Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

Davis Samuel C. & Co.company wholesale dealers in dry goods, boots, shoes and groceries Front cover
Devine & Hagerty , rigging and sail loft 88
Dimmitt, Marcellus, druggist and chemist and manufacturer of Dimmitt's Cough Balsam 86
Douglas, D. butter, eggs cheese, etc Top lines of pages
Dowdall, Page & Co.company proprs. Wahsington foundry and meachien shop 74
Edwards, Langham & Long , real estate agents Opp. dedication
Edwards, Richard, publisher , St. Louis city directory, etc 131 and 977
Ellison & Bro.Brothers proprs. Phoenix iron works 888
Empire Saw Works, Curtis & Co.company proprs. C, front col'dcolored
Empire Wire Works, 0. P. Saylor & Co.company proprs 884
Erie Commercial Nurseries. Plattman & Sprague 782
Everett House, I. B.Gildersleve, , propr. Back col'dcolored
Excelsior Insurance Co.company Side line of page ,520 and 1038
Excelsior Safe and Scale Works. Beard & Bro.Brothers proprs. 886
Fairbanks. Greenleaf & Co.company scale manufacturers On back of book
Farrell, John 0. carriage, mill and railroad springs manufacturer 90
Faucette & Co.company harness, trunks, valises, etc. manufacturers 106
Field & Wood , attorneys and counselors at law 885
Fogg & Sparr. proprs. Planters' House Back col'dcolored
Franklin Daniel & Co.company monumental and stam marble works 1013
Franklin Insurance Co.company of St. Lousi 1004
Franklin Printing House W. H.Woodward, , propr Back col'dcolored
Freeman D.C. & Co.company soap manfuacturers 941
Froes, L. P.brass foundry 783
Garnett Lessley & Co.company Proprs. St. Luis planing mill 96
Gay & Hanekamp , wholesale grocers and commission merchants 890
German Mutual Life Insurance Co.company 1004
German Savings Institution 108
Gildersleve, I. B.propr. Everett House Back col'dcolored
Globe Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, W.A. Brawner, manager Bottom end. and M. front col'dcolored
Goodin John, steam and gas pipe works and brass foundry 102
Graham H.B. & Co.company paper dealers 68
Grandy, John F. furniture, bedding, etc 122
Great Western Fire Insurance Co.company of St. Louis 0, front col'dcolored
Greer J.G. & Co.company general commission and forwarding merchants 890
Grether & Boeck , realestate and house agent 999, 1017 and 1029
Griffin, r.residence s.south livery stable 783
Guardian Real Estate Secnrity Co.company Back col'dcolored
Guion W.A. & Co.company wholesale cordage warehouse I, front col'dcolored
Haarstick, Henry C.distiller of Bourbon and rye whiskey 881
Hase F. & Co.company furniture and mattrnsses. wholesale and retail J, front col'dcolored
Haseltine, William B. hides, leather, tanners' oil, etc 104
Hayden, e.eastagent , American Express Co.company 132
Hayden, Wilsons & Allen , saddlery hardware, carriage trimmings, leather, etc 106
Herold & Loebs , proprs. Cherokee brewery 92
Hodgkins, Rickart & Co.company general commission merchants 890
Holton, Horace, military clothing 92
Home Mutual' Fire and Marine'lnsurance Co.company of St. Louis. Mo. 0. front col'dcolored
Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Co.company of St. Louis 944
How, James F. saddlery hardware K. front col'dcolored
How, John, hide and leather dealer K. front col'dcolored
Indianapolis & St. Louis r.residence r.residence Co.company Back col d page
International Bank of St. Louis Hack cover and page 1056
January D.A. & Co.company wholesale grocers and commission merchants Top lines of pages
Johnson A. & Co.company importers and wholesale dealers in staple aud fancy dry goods, notions, etc Bottom lines ot pages
Jones, Jonathan, commercial college Inset
Joy, G. L.agent . Ohio River Salt Co.company 891
Judell, Jacob J.general agent . Pcoria Mutual Benevolent Association 943
Kaime J.e.east & Bro.Brothers house and real estate agents Opp. dedication
Kelly & O'Neal ,steamboat, copper, tin and sheet iron workers 895
Kerwin, Daniel, blacksmithing . etc 88
Kingslands & Clark , proprs. Union iron works 884
Kingslands & Ferguson , proprs. Phoenix foundry 883
Knapp George & Co.company proprs. Missouri Republican 784
Koppelman, John H.furniture manufacturer 987
Kupferle John & Co.company proprs. Missouri brass foundry 104
Laclede Hotel, Brolaski & Malin . proprs 68
Laclede Iron and Manufacturing Co.company 84
Laflin Powder Co Front cover
Leffigwell H.W. & Co.company real estate agents 69
Lepere, Francis, whoselsale grocer and commission merchant 891
Lemp, william J.propr. Western brewery 82
Lewis J.s.south & Co.company publishers , stationers and sechool furniture manufacturers 887
Loppincott, s.south s.south soda water machinery manufacturer 783
Ludlow, r.residence C.propr. Premium wire works 110
Lynch, George n.north undertaker 90
Marine Insurance co. of St. Luis M, front col'dcolored