Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Till, Fred, carpenter , r.residence Gravois rd.road nr.near Cabinet
Tillay, Frank w.west r.residence 24 Paul
Tillay, George w.west bookkeeper , e.east A.Corbot, , bds.boards
24 Paol
Tillay, John T.(TiIly & Co.company ) , r.residence 240 Olive
Tillay, William J.baofekeeper , Ricbaidxon & Co.company
r.residence Pad, bet.between Chouteau sv. aud Hickory
Tillay A Co- (John T.Tillay, A -), com.
Mer.merchant and produce dealers , 3 Pine
Tille, AngtiRt C- porter , Heidsieck A Dreysel , r.residence
18 Columbus
Tillman, Andrew w.west grocer , whol. and ret. 290
Broadway, r.residence same
Tillman, Charles, whol. grocer, com. mer.commission merchant and li-
quor dealer , 19 n.north Levee, r.residence 2 Decatur
Tillman, Chailes L.clerk , Charles, Tillman, r.residence 2
Tillman, Joseph, moulder , r. es.east side Columbus, bet.between
Emmet and Lesperance
Tillmann, Christian(Tillmann A Co.company ; , cooper , r.residence
128 12th
Tillmann A Co.company (Christian, Tillmann and Michael
Niedel, ), cooper , al.alley bet.between 12th and 13th, Julia
and Gej'er av,
Tillotson, Ezra, machinist , r.residence Marine av.avenue nr.near Com-
Tillotsou, Jonathan(Firth A Tillotson) . r.residence ws.west side
10th. bet.between Webster aod Chambers
Tillson, Charles H.conveyancer and notary pub-
lic , 17 n.north 2d. sw.south-west cor.corner Chesnut, r.residence 161 Pine
Tilly, Andrew J.bricklayer , r.residence Summit av.avenue bet.between
Pacific and Cooper
Tilly, Matilda (col'dcolored ), wid.widow Madison, , r.residence rear 233
s.south 3d
Tilner, David, clerk . s.south Care, r.residence 178 Broadway
Titton, Charles, painter , r.residence 422 s.south 7th
Tilton, Dnrbeu w.west painter , r.residence 35 Ham
Timblan, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Anuaand Lynch,
nr.near Columbus
Timborins, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side 16th, bet.between Warren
and Benton
Timke, A.barber . Wash.bet.between llth and 12th
Timken, Henry(Timken & Bro.) , r.residence 194 n.north 8th
Timken, Herman(Ringen A Timken) , r.residence 139 n.north 3d
Timken, Jacob(Timken & Bro.) , r.residence es.east side 13th, nr.near
Timken & Bro. (Henry, and JacobTimken, ),
carriage manfrs. 143 and 145 n.north 6th
Timleu, Jobn. barkeeper , PeterTigua, , r.residence 314
Broad way
Timlen, Jikn, birkeeper , TimothyMonahan, , r.residence
Almond, bet.between 3d and 4tb
Timme, Christian, moulder . Excelsior Stove
Works, r,ss.south side Monr.e,bet.between 14th and 15th
Timme, Fran-ns, painter , r.residence 174 n.north 9th
Timme, Frederick, moulder , Excdsior Stove
Works, r.residence ss.south side Monroe, bet.between 14th and 15th
Timme, Herman, barkeeper , r.residence us. Jefferson, cor.corner
Timmer, Hemy, lab.laborer r.residence O'Fallon, bet.between 12th and
Timmer, Herman, lab.laborer r.residence 101 llth
Timmerman, Bernhard. teamster , r.residence Miller, bet.between
Columbns and Jackson
Timmerman, Charles c.corner grocer , r.residence 346 s.south 2d
Timmerman, Garrett H.(G.H. Timmerman &
Co.company ) , r.residence es.east side 2d, bet.between Chonteau av-. and Con-
Timmerman, John H.teamster , r.residence Gratiot, bet.between
15th and 16th
Ttmmermann, Joseph, porter , r.residence ns.north side Jefferson,
bet.between Pith and 13th
Timmerm, :ina Joseph, porter . T. & c.corner Slevin , r.residence
n.north 7th. cor.corner Biddle
Timmermann, John G.(Timmermann & HartJ , r.residence
154 s.south 5th