Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis


G.Morgens, . W.Morgens, .

Morcens & Bro.Brothers
St. Louis Steam
Dyeing, Scouring,

The Advertisers Dye in every variety of Color all descriptions of Silk and Woolen Dresses, Italian and Canton Crapes, Moreen and
Damask, Merino and silk velvet, Straw and Horsehair Bonnets, and all kinds of mixe Goods.

They also clean the following Goods in a very superior manner, as
Grape, woolen and Broche shawls, silk and Merino Dresses,
Piano and Table Covers, Carpets and Rugs. Every descriptionof Gentlemen's Garments Cleaned and Dyed without ripping.
Silk And Silk Dresses Watered.

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Particular attention paid to all Canton Fabrics. Heavy and embroidered Crape shawls Cleaned and Bleached in a pure white,
also Dye and Finished in the latest Paris and New York style. Heavy Satin and Velvet Dyed and origianl texture preserved.

Feathers, Velvet and Kid Gloves all Cleaned inthe best manner.

Swedenborg's Works,
And a general assortment of new Church Books, for salw at The St. Louis Book And News Co.company ,
No. 207 North Fourth Street.

Finishing and Watering Establishment,
No. 5 South Fourth St.,
Between Marfeot aud Walnut, Went Side,
St. Louis, Mo.