Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Adams Express Co.company C. C.Anderson, , agent 132
Adams, Rodney F photograph gallery 1022
American Express Co.company e.eastHayden, , agnet 132
Anderson, C. C.acent . Adams Express Co 132
Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Co.company Inset opp 945
Baglcy, Albert G.gold pen manfr . 989
Bagot & Cummings , proprs. St. Louis gas works 108
Bannon, John, steamboat baker 88
Barclay, D. Robert, attomey at law 68
Bartholow, Lewis & Co.company banks 69
Barrell L.L. & Co.company importers of and whol. deale rs in wines, liquors, etc. 881
Beard & Bro.Brothers proprs. Excelsior safe and scalo works. 886
Belcher's Sugar Refining Co.company 84
Belt, William n.north realestate agt. 1028 and 1846
Benoist L.A. & Co.company bankers Back col'dcolored
Blanke & Bro.Brothers candy manufacturers 963 and 973
Branch. Crookes & Co.company proprs. St. Louis saw works D, front col'dcolored
Brawner, W. A.manager . Globe Mutual Life Insurance Co.company of New York Bottom end and M. front col'dcolored
Bridge. Beach A Co.company stove manufacturers and wholesale dealers in tinplate, copper, sheetiron,
wire, etc
Broadway Foundry. Collins & Holliday , proprs 94
Burns A Degnan manufacturers and wholcsule dealers in harness. saddles, bridles, etc. 888
Busby, John, horse shocr and farrier 783
Bussey & Co.company general commission merchants and cotton factors 892
Card & Lawrence , distillers of Bourbon whiskies 881
Carson J.B. Bro. & Co.company dry goods commission merchants 883
Champagne n.north 0. & Co.company staple and fancy groceries 90
Cherokee Brewery Herold & Loebs , proprs 92
Cherokee Brewer's College 112
Clapp, Alfred, general superintendant , Missouri Consolidated Mining Co.company Front cover and 226
Cleary, Alfred, general produce commission merchants . 892
Codding J. 0. & Co.company carpenters, joiners and cabinet makers 82
Colley William H. & Co.company upholsterers, etc. 942
Collins & Holliday . proprs . Broadway foundry. 94
Oonrades & Logcman. chair manufacturers . 965
Cook, Isaac, president American Wine Company. 80
Covenant Mutual Insurance Co.company 941
Crossraan r.residence B. & Co.company book and job printers . 942
Curtis & Co.company proprs. Empire saw works C, front cold
Damon e.east A. & Co.company brandies, wines, liquors and cigars, etc. wholesale 891