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Geoyer & Baker'S
Celebrated First Premium
Family Sewing Machines.

Important Facts For the Public.


The machines manufactured by the Grover A Baker Sewing Machine Company have
taken the First Premium at the late State Fairs held in New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and California.


Tbe work executed by the Grover Baker Machines has received the First
Premium at every State Fair in the United States where it has been exhibited.


Experience proves that there are only two valuable sewing machine stitches—The
Grover A Baker Stitch, aud the Shuttle Stitch by some called “Lock
Stitch.” These stitches have each their peculiar merits and excellencies. For some
purposes the one stitch is better adapted, and for some purposes the other, and a selec-
tion should always be made accordingly.


Tbe Grover Baker s.south M.Co.company manufacture in addition to their celebrated Grover
A Baker Stitch machines, the most perfect Shuttle or “Lock Stitch” ma-
chines in the market, and afford purchasers the opportunity of selecting, after trial and
examination f both, the one best suited to theiifwants. Other companies manufacture
but one kind of machine each, and cannot offer this opportunity of selection to their


The Grover & Baker s.south M.Co.company are the only parties who manufaotnre and sell machines
which both Sew Perfectly and Embroider Perfectly.

☞ A pamphlet containing a sample of both the Grover A Baker Stitch and Shuttle
Stitoh in various fabrics, with full explanations, diagrams and ilinstratiens, to enable
purchasers to examine, teit and compare their relative merits, will be furnished, on re-
quest, trom pnr offices throughout the country. Those who desire machines which do
the best work, should not fail to send for this pamphlet, and tret and compare
these stitches for themselves.

Grover & Baker'S Sewing Machine Cotton

Will be found superior to any in tbe market. It is mad by the best European man-
ufacturers, and put up on spools of 200 or 500 yards, exprttely for the Grover A Baker
s.south M.Co.company In consequence of extensive and timely arrangements with these mannfac-
turers, we are able to sell this superior Cotton below the prttet qftjker leading manufac-

Grover & Baker'S Sewing Machine Twist

Long recognized as the best in the market, furnished in any quantities desired at
wholesale or retail at the lowest market prices.

Grover & Baker s.south M.Co.company ,
Salesrooms, 124 North Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.