Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Fancy Goods, Retail.
(See also Variety Stores.)
Achenback, Hermann, 104 n.north 4th
Amran, Julias, 178 Franklin av.avenue
Balthazar, John, Morgan, sw.south-west cor.corner Broadway
Baroharst, John, 72 Market
Beaavais, Reno, 93 n.north Main
Beckmann, Charles, 329 s.south 5th
Benjamin, Emanuel, 109 Carondelet av.avenue
Berwin, Edward, 81 Morgan
Benmer, Emily, 63 Franklin av.avenue
Bieg, Valentine n.north 162 n.north 4th
Blell c.corner e.east & Sister , 76 Fwnklin av.avenue
Barmester, John L.61 Franklin av.avenue
Bush, Isaac, 152 n.north 4th
Crozier w.west M. Mrs. & Sister , 74 Washington av.avenue
Deisters, Edward A.63 s.south 7th
Earl, James, 262 Morgan
Emanual, Samuel, 2241/2 Broadway
Bnnis T.A. & Co.company 66 Olive
Fabricius, Henry P.7 Franklin av.avenue
Gardiner J. & A. ,
93 n. 4th
Garpcnkbl & Erdwprm , 162 Broadway.
(See adv. page 774)
Gasa, Jane, 25 n.north 5th
Grady, Agnes, 80 Morgan
Haas, Elias, 189 Broadway
Hale, Henry H.191 Franklin av.avenue
Hasohman, Jacob, 152 n.north 3d
Hendgen, Peter J.750 Broadway
Hodnit, Arnand.441 Market
Hohenthal, Charles, 3371/2 Broadway
Hohenthal, Gustave,
276 Broadway
Jeremias, Charles, 69 Carondelet av.avenue
Kahn, Alessler, 168 Broadway
Kaltmayer, F.214 Market
Kivuer, Gottlieb, 218 Broadway
Krnener, Loois, Franklin, av.avenue nr.near oor. 4th
Levi, Samnel, 212 Broadway
Lowenstone, Marcos, 184 Broadway
Lyon, e.east192 Broadway
Meagher, e.east Mrs.74 Market
Moeller, c.corner H.,
7 s.south 4th
Nichols & Werner , 214 Broadway. (See
adv. page 774)
Pfeifter, Leon, 262 e.east 5th
Rawak, Henry, 1401/2 n.north 3d
Reisse A. 4 Brothers , 109 and 111 s 4th
Renter, Elizabeth. 470 s.south 7th
Rioger, Henry, 47 n.north 5th
Roger, Nathan, 298 Broadway
Rnble, e.east J.74 Franklin av.avenue
Rutherford, A. 8.190 Broadway
Scheckenberg, Chas. Wm.William 33 Carondelet av.avenue
Scheele, Gottlieb, 219 n.north Market
Schoenberg, Levy. 279 Carondelet av.avenue
Scooler & Beach , 57 s.south 4th
Sees, Annie Mrs.220 Market
Silverstone, Isaac, 287 s.south 5th
Sternberg, Joseph, 119 Carondelet av.avenue
Stewart, M. Mrs.108 Morgan
Tbalsheimer, Achille, 316 Broadway
Thomas, George, 9th, sw.south-west cor.corner Monroe
Dirici, Rudolpb, 12 s.south 4th
Wander, George, 117 Carondelet av.avenue
Wilson, Frank J.357 a. 5th
Winkler, John A.363 s.south 4th