Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Shreve, L. M.(Shreye & Sanders) , r.residence St.
Charles, nr.near 6th
Shreve & Sanders (L. M.Shrove, and r.residence K.San-, ), lawyers , 68 Chesnut
Shrock, Frank H.clerk , s.south D.Hendel, , r.residence Olive,
bet.between 12th and 13th
Shroder, Bernhard, teamster , r.residence ws.west side 15th, bet.between
Mullanphy and Chambers
Shroenn, J.boxmaker , r.residence 23 Ham
Shroyer, Gustave, soldier , r.residence 62 s.south 14th
Shram, J. H.printer , r.residence 60 Collins
Shryer, Margaret, wid.widow William, , r.residence ss.south side Madison,
bet.between 15th and l6th
Shryock, William P.(Shryock & Rowland) , r.residence
Morgan, nw.north-west cor.corner Beaumont
Shryock, w.west P.(Daasmanu & Co.company ) , tobacco ma-
nufactory , r.residence Morgan, bet.between Beaumont and
Leffingwell av.avenue
Shryock & Rowland (William P.Shryock,
and David P.Rowland, ), com. mer.commission merchant 26 n.north
Levee and 52 n.north Commercial
Shudey, Frederick, teamster , Park Mills , r.residence 43
Shuenberg, William, r.residence es.east side 13th, nr.near Madison
Shnhmacher, Bernard, bricklayer , r.residence 85 Allen av.avenue
Shulenburg, Frederick(Shulenburg & Boecke-
ler) .r.residence 5th, nr.near Myrtle
Shuler, Gustave, watchman , r.residence Arsenal rd.road and
California av.avenue
Shull, Daniel G.engineer , r.residence ws.west side 6th, bet.between O'Fal-
lon and Cass av.avenue
Shulman, Henry(H. Shulman & Co.company ) , r.residence 194 Lo-
Shulman H. & Co.company (HenryShulman, and Jacob
Newburger, ), boots and shoes, whol. 52 n.north
Shulte, Henry, butcher ,bds.boards es.east side 17th, bet.between Warren
and Green
Shulthies, T. T.lab.laborer bds.boards 1359 Broadway
Shulte, Anthony, foreman , Saw Works , r.residence Spring,
cor.corner Broadway
Shulty, A.lunchman , Everett House
Shultz, Chauncey F.(c.corner F. Shultz & Bro.) , r.residence Ca-
roline av.avenue
Shultz, David, bookkeeper , ThomasRhodus, , bds.boards
82 Olive
Shultz, F. w.west moulder , Empire Stove Works
Shultz, Jacob, cooper , George A.Lutz, , r.residence Marion,
bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
Shultz, Jobn A.J.(Shultz & Getty) , r.residence 24th, cor.corner
Shultz, Joseph, cook , r.residence 16 Mulberry
Bhultz, Joseph, policeman , r.residence 13th, nw.north-west cor.corner Jef-
Shultz, Leo, moulder . Empire Stove Works
Shultz, Perry(c.corner F. Shultz & Bro.) , r.residence 193 Christy
Shultz, William, lab.laborer r.residence 62 Madison
Shultz c.corner F. & Bro. (ChaunceyF., and Perry
Shultz, ). hides, leather and wool , 41 Walnut
Shultz & Getty (John A.J.Shultz, and William
r.residence Getty, ), com. mer.commission merchant 33 Washington av.avenue
Shumaker, Henry F.cabinetraaker , r.residence ns.north side Mad-
ison, cor.corner 16th
Shuman, Emil, barkeeper , P. A.Bamberger, , bds.boards
97 Chesnut
Shumard, B. F.physician , 89 Pine, r.residence same
Shumner, Theodore, r.residence 133 n.north 10th
Shurey, Herman, lab.laborer Collier Lead Mill , r.residence Clark
av.avenue cor.corner 10th
Shurley, Robert, stonecutter ,r.residence 24th, bet.between Wash
and Franklin av.avenue
Shurtlell, Hattie, wid.widow r.residence 353 Duchouquette
Shuster, Conrad, boxmaker , 21st, ne.north east cor.corner Morgan
Shuster, George, bartender , FredGoetz, , r.residence junc-
tion 5th and 2d