, r.residence Cass av.avenue , bet.
10th and 11th.
Lowry, Samuel, clerk William H.Ensign, , 27
Lowry, Thomas, cook , 1408 Broadway.
Lowry, Thomas, riverman , 95 Biddle.
Loxan, Frederick, lab.laborer , r.residence 234 Wash.
Loxen, Theodore, milkman , Elizabeth, b. Gra-
vois rd.road and Ann av.avenue
Loy, John, lab.laborer , r.residence 264 Chesnut.
Loyd, David, bds.boards 52 Wash.
Loyd, George, shoemaker , 336 s.south 3d.
Loyd, John, boarding , 128 s.south Main.
Loyd, John, carpenter , r. al. b. Cass av.avenue and Da-
vis, 23d and 24th.
Loyd, william, clerk , bds.boards 28 s.south 10th.
Lrnkanbark, Frank, stonemason , r.residence Chambers, b.
14th and 15th.
Luchs, A., student Rohrer’s commercial
College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Luckem, Hermann H., dairyman , es.east side Rosatti, nr.near
Ann av.avenue
Lubbers, Herman, shoemaker , bds.boards 252 n.north 8th.
Ludert, Herman, lab.laborer , r.residence 131 n.north 18th.
Lubke, George w.west , lawclerk HenryHitchcock, ,
bds.boards 266 Wash.
Lucas, A. G., O. & M. R. R. , bds.boards Barnum’s Ho-
Lucas, Andrew F., carpenter , r. cor. 14th and
Franklin av.avenue
Lucas Building , 89 and 91 Chesnut.
Lucas, C. D., salesman Ubsdell, Barr, Duncan &
Co. , r.residence 12th, nr.near Olive.
Lucas, Daniel P., pilot , r.residence 268 Franklin av.avenue
Lucas Market House , c. 12th and Olive.
Lucas, James A., conductor , bds.boards Valley Hotel.
Lucas, James H., office Main, sw. cor. ches-
nut, r.residence 134 Olive.
Lucas, Julia, wid.widow , r. al. b. Washington av.avenue and
Green, 7th and 8th.
Lucas Market Scales and Market pl., 12th, bet.
St. Charles and Olive.
Lucas, Napoleon, raftsman , bds. sw. c. Main and
Lucas, Tandley, (col’d), drayman , r.residence Cozzens, c.
Pratte av.avenue
Lucas, Thomas, telegraph wire repairer , r. al. b.
Wash and Carr, 21st and 22d.
Lucas, Willia, (Lucas, Thompson & Co,) r.residence
Lucas, Thompson & Co. , (WilliamLucas, , Chas.
L.Thompson, and SilasHicks, ,) office 24 Lo-
Luchow, Frederick, tobacconist , 151 s.south 7th, r.
152 s.south 7th.
Luckel, Anna, wid.widow , b. Hickory and Rutger, 6th
and 7th.
Lucker, Herman, lab.laborer , r.residence 16th, cor.corner Chambers.
Lucking, Joh, lab.laborer Charles G.Stifel, .
Lucking, John b.between , Queen’s ware store , 306 Frank-
lin av.avenue , r.residence same.
Lucko, Geore, foreman , bds.boards 65 Walnut.
Ludecker, Fernon, cigarmaker , r.residence 114 n.north 13th.
Ludeking, Carl, sec.secretary Benevolent Society , r.residence 82
Ludeke, Peter, blacksmith , r.residence Gravois road and
Allen av.avenue
Luder, John, basketmaker , es.east side 9th. bet.between Soulard
and Lafayette.
Ludewig, Johannes, hats, caps and furs , 35 n.
Main, r.residence 25th, c. Olive.
Ludewig, Rudolph, cabinetmaker , n.north Market, b.
18th and 19th.
Ludlow, Edward, painter , al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O’Fallon, 6th and 7th.
Ludlow, Richard C., wovewire mnfr.manufacturer , 59
Market, r.residence 165 Pine. (See adv.)
Ludmeier, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence 11th, c. O’Fallon.
Ludwell, Lee, (col’d), huckster , r.residence 373 n.north 11th.
Ludwig, , carpenter , Biddle, sw.south west c. 11th.
Ludwig, Andreas, shoemaker , ws.west side 14th, bet.between Park
av.avenue and Carroll.
Ludwig, August, brewer , r.residence Beuna Vista, cor.
Ludwig, Charles D., clerk Prov. M. G. office , bds.
525 Broadway.
Ludwig, Christian, painter , 11th, se.south east c. Lafayette.
Ludwig, Conrad, lab.laborer , 222 n.north 11th.
Ludwig, Conrad, carpentershop , ss. Dvis, b. 23d
and 24th, r.residence same.
Ludwig, Conrad, drayman , r. sw. c. 14th and Jef-
Ludwig, Eliza, wid.widow Michael, , r.residence ws.west side Columbus, b.
Soulard and Lafayette.
Ludwig, Henry, feedstore , 203 n.north 9th, r.residence same.
Ludwig, John, (Ludwig & Son,) 236 s.south 2d.
Ludwig, Leonard, cooper , bds.boards Broadway, cor.
Ludwig, Leonard, saddletreemaker , r.residence ss.south side n.
Market, b. 3d and 9th.
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