Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Schwab, John, stonemason , r.residence ws.west side Lynch, bet.between Mc-
Nair and Salens
Schwab, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence Kosciusko, bet.between Anna
and Sidney
Sehwab, Joseph, shoemaker , August, Otto, r.residence 265
Market, bet.between 10th and llth
Schwab, Theresa, wid.widow r.residence ss.south side Dock,bet.between Broadway
and 2d
Schwabe, Charles T.(M. Cook & Co.company ) , r.residence 5T Mar-
Schwaibe, Fritz, lab.laborer r.residence 87 Emmet
Schwaler, William, soldier , r.residence ns.north side O'Fallon, bet-
8th and 9th
Schwaodner, Francis, rag gatherer , r.residence 182 Decatur
Schwanecke, Gustave, strawboy. Field, Sanford &
Wells , bds.boards n.north Sth, betbetween , O'Fallon and Biddle
Schwaner, Henry, tanner , r.residence Mallinckrodt, sw.south-west
cor.corner 16th
Schwarberg, Gustavus r.residence teamster , r.residence ns.north side Thom-
as, bet.between Pratte av.avenue and Elliot
Schwarberg, Herman, clerk , r.residence ns.north side Thomas, bet.between
Pratte av.avenue and Elliot
Schwarberg, H.clerk , St. Louis, Alton & Terre
Haute r.residence r.residence r.residence 25th and Pratte av.avenue
Schwarberg, John H.lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Tbomas, bet.between
Pratte av.avenue and Elliot
Schwarce, George, baker , Charles, Holmes
Sehwarte, Hermann, r.residence rear 210 n.north llth
Schwarting, Bernard L.clerk , George Schwart-
ing, r.residence 99 Morgan
Schwarting, George, city weigher , n.north Levee, bet.between
Carr and Biddle,r.residence 99 Morgan
Schwartz, Adam, cooper , r.residence al.alley bet.between 12thand 13th,
Emmet and Julia
Schwartz, Albert, tobacconist , 334 Franklin av.avenue
r.residence same
Schwartz, Andrew, cooper , bds.boards 3d, cor.corner Elm
Schwartz, Caroline, milliner , 321 s.south 5th, r.residence same
Schwartz, Conrad, jeweller , r.residence 227 Spruce
Schwartz, Eniil, shoemaker , r.residence es.east side Bellefontaine
r.residence bet.between Penrose and Broadway
Schwartz, Frederick, flour and feed store , 674
Broadway, r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.between Broadway
and 9th
Schwartz, Frederick, variety store , 159 s.south 2d, r.residence
Schwartz, F.student , Rohrer'S Commercial
College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Schwartz, George, tinner , r.residence 166 Biddle
Schwartz, Henry(Schwartz & Meianer)
Schwartz, John, butcher , r.residence Kosciusko, nr.near Victor
Schwartz, Joseph, carpenter , bds.boards 64 s.south llth
Schwartz, Samuel, lab.laborer r.residence 95 Lafayette
Schwartz, Simon, clerk , Joseph Emanuel & Co.company
bds.boards 321 s.south 5th
Schwartz, William, lab.laborer r.residence 40 Plum
Schwartz, William, lab.laborer r.residence n.north 16th, bet.between Montgom-
ery and Spring
Schwartz & Meisner (Henry, Schwartz and William,
Meisner), feed store , 450 Market
Schwartze, Julius, lab.laborer bds.boards 60 s.south Main
Schwarz, Anton, baker , 149 Carondelet av.avenue
Schwarz, George J.stndent , .Rohrer'S Com-
Mercial College, 65 and 57 n.north 4th