Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Eating- Houses.
(See also Dining Saloon; also Restaurants.)
Bianca, Lorenzo, 32 s.south Levee
Bicknell, Otis P.4th, cor.corner Morgan
Bokern, Joseph. 164 n.north 4th
Bullo, Joseph, 17 n.north Levee
Cafe, Nationals, 21 Walnut (See adv. page
Drostan, William, 34 n.north 3d
Franklin & Weinreich , 37 Morgan
Graham, Jake, 121 Green
Guenaudon, Eugene, 105 Washington av.avenue
(See adv. page 736)
Hawkins, William. 170 n.north 4th
Huffmann, William, 33 s.south Levee
Hutchinson, Lindon (col'dcolored ), al.alley bet.between Market and
Walnut , 3d and 4th
Johnston J.G. & Bro. 156 n.north 5th
Klmecb, Philip, 11 n.north 3d
Kseimeohe, Adolphus, 64 Market
Martin, Frank, 70 Walnut
Meyer, Bernard, 103 n.north 5th
Peippenbrook, John, 113 n.north 5th
Soott, Samnel (col'dcolored ), 197 n.north 7th
Yerdier, Louis, 29 s.south Levee