Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
(See also Milliners.)
Acker, Ann M.ss.south side Biddle, bet.between 24th and 25th
Ackrell, e.east M. Mrs.35 n.north 6th
Abloom, Julius, 26 n.north Sth
Arrieon, Mary A.36 Targee
Bachman, M, Mrs.131 n.north 5th
Barker, Mary M, F.53 n.north 8th
Barrett, Eleanor Mrs.113 n.north 7th
Barry, Mary Miss.326 Franklin av.avenue
Beaty, Grace, 46 Wash
Bums, Mary A.73 Green
Cavanaugh, Mary Mrs.57 s.south 8th
Corner, Elizabeth, 128 n.north 7th
D'Episy Si, Palis , 68 n.north Sth. (See adv.p. 766)
Dblemore, Margaret, 187 n.north 12th
Donehne, Mary, 85 Morgan
Donnelly, Eliza Mrs.36 n.north 9th
Doyle, A. M.74 Carondelet av.avenue
Dressel, Doris, 3 Convent
Elsner, P.Mr.62 Carondelet av.avenue
Fine, Airy and Alice, , 244 n.north 6th
Fisse, J. H. Mrs.108 n.north 4th
Fiinn, Mary Mrs.110 Morgan
Fredel, Elizabeth, 36 s.south lOth
Fuller, Mary e.east n.north 8th, nr.near Morgan
Goetz, Ellen Mrs.ws.west side 3d, bet.between Convent aud Hazel
Gouldine, J. w.west Mrs.56 s.south 4th
Grant, Margaret, Broadway, ne.north east cor.corner Palm
Gratiaa, Constance, al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th, Walnut
and Clark av.avenue
Harbert, Helena A.94 Chouteau av.avenue
Harney, Susan Mrs.48 n.north 6th
Hinters, Philippine, ws.west side 7th, bet.between Soulard and La-
Hughes, Hannah Mrs.93 Morgan
Hunter, Jane Miss, 76 Elm
Jones, Ann Mrs.86½ Pine
Kaim, Rebecca. 213 Morgan
Kearney, Maggie, 127 Morgan
Keenan, Julia, 28 n.north 14th
Keller, Emma, 386 Market
Kirkpatrick, Jane, 22 n.north 14th
Knipper & Wahl . 130 n.north 5th
Leach, Enfma J.208 n.north 7th
Lewandooska & Friese , 12 Lindell Hotel
Lyons, A. Miss92 n.north 4th
Madigan, Hannah Miss, 20 St. Charles
Mageeon, . e.east A. Miss102½ n.north 4th
Mahoney, Maria, 371 Market
Markees, H. Mrs.14 s.south 3d
McCarty, Margaret, 407 Market
McCormick, Anna Miss, 98 Olive
McDermot, Ann, 342 Franklin av.avenue
McFarland, Mary Mrs.3 s.south 8th
McGavy, Catharine, Targee, cor.corner Clark av.avenue
Miller, Catharine, Broadway, bet.between Buchanan and
Molony, Mary Mrs.44 s.south 7th
Morley, Jane c.corner Mrs.13 n.north 12th
Morrison, E". J. Mrs.56 n.north 5th
O'Donnell, Kate'Miss, 105 St. Charles
Opel, Eliza, 86 Carondelet av.avenue
O'Riley, Mary, 44 Wash
Raymond, H. L. Mrs.54 s.south 4th
Reagan, Margaret, 87 Morgan
Ribot, A. Mads me, 96½ n.north 4th
Rieflee, Julia, ss.south side Lami, bet.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Roos, Theresa, 292 s.south 5th
Rouza, Louisa, Manchester rd.road bet.between Beaumont and
Summit av.avenue
Schrader, Caroline, 102 n.north 9th
Schnltzer, Amelia, 300 s.south 5th
Schwarz, Lina. 9 s.south 4th
Schwerdt, Sophie Mrs.12 s.south 4th
Shanley & Lynch . 137 n.north 7th
Shaw, Mary A.92 Morgan
Smith, Maria Mrs.469 Broadway
Stanton, Margaret, 132 s.south 14th
Stolz, Fannie Miss, 5. s.south 7th
Stube, Agatha, 217 s.south 4th
Troutman, Susan Mrs.102 Morgan
True, Mary Miss, 34 s.south llth
Turner, Anna Mrs.115 n.north Sth. (See adv-
page 784)
Wheeler & Lowe , 12 St. Charles
Whittaker, Mary Mrs.103 Morgan
Williamson, Selina, 163 n.north 8th
Winkelraan, Maria, 317 Carondelet av.avenue
Wolf, SoDhia. 146 n.north llth