Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Barnum'S Hotel,
Fogg, Miles & Co.company , proprietors , Walnut, cor.corner
Belivue, House, IssacDaniels, , prop. Manchester
rd.road bet.between Compton av.avenue and Theresa
Clarendon Hotel ,
O. Andrews & Son , proprietors . 7th, ne.north east cor.corner
Clinton, Hotel, CharlesHart, , proprietor , Market,
cor.corner 6th
Commercial, House, Thomas r.residence Harman, . prop.
180 n.north 5th
Delevan House ,
John F.Gilmore, , prop. 311 Broadway
De Soto House, Bibb, Redd & Co.company , proprietors
7th se.south-east cor. Chesnut
Donovan House . Washington av.avenue nw.north-west cor.corner 3d
Douglass House ,
William e.east Gillham & Co.company proprietors , 311
Everett, House, Jennings & Gildersleve , es.east side 4th,
bet.between Olive and Locust
Frederick, Hotel, n.north 2d, cor.corner Vine
Galt House. A.F. Dyer & Co.company proprietors ,
4th. bet.between Washington av.avenue and Morgan. (See
adv. page 172)
Leinberger, Charles, 3 s.south 2d
Lindell Hotel . Parks. Hatch, Felt & Co.company ,
proprietors , Washington av.avenue bet.between 6th and
Montgomery House . Ownby & Sidener , Mont-
gomery, cor.corner Broadway
Monticello House . Washington av.avenue se.south-east cor.corner n.north 6th
O'Fallon House , MichaelFallon, , prop. 58 and 60
s.south 7th
Olive St. Hotel , Olive, cor.corner 2d, Voorhies & Bro.
Pierce's Hotel . 4th. cor.corner Myrtle
Planters House Fogg. Miles & Co.company props.
4th, bet.between Chesnut and Pine. (See adv. col-
ored page back part of book)
Prescott House ,
Market, ne.north east cor.corner 3d
Randle House ,
Gillham 4 Cleaver , props. 272 Broadway
Scobee, House, J. G.Goodwin, , prop, Broad-
way. ne.north east cor.corner Market
St. Clair Hotel, G.c.corner Wales & Co.company props. 3d
sw.south-west cor.corner Market
St. Lawrence Hotel . MichaelAdams, , prop. 5th,
sw.south-west cor.corner O'Fallon
St. Louis House , CasperSchaaff, , prop. Ill and
113 Spruce
Strubing, Charles. es.east side Main, cor.corner Plum
Southern Hotel ,
Lavielle. Warner & Co.company 4th. Walnut and
5th. (See adv. colored page back of book)
Valley, Hotel, Mondell & Burtt , props. 7th, cor.corner
Wedge, House, Mathews & Humphreys , props.
Manchester rd.road cor.corner Laclede av.avenue
Western, House, Handle & Gillbam , props. 302
Willmann M.N & Bro. , n.north Market, cor.corner Main