Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Sturges, George w.west , Mil. State agt.agent for Wis-
consin and Minnesota, 64 n.north 3d, bds.boards Everett
Stnrges, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Randolph, bet.between Ulrici
end Mercer
Stnrges', John A.(Sturges Co.company ) ,r.residence ns.north side Wash,
bet.between 24th and 25th
Stnrges, Samuel -L.(Sturges & Co.company ) , r.residence Natural
Bridge plank rd.road bet.between Pratte and Grand av.avenue
Sturges & Co.company (SamuelL., and JohnA., Sturges) ,
com. and forwd.forwarding Mer.merchant 274 Broadway
Sturla, Prank, confectionery , ice cream and oyster
saloon, Pine, sw.south-west cor.corner 13th. r same
Sturm, Alvin, student. Rohrer'S Commer-
Cial College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Storm., Andre, r.residence Louisa, , cor.corner De Kalb
Sturm, Chris, porter , s.south Thorpe & Co.company
Sturmann, Frederick(Sturmann & Wille) , r.residence 226
n.north llth
Sturmann, Gerhard, cigarmaker , r.residence 10th, bet.between Bu-
chanan and Angelrodt
Sturmann & Wille (FrederickSturmann, and Jo-Wille, ) , groceries and provisions , llth,
sw.south-west cor.corner O'Pallon
Sturmann & Wille (FrederickSturmann, and
JosephWille, ) , saloon , 126 O'Fallon
Sturrock, William H.house furnishing goods. 529
n.north 7th, r.residence same
Sturtz, Johavpeddler , r.residence Miller, , bet.between Jackson and
' Columbus
Stuscher, Michael, teamster , r.residence 36 s.south 10th
Stussel, Henry, livery stable and undertaker ,
343 s.south 7th, r.residence 18 Carroll
Stussel, Henry, teamster , F. Somers & Co.company r.residence ss.south side
Jefferson, bet.between 13th and 14th
Stutt, John, teamster , r.residence al.alley bet.between 2d and Broadway,
Angelica and Augusta
Stutter, Peter, r.residence es.east side 13th, bet.between O'Fallon and Cass
Stutz, Anton, r.residence 63 s.south 12tb
Stutz, Heinrich, clerk , r.residence 63 s.south 12th
Stuver, Charles, clerk , Vonarb & Brother , r.residence llth,
nw.north-west cor.corner Biddle
Stuver, Stephen, horsetrader , r.residence n.north Market, bet.between
16th and 19th
Suarre, John, riverman , r.residence 13 Myrtle
Snbit, Louis D.bookkeeper , r.residence 116 n.north 9th
Suchizky, M. e.east lumberdealer , r.residence 79 Hickory
Suda, Frankis, cooper , Linn, , nr.near Lafayette av.avenue
Suda, Michael, cooper , r.residence Linn, , nr.near Lafayette av.avenue
Snda, William, cooper , r.residence Linn, , nr.near Lafayette av.avenue
Sudbeck, Bernhard, farmer , r.residence nr.near Davis and
Pratte av.avenue
Sudbrock, Henry I.cigars and tobacco , 353
Franklin av.avenue r.residence same
Sudheimer, Adam, machinist , r.residence Missouri av.avenue cor.corner
Washington av.avenue
Sudhold, John H.porter , Claflin, Allen & Co.company r.residence
es.east side Monroe, bet.between llth and 12th
Sudholter, Henry, grocer , 704 Broadway, r.residence same
Sudley Mary, wid.widow r.residence 291 Carr
Suedholt, Henry, porter , r.residence Mouroe, , se.south-east cor.corner 12th
Suendkey, August, hostler , bds.boards 370 Franklin av.avenue
Snesdorf, Margaret, wid.widow Lonis, , r.residence es.east side Menard,bet.between
Ann av.avenue and Arrow
Suess, Joseph, merchant tailor , 274 Market, r.residence
Suetkamp, Heinrich, cooper , r.residence es.east side Emmet, bet.between
12th and 13th
Suffert, Rudolph, r.residence 19 n.north 9th
Suhre, Frederick w.west tailor , r.residence 22 Franklin av.avenue
Suisdorf, Philip H.saloon , 300 s.south Sth. r.residence same
Suite, John s.south physician , bds.boards 297 Spruce
Suits, William, carpenter , r.residence ss.south side Lynch, bet.between 8th
and Bnel
Sulinger, Andrew, foreman , New Bremen Brew-
ery, r.residence same
Sullivan, Ann, wid.widow Daniel, , r.residence ws.west side Main, bet.between
' O'Fallon and Bates
Sullivan, Bartholomew, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Gay, bet.between 20th
and 21st
Sullivan, Bartholomew, lab.laborer Transfer Co.company r.residence es.east side
Main, bet.between Almond and Spruce
Sullivan, Bernard, saloon , 9 s.south Levee, r.residence same
Sullivan, B.lab.laborer National Iron Works
Sullivan, Catharine, wid.widow James, , r.residence Division, bet.between
21st and 22d
Sullivan, Cornelius, policeman , r.residence 22d, bet.between Biddle
and Carr
Sullivan, Cornelius D.watchmaker , 31 n.north 4th r.residence
232 Chesnut
Sullivan, Daniel, drayman ,Scott A.Bros, .
Sullivan, Daniel, riverman , r.residence ss.south side Orange, bet.between 22d
and 23d
Sullivan, David, lab.laborer r.residence 17th, bet.between Biddle and
Sullivan, Dennis, carpenter , r.residence 240 n.north 12th
Sullivan, , Dennis, , hackler, , McGrae & Co.company 's Hemp
Sullivan, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence rear 234 n.north 7th
Sullivan, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence 39 n.north 9th
Sullivan, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence 113 n.north llth
Sullivan, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence O'Fallon, , bet.between 21st and
Sullivan, Edward, boilermaker , Allison & Rohan ,
r.residence Collins, , bet.between Bates and O'Fallon
Sullivan, Edward, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Orange, bet.between
23d and 24th
Sullivan, Edward, carpenter , r.residence ws.west side 7th, bet.between Bid-
dle and O'Fallon
Sullivan, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Main, bet.between O'Fallon
and Bates
Sullivan, Ellen, wid.widow John, , r.residence Collins, , ne.north east cor.corner
Sullivan, Francis, apprentice , Broadway Foun-
Sullivan., Henry, , butcher , 23 New City Market, r.residence
23d, nw.north-west cor.corner Gay
Sullivan, James, moulder , Empire Stove Works
Sullivan, James, teamster , bds.boards ws.west side Carondelet
av.avenue bet.between Lane and Lancaster
Sullivan, James, tinner , ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue bet.between
Lynch and Lancaster
Sullivan, Jeremiah,peddler , r.residence 21st, bet.between Davis
and Cass av.avenue
Sullivan, John, elk. JohnHardy, , bds.boards 650 Morgan
Sullivan, John, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 12th and 13th, Ran-
dolph and Poplar
Sullivan, John, lab.laborer r.residence 18th, bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Sullivan, John, lab.laborer r.residence 146 n.north 17th
Sullivan, John, lab.laborer r.residence 17th, ne.north east cor.corner Benton
Sullivan, John, lab.laborer r.residence 211 n.north 13th
Sullivan, Jobn, lab.laborer r.residence 26 Spring
Sullivan, Jobn, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Ferry, bet.between Gingras
Creek and Broadway
Sullivan, John, plumber , Turner & Bro.
Sullivan, John, policeman , r.residence 18th, bet.between O'Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Sullivan, John, porter , Bull & Campbell , r.residence es.east side
Uth, bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon