Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Grocers, Wholesale and Retail.
Bang A.AM.w.west 19 Carondelet av.avenue
Barth, Mathias, 307 Broadway
Biggers, David A.110 Market
Boekhoff A Co.company 304 Broadway, sw.south-west eor. Carr
Chenot, c.corner A P.95 s.south Main
Conroy John J. A Bro. Pine, se.south-east cor.corner '7th
Crouch. Clark A Co.company 331 Brosdway
DevolTillinghast, , 275 Broadway
Dongherty, M. 13th, ne.north east cor.corner Pine
Fortune, James, 157 Broadway
Gano, G. A. A D. 8., Locust , se.south-east cor.corner 7th
Gehoke, George, 75 and 77 Carondelet av.avenue
Gibson, William O., Market, se.south-east cor.corner 6th
Grey w.west H. A Co.company 76 and 77 s.south 7th
Hackman, A Scbmertmaa, 77 s.south Main
Hannon, P. J.198 Broadway and 185 n.north 4th
Heitkamp, Frederick J.214 s.south 4th and 201 s.south 5th
Kaiser, John H.85 Wash
Keogh, A Dowell, 136 n.north 3d
Kredell, Jobn, 137 and 139 Poplar
Krosheiter, William, 143 s.south Main
Knbs, A Mueller, 3d, ne.north east eor. Walnnt
Lauraan John F. A Co.company 19th, se.south-east cor.corner Franklin
Mills, William D.40 and 42 n.north 6th
Nash, George, 249 Broadway
Nicholson, David, 22 and 24 s.south 4th
O'Laughlin, Michael.103 s.south Main
Premutta, Mathias, 212 e.east 2d
Rode A. & Co.company 289 Broadway
Scbroeter c.corner & Co.company 306 Broadway
8hipmau H.n.north & Co.company 261 Broadway
Stemecke & Bro. 2d, ne.north east cor.corner Cherry
Tillman, Andrew w.west 290 Broadway
Tolkening & Oebike , 41 a. 2d