Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Medical And Scientific Asso-
Academy Of Science--Organized March 10, 1856.
Occupies the east wing of O'Fallon Hall, Myrtle
street, corner 7th. Regular meetings are held on the
first and third Mondays of every month,at 7.30 p.m.
Museum open to citizens and strangers every day
(Sundays expected), on application to the janitor of
the hall. Geo.GeorgeEngelmann, , president ; B. F.Shu-, , 1st vice president ; n.northHolmes, , 2d vice presi-
dent ; A.Wislizenus, , corresponding secretary ; O.
F.Potter, , recording secretaryl EnnoSander, , treas-
urer ; G.Baumgarten, , librarian ; C. W.Stevens, , B.
F.Shumard, and SpencerSmith, , curators ; I.Dinkler, ,
janitor .
Homeopathic Dispensary—Located at 1009 Lo-
cust street. Hours of attendance for the sick between
the hours of 1 and 2 o'clock p.m. daily (Sundays ex-
cepted). Officiers of the dispensary consist of a board
or trustees, as follows: Dr.C. W.Spaualding, , Dr.e.east
C.Franklin, , Dr.T. J.Vastine, , Mrs.W. T.Helmuth, ,
Mrs.T. G.Comstock, , Mrs.J. T.Temple, and Mrs.
G. s.south Walker, ; Dr.C. W.Spaulding, , president ; Dr.
e.east C.Franklin, , secreatry ; Mrs.W. T.Helmuth, ,
treasurer .
Humboldt Medical College--College building
Linn Street, corner Soulard. F. H.McArdle, , profes-
sor of chemistry; H. s.south Leffingwell, M.D., professor
of general and descriptive anatomy; D. V.Dean, M.
D., professor of physiology, histology and toxicology;
G. B.Maughs, M.D., acting professor of materia
medica and therapeutics; M. A.Pallen, M.D., pro-
fessor of theory and practice of medicine, and clinical
medicine; A.Hammer, M.D., professor of princiles
and practice of surgery, opthslmology and clinical
surgery; G. B.Maughs, M.D., professor of ob-
stetrics and diseases of women and children; A.
Kueckelhan, M.D., professor of materia medica and
therapeutics; J. C.Whitehill, M.D., institutes and
theory and practice of medicine; F. W.Sennewald, ,
professor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry;
A.Hammer, M.D., acting professor of pathological
strator of anatomy; CharlesHeyer, M.D., assistant
to the Chai o pathological anatomy and curator of
the pathological museum; A.Hammer, M.D., dean ;
H. s.south Leffingwell, M.D., secretary .
Medical College Of Missou-
Ri--Located at 1009 Locost street. This institution
ranised In the year 1957, by the aprotntment
following board of trustees: Dr.C. W.Spaul-, , president ; Henry W.Williams, , secretary .
Borad Of Censors--Canada West.--W. A.Greenleaf,
M.D., Hamilton; Alexander T.Bull, M. F>, Lon-
don; JohnHjall, M.D., Toronto.
Ohio--Professor A. F.Bissell, , Toledo; Professor H. P.
Gatchell, , Cincinnati.
Illinois--Professor A. e.east Small, M.D., Chicago; Geo.George
e.east Shipman, M.D., Chicago; LeonardPratt, M.D.,
president Illinois homeopathic medical association,
Rick Creek; D. s.south Smith, . M.d., Chicago; G. V.
Sturley, , M.D.Jacksonville; e.east P.Johnson, M.D.,
Mississippi--Dr.Davis, , Natehez.
Louisiana--Wm.William H.Holcomb, M.D., New Orleans,
Wisconsin--J. s.south Douglass, M.D., Milwaukee.
Iowa—s.south H.Guilbert, M.D., Dubuque.
John T.Temple, . M.D. {St. Louisl, wnfessor of materla
medica and therapeutics; W. TodHelmuth, M.D.
(St. Louis), professor of the theory and practice of
medieine; E, p.Prankllo, M.D. (St. Louis), profes-
sor of the institutes and practice of surgery; n.north D.
Tirrell, M.D., professor of chemistry and medical
botany; C.Vastine, M.D. (St. Louis), professor of
physlology and general pathology ; G. B.Walker, M.
D, (St. Louis), professor of obstetrics and diseases of
women and children; W.Nlbelung, M.D. (St.
Louis), professor of anatomy;- , demonstra-
tor of ar. atomy; John T.Temple, , M.D., dean , 802
Washington av.; W. TodHelmuth, , registrar , 1414
Washington av. between 14th and 15th streets.
Homeopathic Medical Society—Meets on the
first and third Tuesdays in each month. T. G.Com-, M.D., president ; n.north D.Tlrrell, M.D., secre-
tary ; C.Lougeay, M.D., treasurer .
Missouri Medical College, St. Louis—Gra-
tiot street, coruer 8th. Jos. n.north McDowell, M. D,,
professor of surgery; John s.south Moore, M.D., profes-
sor of theory and practice of medicine ; DrakeMc-, M.D., professor of general, descriptive and
surgical anatomy ; W. M.McPheeters, M.D., pr-
fessor of materia medica and therapeutics; J. H.
Watters, M.D., professor of physiology, pathology
and clinical medicine; Chas. O.Curtman, M.D.,
professor of chemistry and pharmacy; B. F.Shu-, M.D., professor of obstetrics and diseases of
women and children; James C.Nidelet, M.D., dem-
onstrator of anatomy; Jos. n.north McDowell, M.D.,
dean .
Louis Collrge Of Pharmacy—Organized,
1864. Occupies a hall in the St. Louis Medical Col-
lege. The stated meetings of the college are held on
the last Mondays in March and September. The phar-
maceutical meetings are held the first Tuesdays in
every month, from the first of October until the first
of April. The meetings of the board of trustees are
held the third Tuesday in every month. The lectures
through the summer. The lectures on chemistry, ma-
teria medica and practical pharmacy, will commence
in October. O. F.Potter, M.D., professor of ma-
teria medica; F. H.McArdile, , professor of chemistry;
Hub.Primm, M.D., professor of practical pharmacy;
F. W.Sennewald, , president ; T. H.Kalb, , vice pres-
ident ; Hub.Primm, , secretary ; —Williamson, M.
D., corresponding secretary ; Chas. L.Lips, M.D.,
treasurer ; Wm.William H.Crawford, , register of pharma-