Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Menn;, Edward, elk.bds.boards 126 Wash
Menniges, Heinrich, carpenter , ss.south side Soulard, bet.between
llth and 12th. r.residence al.alley bet.between llth and 12ih, Soot-
ard and Lafayette
Manning, Rudolph, printer , r.residence ws.west side Tth, bet.between Hick
ory and Rutgers
Menown, Andrew(H. & A. Menown) , r.residence es.east side Col
lins, bet.between O'Fallon and BateB
Menown, Hugh(H. & A. Menown) , r.residence 199 Broad
Menown, H.it A. (Hugh, and Andrew, Menown)
Tea Emporium , 199 Broadway
Mense, John F.(Mease, Rashcoe & Co.company ; , r.residence Olive,
nw.north-west cor.corner 18th
Mense, Rashcoe & Co.company (John, F.Mense
and H.Rashcoe, ), hardware and cutlery im-
porters and dealers , 3 s.south Main
Mensrolf, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side O'Fallon, bet.between 10th
and 11th
Menter, Jacob, butcher , St George Market, Car-
ondelet av.avenue ne.north east cor.corner Sidney, r.residence Carondelet av.avenue
nr.near Marine Hospital
Mentrup, Anton, musician , r.residence 274 Biddle
Mentriep, Mathias, grocery, Hickory , cor.corner 5th, r.residence '
Mentz, Heindritcb, upholsterer , r.residence 125 Biddle
Menz, George, tinner , r.residence 2d. sw.south-west cor.corner Poplar
Menzer, Frederick, carpenter , Westlake & But-
ton , r.residence llth, nw.north-west cor.corner O'Fallon
Menzmer, Charles, riverman ,r.residence 61 Myrtle
Mepham, H.(Mawdsley & Mepbam) , r.residence 33 s.south 14th
Mepham, James B.foreman , Mawdsley & Meph
am , r.residence 35 Christy av.avenue
Mepham, Michael s.south (M.s.south Mepham A Bro.; , r.residence
State, ne.north east cor.corner Martha
Mepham M.s.south , Bro. 4 Co.company props. Son Tobacco
WkB. 154 10th
Mepham M.s.south & Bro. (Michael, s.south and William G.
Mepham, ), fruits and fancy grocers , tobacco
manufacturers, &c.corner 81 n.north 2d, warehouse 63
and 65 Locust
Mepham, William G.(M.8. Mepham & Bro.) , r.residence
st.street Ange av.avenue bet.between Hickory and Park av.avenue
Mepps, John, cigars and tobacco , 433 Broadway,
r.residence same
Meram, Fritz, r.residence 27 Spruce
Mercadier, Benjamin, French teacher , 21
n.north 3d, r.residence same
Mercantile, Library Building , 5th, sw.south-west cor.corner Lo-
Metcer, George, sawyer , r.residence 890 Broadway
Merchant, William, grocer , 386 n.north 9th r same
Merchants' and Manufacturers' Ins.
Co.company of St. Louis , William, n.north White, sec'y.
38 Pine
Merchants' Bank , Main, nw.north-west cor.corner Locust
Merchants' Despatch, American Express Com-
pany , proprs. H.B.Parsons, , agt.agent 95 n.north 4th
Merchants' Ins.Co.company of Hartford, Conn. Edward,
Morrison, agt.agent office 21 Locust
Merchants' and People'S Line , Capt.captain
David, White, pres.president Geo.w.westBoyd, , sec'y , 11
City Buildings
Merckel, Lorenz, lab.laborer r.residence 419 Jackson
Mercle, Jacob, produce deal er , r.residence 404 n.north 9th