Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Biddle Infant Asylum--Located on O'Fallon
street, southeast corner 10th, under the direction of
Sister Mary Aloysina, of the Sisters of Charity.
Biddle And Mullanphy Widow'S Home--Lo-
cated on O'Fallon street, southeast corner 10th.
City Mission House--Located on north 8th street,
under the auspices of the church of the Messiah
(Unitarian), established to find homes for the desti-
tute, friendless and orphan. Also, in connection
with the mission house, is an industrial school for
children of both sexes, in which, in addition to in-
struction, they receive food and clothing. Neppa
Delano, , matron .
Orphans' Home (Colorei)--12th street, between
O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Mrs.A.Claopo, , president ;
Mrs.L.Eaton, , secretary ; Mrs.A.Weed, , matron .
Girsls' Industrial Home--Located on Morgan
street, southeast corner 19th. Founded, 1853. Mrs.
M.Thompson, , president ; Miss A.Glenny, , teacher .
Infant Orphan Asylum--Located on Marion
street, corner Menard, under the charge of the Sis-
ters of Charity.
House Of The Guardian Angel--Infant Orphan
Asylum. Located on Marion street, northwest corner
Menard, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.
Lasalle Institute For Orphans--Located on
Marion street, corner Menard, under the charge of
the Sisters of Charity.
Missouri Institution For The Education
Of The Blind--Located on Morgan sreet.
PhiletusFales, , superintendent .
Mullanphy Orphan Asylum--Directed by the
ladies of the Sacred Heart.
Orphan Girl'S Asylum-In connection with the
St. Louis hospital, Spruce street, corner 4th, under
the charge of the Daughters of Charity,.
Epsicopal Orphans' Home--1100 North Market
street. Mrs.JaneFimister, , matron ; Rt. Hon. C. s.south
Hawks, , D.D., visitor ; PhilipMcKim, , chaplain ;
Mrs.Walker r.residence Carter, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Edward
Brooks, , 2d directress .
Protestant Orphan Asylum--Located at 827
7th street, between Franklin avenue and Morgan
street. CarrieMcNair, , matron ; Mrs.Penelope
Smith, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Elizabeth W.Darake, , 2d
directress ; Mrs.Jane e.east Lewis, , secreaty ; Miss J.
Levering, , treasurer ; Mrs.Alex,Hamilton, , Mrs.
JuliusMorisse, , Mrs.G. K.Budd, , Mrs.EbenRich-, , Mrs.SullivanBlood, , Mrs.T. B.Dutcher, ,
Mrs.JosephPowell, , Mrs.Sam.Copp, , Mrs.P. J.
Thompson, , Mrs.HenryStagg, , Mrs.n.north C.Chapman,
and Miss Thomas, , managers .
German Protestant Orphans' Home--The
Home is located on the Dst. Charles rock road, nine
miles form the Court House. Office, in the Good Sa-
maritan hospital on Pratte avenue. Rev.Reverend Louis e.east
Nollau, , superintendent ; Mrs.A. M.Meir, , matron .
Methodist Orphans' Home--1743 north 12th
St.Street Ann'S r.residence C. Asylum--Founded in 1853. Dedi-
cated, 1858. Located on O'Fallon streetm southeast
corner 10th, under the direction of the Sisters of
Charity. Sister Chatherine, , superior .
St. Joseph'S Half Orphan Asylum-Located
on Clark av. northeast corner 15tyh street, under the
charge of the sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Felicite, ,
superior .
St. Mary'S r.residence C. Orphan Asylum--Founded,
1848. Dedicated, 1846. Located on Biddle street,
northeast corner 10th, under the direction of the sis-
ters of Charity.
St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum--Located on 20th street be-
tween O'Fallon and Cass av. Erected, 1851. Sup-
ported by the society of St. Vincent. Mother Angela, ,
superior .
St. Luois House Of Refuge.--Located on the
south side of Osage street, near Compton av.C. s.south
Greeley, , president ; J. G.Woerner, , secretary ; F. W.Gleason, , superintendent and treasurer ; J. G.
Woerner, , J. H.Amelung, , A.Niederwieser, , James s.south
Thomas, , MarshallBrotherton, , Geo.GeorgeFrederick, , Augus-Etling, and F. W.Cronenbold, , board of managers ;
J. B.Legg, , assistant superintendent ; r.residenceLimond, ,
principal teachar ; Miss M. e.east Pellon, and Miss H. s.south
Brighan, , assitant teachers ; J. O.Scouller, , foreman
shoe shop ; Mrs.Thomas, , superintendent of tailor
shop ; Mrs.e.eastRay, , laundress ; Mrs Alex.Dotary, ,
housekeeper ; Frank r.residence Bell, , day police .
Female Department--Mrs.H. s.south Gleason, , matron ;
Mrs.s.south A.Fairchild, , assitant matron ; Mrs.L.De-, , teacher ; JosephSpeigelhalter, M.D., pby-
sician .
House Of The Good Shepherd--Located on
17th street, between Chesnut and Pine, Sister Mary, ,
superior .