Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /

e.east r.residence Mason, , Attorney , &c.corner H. G.Clements.,

Mason & Clements ,
Military & Aaual Claim Agents
No. 52 North Third Street, near Post Office,
Will give their undivided attention to the adjustment and collection of Claims against the
United States
And the State of Missouri.

We collect Pensions,—Arrears of Pay,—Bounties, Prize Mo-
ney,—Pay for Horses lost in the United States Service,—Pay for
Horses, Mules, Oxen, Wagons, Boats, &c, pressed into service
of the United States. Also Glain s against the State of Missouri
for supplies furnished to,. and services rendered in, the Enrolled
Missouri Militia.


Hon.SamuelTreat, , James H.Lucas, , Esq., and Jno.s.south w.west McCune, , Esq., St. Louis;
Hon.JohnWilson, , 3d Auditor , Washington, D.c.corner ; n.north B.Baker, , Adjutant General Iowa ;
Maj.Gen'ls.south r.residence Cortis, . Iowa ; Brig.Gentlr.residenceAllen, . Chief Quartermaster , U.s.south A., Louis-
ville., Ky.; Col.Wm.WilliamMyers, , Chief Quartermaster St. Louis ; First National Bank, Mem-
phis, Tenn.; First National Bank , Leavenworth,Kansas ; St. Louis Building and Savings
Association , St. Louis; s.south H.Tucker, . Esq., Banker , Little Rock, Ark.; Col.w.west w.west
Mitchell, , A.Q.M.Gen'l, Illinois ; Third National Bank , St. Louis, Mo.; Wilshire & Co.company ,
Bankers , Memphis, Tenn. ; Jno. H.Dickerson, , Esq., Cincinnati, Ohio.