Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Trorllcht, Jobn H.drygooda ,324 Broadway, r.residence 183
n.north 6th
Trott, George, brsssfounder , 93 n.north 3d, r.residence 131 Col-
Trottman, Fredericks, wid.widow Nicbolss, . r.residence rear 182
Franklio av.avenue
Tronell, Chartes. botcher , r.residence 163 n.north 5th
Trout, William, blacksmith , r.residence 160 n.north 10th
Trootman, Alexander w.west steamboat agent , r.residence
84 n.north 7th
Trontman, Sosan Mrs.dressmaker , 103 Morgan,
r.residence same
Trowbridge, Jobn T.bookkeeper , Maratte A Do-
ran , bds.boards 195 Pine
Trowbridge, William, clerk , r.residence 195 Pine
Trowbridge, William B.engineer , r.residence 126 s.south 5th
Trowl, Hiram, boxmaker ,r.residence 220 Franklin sv.
Troy, James, painter , r.residence ws.west side n.north 18th, bet.between Market
and Chesnnt
Troy, John, icedcaler , r.residence es.east side 21st. bet.between Gay and
Franklio av.avenue
Troy, Marlin, tab. r.residence 258 Park av.avenue
Troy, Mike, lab.laborer bds.boards 241 s.south 4th
Troy, M.lab.laborer National Iron Works
Troy, Thomas, conductor , bds.boards 562 Market
Troyman, William P.folicitor for Jellaa Life Ins.
Co.company of Hartford. Conn.
Truax, David, saleetable , 46 Carr, r.residence Biddle, bet.between
7th and 8th
True, Henry A.salesman , Greeley A Gale , bds.boards
202 Olive
True, James P.storekeeper , Western Sanitary
Commission, r.residence 10 n.north 5tb
True, Mary Miss, dressmaker . 34 s.south llth
True, William, watchman . National Iron Works,
r.residence Chouteau av.avenue bet.between Toney and Joab
Trocsdail, Watts w.west office, at c.corner J. Caffrey &
Co.company 's.south r.residence Butiker Hill
Trugillo, Elmira. wid.widow Judas, , r. 350 s.south 2d
Trnlleib, Andrew, soldier , r.residence 169 n.north 14th
Trnman, Harrison (col'dcolored ), soldier , r.residence Pacific, bet.between
Summit and Pratte avs.
Trnmble, Thomas, clerk , William s.south Jells, , r.residence es.east side
n.north 17th, bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Trnmbul, Joseph, machinist , P.r.residence r.residence machine
shop, r.residence Chouteau av.avenue nr.near Pratte av.avenue
Trum man, Gerhard, milkman , r.residence Accomacand Ca-
lifornia av.avenue
Trompbour, w.west C.Club Honse, 74 n.north 6th
Trottman, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Gravois rd.road cor.corner
Tscbirpe, A. B.apothecary , r.residence Carondelet rd.road nr.near
Tscbndi, Henry, saloon and boardinghonse , 132 s.south
2d, r- same
Taehudi, James H.riverman , r.residence 81 Myrtle
Tsser, Charles, wagonmaker , r.residence ns.north side Market, nr.near
n.north 20th
Tubberty, Simon, lab.laborer r.residence 2d, nr.near Cherry
Tubbesieg, Henry, ropemaker , bds.boards llth, bet.between
Angelrodt and Destrehan
Tobesink, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence n.north Market, bet.between 14th and
Tublesing, Hermann, millstone maker , r.residence 9th, bet.between
Can-and Biddle