Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis

Market Street Planing Mill, Philibert, Branconier & Co.company proprs 1004
Mason & Flanagan , military and naval claim agents 108
Meeker A.B. & Co.company dealers in coal, coke .nd pig iron 1006
Meier Adolphus & Co.company foreign ane domestic bardward and cutlery Back col'dcolored
Merchants and Bankers' Almanac 894
Merchants' Union Express Co.company 98
Meyer & Meister , wholesale grocers, rectifiers and commission merchants 890
Mississippi Scale Works, A.B. Pearson & Co.company proprs 108
Missouri Brass Foundry John Kupferle & Co.company Proprs 104
Missouri Consolidated Mining Co.company AlfredClapp, , general superintendent Front cover and 226
Mtaeouri Mutual Lire Insurant co. of St. Louis J, front col'dcolored and top end
Missouri Republican. George Knapp & Co.company proprs 784
Moller & Ehlert , fureign and native wines and liquors 82
MorgaD T.H. & co. commission and forwarding merchants 942
Morgens & Bro St. Louis steam dyeing, scouring finishing and watering establishmetn L, front col'dcolored
Mnrpliy r.residence W. & Co.company paper manufacturers 92
Neef, Christ, saloon 92
NeuhsuB, Krito & Co.company fancy goods, notions, etc. wholesale 96
North Missouri r.residence r.residence Co.company Inside back cover
Northern Line Packet Co.company Back col'dcolored
Ohio and Mississippi r.residence r.residence Co.company 891
Owens Lane. Dyer & Co.company manufacturers , Ecliopse sawing mill. Protable and stationary enginer.
Front cover
Pacific Mutual Insurance Co.company 943
Pacific r.residence r.residence Co.company of Missouri Back col'dcolored
Page, Kilburn & Co.company cigars and candy box manufacturers 882
Papin Henry & Co.company central tax paying and ladn agency Corner cards, general directory
Pearson A.B. & Co.company proprs. Mississippi scale works 108
Peisch George & Bro.Brothers house, sign and steamboat painting 889
Peoria Mutual Benvolent Association 943
phoenix Foundry, Kingslauds & Ferguson proprs 1004
Phosuix Iron Works, Ellison & Bro.Brothers proprs 883
pike John D. & Co.company boot and shoe manufacturers 957
Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company , St. Louis agricultural warehouse and seed store e.east front col'dcolored
Planters Bouse, Fogg & Sparr , props Back col'dcolored
ptatt & Thornhurgh , druggists and dealers in paints, oils, window glass, etc C, front col' d
Plattinan & Sprague , proprs. Erie Commercial Nurseries 782
Polack, J. M. clothing, gents' fumisning goods, etc 72
Prange & Bro furniture manufacturers 783
Premiam Wire Works, r.residence C.Ludlow, , propr. 110
PrinceDavid, , general engraver , die sinker and stencil cutter 941
Raaclioe, Ziscmann & Maus , hardware, cutlery, etc. wholesale 887
Rawle, Francis W, notary and commissioner of deeds 973
Reins, Phillip, traveling and packing trunk manufacturer , etc G, front col'dcolored
Renz, F. stoves, tin, copper and sheet iron ware 88
Roberson, Frank, bathing, shaving and hair cutting 783
Robinson, W. A.merchant tailor 944
Rohrer's Commercial College B front col'dcolored
Rosier Fcrd. F. & Co, wholesale grocers and commission merchants 893
Rumsey L.M. & Co.company pump and five engine manufacturers , mowers, reapers aod agricultural
Sande Enno mariufacturer of standard medicines and pure chemicals I, front col'dcolored
Sander Euno & Co.company druggists , etc I, front col'dcolored
Saylor M.H. & Co.company pianos, organs, melodeons music and muscial instruments Corner cards, general directory
Saylar O.P. & Co.company proprs. Empire wire works 884
Sachulenburg & Boeckeler , lumber dealers and planing mill 124
schulenburg & Boeckeler . lumber dealers and planing will 943
Scott & Son wholesale grocers and commission merchants B, front col'dcolored
Second National Bank of St. Louis F, front col'dcolored
Semple, Brige & Co.company agricultural implements, movwers, reapers, plows, ect F, front col'dcolored
Shauds & Papin , law, collection and conveyance office Corner carda, general directory
Bhapleigh A.F. & Co.company hardware, etc. wholesale side lines of pages and 126
Sherburne, Harry M. pianos, organs, melodeona and music and musical instruments 82
Southern White Lead and Color Works 884
Sherman, Harry M. with AlfredSpeer, , wholesale dealer in pure grape wines Opp. dedication
Sigerson, William, house and real estate agent 68
Springfield Nursery. Spaulding & Co.company proprs. Back col'dcolored
Stanard e.east O. & Co.company Back col'dcolored
Stephenson A. & Co.company proprs. Union steam fitting and brass work 895
Stinde, H. F.commission flour merchant 891
St. Louis Agricultural warehouse and seed store, Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company proprs E, front col'dcolored
St. Louis Glass Works, Bagot & Cumroings , proprs. 108
St. Louis Planing Mill, Lesley Garnett & Co.company Proprs 96
8t. Louis Saw Works, Branch, Crookes & Co.company Proprs D, front col'dcolored
St. Louis Stoneware Co.company 94
St. Louis Woolen Manufacturing Co.company H, front col'dcolored
St. Louis & Iron Mountain r.residence r.residence Co.company Back col'dcolored
Thalmann C, G. & Co.company booksellers and stationers 884