Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Wasmos, Lewis, teamster , r.residence ns.north side Randolph, bet.between
Uirici and Mercer
Wason, Tbomas D.r.residence Cass av.avenue bet.between 10th and 11th
Wassau, Doris, wid.widow Cbarles, . r.residence 274 Biddle
Wasser, Joseph, boot and shoemaker , r.residence 9th, cor.corner
Wasserberger, Charles, policeman , r.residence Angnsta,
cor.corner Broadway
Wesson, M. s.south freight agt.agent St. Loois, Alton and
Terre Haute r.residence r.residence bds.boards Planters' House
Wastel, Broko, combraaker , r.residence Julia, bet.between 8th and
Watch'el, Jacob, 2d hand furniture, 99, 101 and
103 Carondelet av.avenue
Waterhouse, Sylvester, prof. Washington Univer-
sity, r.residence Washington av.avenue cor.corner 17th
Waterman, Ames, carpenter , r.residence 9th, se.south-east cor.corner Ben-
Waterman, Berthold, lab.laborer r.residence 677 Broadway
Waterman, William, baker , CharlesHolmes,
Waters, Emeratta A. Miss, asst.assistant Clay School
Waters, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 9th, bet.between Cerre and
Waters, Henry G.contractor , r.residence 819 Broadway
Waters, James H.moulder , r.residence 9th, ne.north east cor.corner
Waters, James L.(Von Phul, Waters & Co.company ) , r.residence
205 Olive
Waters, James s.south prof. Washington University,
r.residence 205 Olive
Waters, John s.south Mrs. r.residence 40 St. Charles
Waters, Mary, wid.widow boardiughoose. 165 Green
Waters, Mary, wid.widow John, , r.residence 410 Clark av.avenue
Waters, Patrick, employee , Olive St. Hotel
Waters, Richard w.west shipping clerk , Iron Mountain
Depot, r.residence 54 Cedar
Waters, Samuel, r.residence 97 n.north 10th
Waters, Simmons & Co.company (William H.
Waters, and Edward c.corner Simmous, ), hardware
and cutlery , 51 n.north Main
Waters, William H.(Waters, Simmons & Co.company ) , r.residence
297 Chesnut
Waterson, Patrick, r.residence Eugenia, nr.near 2lst
Watkins, Benjamin P.ins.agt.agent r.residence 128 n.north 6th
Watkins, Jamtrs(James Watkins & Co.company ) , r.residence 339
Watkins James & Co.company (JamesWatkins, and—),
whol. and. et. dealers in butter and cheese ,
339 Broadway
Watkins, J. D.r.residence 90 s.south 5th
Watkins, Leonard A.(Dean & Watkins) , r.residence Gam-
ble, av.avenue bet.between 21st and 22d
Watkins, Thomas, fortrader , r.residence Grand av.avenue nr.near
Natural Bridge plank rd.road
Watkins, Thomas e.east clerk , Robert and William
Mitchell , r.residence ns.north side Cooper, bet.between 22d and 23d
Watson, Adam r.residence stonecutter , r.residence 421 Morgan
Watson, c.corner s.south bookkeeper , Cabot & Scnler , r337
Washington av.avenue
Watson, Elisna (col'dcolored ), lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Lafayette, bet.between
Jefferson and Compton avs.
Watson, George, soldier , r.residence 174 Green
Watson, George w.west clerk , P.O.r.residence 193 Washington
Watson, Henry F.r.residence I Belmont, bet.between 15th and 16th
Watson, Henry r.residence miller , John F.Tolle, , r.residence 11
Watson, Isaac (col'dcolored ), carpenter , r.residence 198 n.north 14th
Watson, James, clerk on river, bds.boards 25 n.north 12th
Watson, John, carpenter , bds.boards 22 Columbia
Watson, John, furniture mover , r.residence Division, bet.between
24th and 25th
Watson, Jobn, lab.laborer JohnHow, , r. ws.west side 14th, bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Watson, John, porter , r.residence 270 n.north 14th
Watson, John T.(Anderson & Watson) , r.residence 39 s.south 4th