Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
St. Louis Railroad Line—From Arsenal to
Bremen. Office,Broadway, corner Salisbury. Jobn
F.Madison, , president ; EdwardSpahr, , secretary and
treasurer .
Citizen's Railroad Line—From Franklin av.
corner Marpran. to Three Mile House. Office, western
terminus of road. B. GratzBrown, , president ; Geo.George
Kauf bold, , secretary and treasurer ; ThomasGart-, , superintendent .
The Lindell Railway Compani—Yellow
cars run from 3d, corner Washington av. to Garrison
av. out Wahingum ay. Blue cars run from 3d, cor-
ner Washington av. to Summit av. via 14th and Chou-
teau av. Office, Washington av. Southweat corner 3d.
DwightDurkee, , president H. G.Bohn, , Superintend-
Ent ; L. s.south Brotherton, , secretary .
Union Railroad Line—From 4th, comer Lo-
cust, to Hyde Park. Office, 2812 n.north 16th. B. Gratz
Brown, , president and treasurer ; YoderBrown, , sec-
retary .
Fair Grounds and Suburban Company.
—From Half way House to Fair Groundp aud Abbey
Track, anA to Caroline av, B. GratzBrown, , pres-
ident : GenrgeKautbold, , secretary aud treasurer ;
Thos.ThomasGartland, , superintendent .
Bellefonlatne Railroad—From 3d, corner
Washington av. to Hyde Park, via 10th, 11th and
Washington av. Office, 10th, cor, Herbert, Hon.Honorable
John M.Krum, , president ; SilasBent, , Esq. vice
president ; George W.Alexander, , superintendent ;
Jno.Way, , assistant Superintendent D. L.Ruth, ,
secretary and treasurer .
Tower Grove and Laftyette Railroad—
Office, name as People'n RailroRd. Jno. H.Lightner, ,
president ; W. B,Ryder, , secretary ; s.southBrock, , super-
intendent . Green cars run from 4th, corner Morgan
to Anna. ria 2d and 3d. Red cars run from 4th, cor.corner
ner Morgan, to Lafayette Park, ria Soulard and Car-
rol. Also branch road running from Lafayette Park
to Grand av. out Lafayette av.