Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Abendschule—Published semi-monthly, by L.
Lange, ; Rev.Reverend J. C.Fick, and Prof.Baumstark, , ed-
itors . Office, First National Bank building. Terms,
$1,50 per annum.
Central Christian Advoate—Published
weekly, by Poe & Hitchbook, of Cincinnati. B. F.
Crary, D.D., editor ; Benj. JamesFry, , agent .
Office, 413 Locust street, up stairs.
Daily Commercial Bulletin—Published by
G.W. Smith & Co.company Office, 416 Pine street. Terms,
$5 per annum.
Der Friedensbote—Published semi-monthly by
the Evangelical Synod of the West. Rev.Reverend L.Nollan,
editor . Office, 631 s.south 4th. Terms, 50 cents per annum.
Der Lutheraner—Published semi-monthely by
the Evangelical Lutheran Syndo of Missouri, Ohio and
other states. Office, 631 s.south 4th. Terms, $1,50 per
Evangelical Lutheran Schulblatt—Pub-
lished montly, by A. Wiebushc & Son . Prof.J.
W.Lindmann, , editor . Terms, $2 per annum.
Herold Des Glaubens—Published weekley.
Office, 3d street, corner Convent. FrancisSaler, .
Terms, $2,50 per annum.
Lehre and Wehre—Published monthly, by the
Evangellical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and
other states. Office, 631 s.south 4th street. Terms, $2
per annum.
Market Reporter—Published daily and weekly,
by Griffin & O'Connor , proprietors . Office, Mer-
chants' Exchange building.
Merchantes' Exchange Price Current—
Published daily and weekly, by Chas. G.Gonter, ,
proprietor ; JosiahAndreson, , editor . Office, 8 Ollive
street, up stairs.
Missouri Democrat—Published daily, tri-week-
ly and weekly, by the properitors , McKee, Fishback
& Co.company Office, 4th street, northeast corner Pine.
Terms, daily, $12; tri-weekly, $6; weekly, $2, per
Missouri Republican—Published daily, tri-
weekly and weekly. by George Knapp & Co.company Office,
111 and 113 Chesnut street. GeorgeKnapp, , John
Knapp, and H. G.Paschall, , directors , Terms, daily,