Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
German Holy Ghost School--Located on Wal-
nut street, corner 8th. CharlesGruner, , principal .
German School—Attached to the Independent
Evangelical Protestant Chnrch, Located on 8th
street, comer Mound
German Schoo I—Located on Rosatti street, north-
west corner Soulard.
German Southern School Of The Holy
Spirit--Located on 9th street, between Emmett
and Geyer avenues.
German Young Ladies Srminary—By Louis
Soldan, . Located on Elm itreet, corner 7th.
Hebrew School—Located at Hebrew Synagogue,
77 n.north 6th street.
Hohere Toechter Schule--Located, 162 s.south 5th
street. HermanHelmkamp, , proprietor and teacher ;
VonBrehm, , assistant teacher .
Hly Trinity Church School--Located on
12th street, corner Mallinkrodt. Under the charge
of the Sisters of St. Frances Seraph.
Mary Institute—Located on Lucaa place, between
14th and 15th streets.
Mission Free School--Located, 48 n.north 8th street.
PenelopeDelano, , matron .
Mississippi Valley Female Seminary—Lo-
cated on Pine street, corner 17th.
Northern School Of The Church Of The
Holy Ghost--German and English Prtestant.
Located on the west side of 11th street, between
Carr and Biddle.
Schneider'S English And German Elemen-
Tar And Real School--Located. 416 Jackson
Stoddard High School--Located on Beaumont
street, corner Washington avenue. r.residence C.Arendt, ,
principal .
St. Bridget'S School--Located on the west side
of 25th street, between Carr and Biddle. Under the
direction of the Christian Brothers.
St. Francis Xavibr Female School— Located
on 10th street, corner Morgan. Under the directions
of the Bisters of St. Joseph.
St. Francis Xavier Parochial Male
School—Located on 10th street, southeast corner
Green. In charge of Rev.Reverend JamesConverse, , s.south J.
St.Johns Evangelical School—Located on
14th street, corner Madison.
St. Joseph'S Boys' School--Attached to St.
Joseph's Roman Cathelic Church, Biddle stree, cor-
ner 11th.
St. Joseph'S Free Academy—Located on 15th
street, northeast corner Clark avenue.
St. Joseph'S School—Located on Marion, north-
west corner Fulton.
St. Joseph'S School—Attached to St. Joseph's
Orphan Asylum. Under the direction of the Sisters
of St. Joseph. Located on Clark avenue, corner 15th
street. Mother Fellclte, , principal .
St. Lawrence O'Toole'S School, Located on
O'Fallon street, between 14th and 15th. Conducted
by Christian Brothers.
St. Liborius School--Attached to the church.
Located on 19th street, between Jefferson and North
St. Mark'S Evangelical School—Attached to
the church. Located S Sonlard street, corner Jack-
son. ChristophRobenack, , principal .
St. Mary'S Roman Catholic School--Located
on 10th street, northeast corner Riddle. Attached te
the St. Mary's Roman Catholic Orarhana Asylum.
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Bkter
Theodora, , principal .
St. Michael'S Girl School--Attached to the
church. Located on Jefferson street, corner 11th.
Sister John deBaptist, , principal .
St. Michael'S School—For boys Located on
11th street, corner Jefferson. JohnWebster, , princi-
pal .
St. Patrick'S Male School—Located at St.
Patrick's church, under the charge of the Christian
St. Peter And St. Paul'S School—In connec-
tion with the church. Located on 7th street.
St. Peter'S German Evangelical School--
Attached to the church. Located on Carr street, cor-
ner 15th.
St. Vincent'S Boys' School--Attached to St.
Vincent de Paul's church. Located on Decatur street,
corner Park avenue. Under the direction of the
Christian Brothers.
St. Vincent'S Female School—Under the aus-
pices of the Sisters of Charity. Located on 10th
street, northeast corner St. Charles.
St. Vincent'S School--Attached to St. Vincent's
German Orphan Asylum. Located on 20th street,
between O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Under the direc-
tion of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Angela, ,
superior .
St. Vincent Girls' School--Attached to St.
Vincent de Paul's church. Located on Fulton street,
corner Marien. Under the direction of the Sisters of
St. Joseph.
Sued St. Louis Turn Schule--Located on the
west side Decatur street, bet. Jlia and Carroll. Dr.
Roesch, , president ; Franz J.Laitner, , cashier ; Au-Kriekhaus, , corresponding secretary .
Ursuline Academy—Mother AloysiaWinkler, , su-
perior . Located on the east side of Bute, between
Russell and Ann avenues. Under the auspices of the
Ursuline Convent.
Young Ladies' Academy Of Visitation--
Mother VinecentiaMarotte, , superior . Located on the
northside of Cass avenue, between 21st and 22d streets.
Colleges, Universities, etc.
Bonham'S Female Seminary--In the City Uni-
versity building, 16th street, northeast corner Pine.
L. n.north Bonham, . A.M., principal, and professor of
Latin and moral philosophy; Rer.J. C.Bonham, A.
M., vice principal, and professor of mental philosophy
and natural sciences; Prof.Carl C.Zeus, , fine arts ;
Prof.JuliusKummer, , oil painting ; Miss Eliza M.
McCabe, , teacher of rhetoric and history; Miss Eliza B.
Harrington, , mathematics and astronomy; Mrs.Louisa
Boggs, , principal of intermediate department; Miss
SarahGrissell, , teacher of English branches; Miss
KateBrady, , principal of primary department;
Madame Juvet, , French languagte and literature; Miss
JuliaJuvet, , assistant teacher of French; Madame
Pradeau, , matron ; Miss Clara G.Shepard, , teacher of
penmanship; ——, , teacher of physiology and
botany; Prof.B.Owen, , teaher of instumental
music; Mrs.K.Owen, , teacher of vocal music.
Bryant, Stratton & Carpenter'S Business
College--Darby's marble building, 5th street, cor-
ner Olive. W. M.Carpenter, , principal ; T.Hobert
Wilson, A.M., associate principal ; A. H.Hinman, ,
professor of penmanship; J. W.Hudson, , teacher of
accounts; D. D.Knettles, , teacher of accounts and
telegraphing; J. H.Terry, , Esq. lecturer on commer-
cial law.
Concordia College--In connection with the Gen-
eral German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri,
Ohio and other States. Erected, 1849. Rev.Reverend C.