Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Members Of The City Council.

AugustusKr1Kckhaus, , President ; Henry s.south Parker, , Vice President ; W. A.Ken-, , Clerk ; K. C.Katz, , Sergeant-at-Arms .

First Ward-augustEttling, ; Second Ward—AugustusKrieckhaus, and John C.
Finck, ; Third Ward—J. HenryAmelung, and Chas. W.Gottschalk, ; Fourth Wara
—Geo.GeorgeFriudrich, nnd AnthonyIttner, ; Fifth Ward—AnthonyNiedkrweiser, and
DavidPowers, ; Sixth Ward—Chas. A.Mantz, and EraetusWells, ; Seventh Ward—
Geo.GeorgeBabcock, and Chas. W.Horn, ; Eighth Ward—Wm.WilliamBosbysell, and r.residence D.Lan-, ; Ninth Ward—JohnO'Brien, and Sol. J.Qujnlivan, ; Tenth Ward— Patrick
Diuscoll, and M. W.Hogan, ; Eleventh Ward—H. s.south Parker, and Chas.Schoenrick, ,
Twelfth Ward—Chas.Borg, .