Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
$12; tri-weekly, $6; weekley, $2; Sunday morning
Republican, $3 per annum.
Mississippi Blactter—(Sunday issue of West-
liche Post), Published every Sunday, Office, 116
and 118 Chesnut street. Terms, $2 per annum.
Neuer Anzeiger Des Westerns—Published
daily and weekly, by the publisher , CarlDaenzer, .
office, 15 n.north 3d street. Terms, daily, $8; weekly
$3 per annum.
Rural World and Valley Farmer—Pub-
lished weekly, by n.north J.Colman, , editor and proprie-
tor . Office, 612 n.north 5th. Terms, $2 per annum, in
Sabbath School Star—Published menthly, by
P. M.Pinckard, , Pine stret. Terms, singe copies
30 cents; 100 copies, $24 per annum.
St.Street Louis Dispatch—Publi hed, daily, tri-week-
ly and weekly, by the St. Louis Dispathc Printien and
Publsheicn Company. D. M.Grisson, , editor ; Wm.William
H.Swift, , busienss manager . Ofice, 313 n.north 3d.
Terms, daily, $10; tri-weekjly, $5; weekly, $2 per
St.Street Luis Home Journal—Published every
Sunday morning, by Shefield & Eaton . Office, Pine
street, southeast corner 2d, up stairs. Terms, $2
per annum
St. Louis Home Journal—Publishes every
Sunday moringi, by Sheffield & Eaton . Offie, Pine
street, southeast coenr 2d, up stairs. Terms, $2
per annum.
St. Louis Journal of Commerce—Pub-
lished every theusday, by r.residence M. Widman & Co.company pro-
prietors . Offie, 3d street, northwest coenr Wlanut.
Terms, &5 per annum.
St.Street Louis Times—Publsihed dialy, semi-weekly
and weekly, by the St. Louis Times Company . Of-
fice, Times building, 206 n.north 3d str et. Termsn, daily,
$10; semi-weekly, $4; weekly, $2 per mannu. Lewis
V.Bogy, , president ; r.residence P.Renick, , secreaty and
treausere ; StilsonHucthins, , editor : JohnHodnett, .
superintendt ; L. V.Bogy, , StilosnHutchins, , John
Hodentt, , r.residence P.Renick, and JohnFinn, , directors .
The Christian Advaocate—Published weekley,
by P. M.Pinckard, ; Rev.Reverend D. r.residence McAnally, D.D.ed-
itor . Office, 510 Pine street. Terms, $2 per annum.
The Gospel of Temperance—Published on
the first each month by JohnLibby, . Office, 302
Vine street. Terms, $1 per annum.
The Free Mason—Published monthly, by P. M.
Pinckard, ; George FrankGenley, , editor . Offie, 510
Pine street. Terms, $2 per annum.
The Guardian (Catholic)—Published every
Saturday moring. JamesClements, , editor . Offie,
5th street, southeast corner Pine. Terms, $3 per an-
num, by mail; $3,50 delivered at the house.
The St. Louis Medical Reporter—Pub-
lished semi-monthly, by P. M.Pinckard, ; Dr.J. B.
Alleyne, and O. F.Potter, , editrs . Office, 510 Pine
street. Terms, $3 per annum.
Vokks Zeitung—Publis ed daily and weekly, by
e.east W. Heemann & Co.company Offie. Market street, between
3d and 4th. Terms, daily, $10; weekly, $2,50 per
Westliche Post—Published daily and weekly, by
TheodorePlate, , EmilPretorisu, , ArhturOlshanusen,
and CarlSchurs, , Properietso , Ofcie, 116 and 118
Chenstun stret Terms, daily $10; weekly, $2 per