Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Stuhlmeyer, Casper, lab.laborer Saxony Mills
Stnbr, Gustave(Stubr & Co.company ) , bds.boards 205 n.north 13th
Stohr, Joachim, gardener , r.residence Couoty rd.road nr.near
Grand av.avenue
Stnhr & Co.company (Gustave Stuhr and Lonis Marcks) ,
bakery , 205 n.north 13th
Stake, Henry, porter , D.A. January & Co.company r.residence 16th,
cor.corner Madison
Stukenberg, Hermann H.r.residence Cherokee, , nr.near Wisoon-
sin av.avenue
Stukenberg, John, brickmaker , r.residence 237 Ann av.avenue
Stulb, A. c.corner clerk , Schaeffer & Co.company r.residence 41 Congress
Stulk, Henry, woodsawyer , r.residence 143 n.north 9th
Stumberger, Louis, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Kosciusko, bet.between Pic-
otte and Lesperance
Stumberg, George, boot and shoemaker , 130
Franklin av.avenue r.residence 259 n.north 8th
Stumeier, Caspar, lab.laborer r.residence 148 llth
Stump, John, city surveyor , r.residence 304 s.south 7th
Stumpe, Benjamin, blacksmith , Empire Stove
Stumpe, Frederick, lab.laborer Belcher's Sugar Refinery,
r.residence es.east side 12th, bet.between O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Stumpf, Bernard, lab.laborer r.residence 60 Columbus
Stumpf, Charles, boots and shoes , 291 s.south Sth, r.residence
Stumpf, Christian, carpenter , r.residence 206 Carr
Stumpf, Christian, soldier , r.residence 182 s.south 2d
Stumpf, Fred, beer cave , Eliza, , sw.south-west cor.corner Bnena
Stumpf, Frederick, r.residence Sth, se.south-east cor.corner Rutgers
Stumpf, George, lab.laborer n.north Schaeffer & Co.company r.residence 22d,
bet.between Morgan and Franklin av.avenue
Stompf, George H.bookkeeper , Buck & Wright ,
r.residence 78 Hickory
Stumpf, George H.saloon , 5tb, se.south-east cor.corner Rutgers,
r.residence ss.south side Hickory, bet.between 8th and 9th
Stumpf, Henry, bootmaker ,r.residence 4 Marion
Stompf, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 298 s.south 7th
Stumpf, Jacob, clerk , Joseph Emannel & Co.company r.residence
Buena, Vista
Stumpf, John, r.residence 8th, nr.near Hickory
Stumpf, Kunigonde, boardinghouse , al.alley bet.between Bid-
dle and Carr, llth and 12th
Stumpf, Louisa, intelligence office , 298 s.south 7th, r.residence
Stumpf, William(Stumpf & Lemp) , r.residence Union
Park, ws.west side Decatur, bet.between Allen and Russell
Stumpf & Lemp (William Stumpf and William
J. Lemp) ,brewers , ws.west side Decatur, bet.between Ann av.avenue
and Arrow
Stumph, George, cooper , r.residence wb. 22d, bet.between Gay and
Franklin av.avenue
Stnpp, John, machine shop , 294 Carondelet av.avenue r.residence
Stnrdevant, Charles c.corner (c.corner c.corner Stnrdevant & Co.company ) ,
bds.boards 49 Vine
Stnrdevant c.corner c.corner & Co.company (Charles c.corner Sturdevant
and Hiram Lampkina) , intelligence office,
111 n.north 3d
Sturdevant, Denning, watchmaker , r.residence -opp.Q.M.
dept. Benton Barracks
Sturdy, Isabel, wid.widow Jobn, , r.residence 182 s.south 4th
Sturgeon, Isaac H.pres.president and snpt. n.north Mo.B.r.residence
office, 159 and 161 n.north 4th