Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Smith, John, machinist , Kingsland, Alter & Clark
Smith, John, machinist , Crozier & Baxter , r.residence nr.near
Smith, John, monlder , has. Walnnt, cor.corner Levee
Smith, John, painter , r.residence 358 n.north 9th
Smith, John, riverman , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between 7th and
8th, Morgan and Franklin av.avenue
Smith, John, saddler , r.residence 150 n.north 10th
Smith, John, saloon , Biddle, nw.north-west cor.corner 5th
Smith, John, shoemaker , r.residence ss.south side Salisbury, nr;
Pratte av.avenue
Smith, John, soldier, r.residence 3 Convent
Smith, John, teamster , r.residence John, ne.north east cor.corner Critten-
Smith, John, teamster , r.residence 421 n.north 9th
Smith, John, teamster , r.residence 235 Biddle
Smith, John, tobacconist , Lewis & Bro. r.residence es.east side
16th, bet.between O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Smith, John (col'dcolored ), riverman , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between 11th
and 12th, Morgan and Christy av.avenue
Smith, John A.riverman , r.residence n.north 9th, bet.between Wright
and Palm
Smith, John B.(c.corner L. Smith & Bros.) , r.residence 29 Ben-
Smith, John e.east clk. U.s.south A. pay dept. bds.boards 41 n.north
Smith, John F.barkeeper , r.residence 23 Gay
Smith, John F.bookkeeper , JohnThompson, , r.residence
259 n.north 6th
Smith, John F.Capt.captain steamer , r.residence Pacific, bet.between
Summit av.avenue and Pratte av.avenue
Smith, John K.porter , Democrat office, r.residence 41 Lo
Stnith, John M.cashier and ticket agt.agent Iron Mt.
r.residence r.residence r.residence Carondelet
Smith, JohnMcD. steward , Gait House, bds.boards
Smith, John P.clk. r.residence 110 Pine
Smith, John P.paying teller , asst.assistant Treasury U.s.south
r.residence 92 Olive
Smith, John T.cooper , r.residence Olive, sw.south-west cor.corner 12th
Smith, John w.west (A.K. Fassett & Co.company ) , r.residence Leffing-
well av.avenue nw.north-west cor.corner Morgan
Smith, Jonathan H.salesman , Howse, Aderton &
Co.company r.residence Olive, ne.north east cor.corner 10th
Smith, Joseph(Smith & Borman) , r.residence 7th, sw.south-west cor.corner
Smith, Joseph, blacksmith , r.residence ss.south side Morgan, bet.between
20th and 21st
Smith, Joseph, boiler , St. Louis Rolling Mill, r.residence
Ann av.avenue ne.north east cor 7th
Smith, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1400 Broadway
Smith, Joseph, Post Office House, 65 Chesnut, r.residence
94 Elm
Smith, Joseph, salesman , r.residence ns.north side Gratiot, bet.between 15th
and 16th
Smith, Joseph, shoemaker , 194 n.north 8th, r.residence same
Smith, Joseph L.r.residence 3 s.south 5th
Smith, Julius, monlder , Fulton Iron Works, r.residence ss.south side
9th, bet.between Cass av.avenue and Mollanphy.
Smith, J.machinist. National Iron Works
Smith, J. Bailey, clk. A. B.Sluder, , r.residence 331 Wash-
ington av.avenue
Smith, J. Percival.bookkeeper , Henry Bell &
Son, bds.boards 110 Pine