Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Independent Order of fooed Tempars.
Grand Lodge Of Missouri--The next annual
session of the Grand Lodge will be held at Jefferson
City, Mo.Missouri , on the third Wednesday in April, 1867.
Clinton, s.south Barrentt, St. Louis, G.W.C.T.; John T.
Ustick, , St, Luis, G.W.C.; Miss Dantie, C.Hess,
Jefferson City, G.W.V.T.John, Libby St. Louis,
G.W.s.south ; Rev W.A.Tarwter, , Flint, Hill, G.W.
Chap., ; Rev.Reverend W.A.Tarwater, , G.W.M.; Lydia,
M.Pinney, St. Louis, G.W.D.M.; J.K.Kidd, ,
Cooper's, Hill, G.W.I.G.; P.M.Nice, , Sturgeon ,
G.W.O.G.; John, Campbell, JohnLibby, and
Timothy, Parson, representatives to r.residence W.G. Lodge
of North America.
Subordinate Lodges of St. Lonis.
Switzer Lodge, No. 4--Meest on 11th street, south
west corner St. Charles, every Thursday evening.
Lilly Of The Valley Lodge, No. 5--Meets on
9th street, corner Washington avenue, every Satur-
day evening.
Rutledge Lodge, No. 45--Meets on 9th street,
corner Washington avenue, Wednesday evenings.
Star Of Hope Lodge, No. 214--Meets in basement
of Asbury, Chapel, on every Saturday evening.
Resolute Lodge, No. 216--Meets Monday evening,
on St. Charles street, southwest corner 11th.
Mount Vernon Chapter Of T. And W.No. 1--
Meets every Tuesday evening at 7.30 p.m., at Tem-
perance hall, 9th street, corner Washinton avenue.
Mount Vernon Band Of Hope--Juvenile Tem-
perance Society--Meets every Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock, on 9th steet, corner Washington avenue.
Mount Sinai Temperance Lodge, No. 1--Meets
on 18th street, corner Wash, every Friday evening.
Union Temperance Society Of St, Louis--
Meets every Thursday, in basement of church, 5th
street, corner Locust, James, L.Taylor, president ;
William, Bavard, secretary.
The Roman Catholic Total Abstinenoe And
Benevolent Society Of The City Of St.
Louis --Organized August 15th, 1848, numbering
400 members. The monthly meetingis are held at the
school rooms attached to st. Lawrence O'Toole
church, 14th street, corner O'Fallon, on the last
Sunday of each month.
Miscellaneors Soeieties.
Bellefontaine Cemetery Association --Of-
fice, 4th street, northeast corner Olive, room 4.Wil-, M.McPherson, president ; John, F.Gibbons,
secrerary and tresrer ; William, W.McPherson,
Hudson, e.east Bridge, Gerard, B.Allen, , William, F.
Ferguson, Danid , B.Gale, Marshall, Brotherton,
James, B.Eads, Samuel, Coppjr.junior , James, e.east Yeat-, John, How, L.M.Kennett, , William, Hubbard,
G.F.Filley, , John, F.Darby and John, r.residence Shepley,
St. Louis Press Club--Rooms, 213 Chesnut street,
P.G.Ferguson, , president ; G.W.Gilson, , vice
president ; George, Negus, secretsry and treasurer ;
J.L.Tracey, , librarin ; e.east D.Kargan, , correspond-
ing secretary.
St.Street Louis Agricultural And Mechanical
Association--Office , 513 Pine street, Arthur, B.
Barrett, president ; G.B.Allen, , Ben., O'Fallon and
T.A.Many, , vice presidents ; Benj., C.Sanford,
trasurer ; G.O.Calb, , secretary ; W.M.Lindsay, ,
superintendent fair grounds.
St.Street Louis Phisharmonic Society -Meets at
their hall, 4th street, corner Washington avenue,
every Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, and Thursdays
at 3.30. o'clock.
Government of the Society for the Eighth Series,
1867-8--Charles Balmer. president ; William, Down-, vice president ; George, W.Parker, recording
secretary ; Edward, Chase, corresponding secretary ;
Simon, kuh, librarian ; William, Robyn, William, Down-, F, Ringeling, Dr,WmWilliam , Tausday, Edward, Chase,
George, W.Parker, C, G.Weber, William, Anderson,
Wm.William T.Harris, , T.A.Werner, , Emil, Karst, Dr.I.
Forbes, and c.Balmer, directors.
Standing Committees --e.eastChase, , C.G.Weber, and e.east
Karst., membership; Dr.I.Fobes, , William, Robvn
and William, Anderson, ways, and means; Dr.W.
Taussig, , F.Ringeling, and A.Harless, , permanent
fund ; G. W.Parker, , william, Downing and e.eastKarst, ,
Music Committee for the Eighth Series--William,
Robyn, C.G.Weber, and Dr, William, Taussig first
concert; e.eastChase, , F. A, Werner and E, Karst,
second concert; William, Downing, W.T.Harris, and
William, Anderson, third concert; G.W.parker, , C.
G.Weber, and e.eastKarst, , fourth concert; Dr.William,
Taussig, Dr.I.Forbes, and e.eastChase, , fifth concert;
F. A.Werner, ,F.Ringeling, and William, Anderson,
sixth concert.
St. Louis Gymnastic Society--Turner hall, on
10th street, between Market and Walnut, Meeting,
first Wednesday in each month, G.A.Finkelburg, ,
president ; Hugo, Gollmer, vice president ; August, F.
Donk, treasurer ; Wm.WilliamMedert, , cashir ; P.Saussen-
thaier, , recording secretary ; John, Herbst, superin-
tendent of the hall.
St.Street Louis Tobacco And Cigar Manufactur-
Er'S Association --Turner Hall, 10th street, be-
tween Market and Walnut. Time of meeting, first
Monday in the month. Felix, Leise, president ; Fran-, Buse, vice president ; G.J.Helmerichs, , treasurer.
Nord St. Louis Maennerchor--(Church and
Social Choir), connected with St , John's, German
Evangelical Church , 14th street, corner Madison.
Meets on mondays and Saturdays, at 8p.m. Busi-
ness meeting, first Friday in the month.
St. Louis Temple Association--Temple on 17th
street, northest corner pine.Alexander, Suss, pres-
Sued St. Louis Unterstucizunges Verein --
Meets first Sunday in each month, at 463 (Old No.)
Jackson street.
Deutscher Unterstuctzungs Verein --Meets
last Sunday in every month, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson
Boehmisch Roemisch Catholischer Unter-
Stuctzungs Verein --Meets first Sunday in each
month, at 31 (Old No.) Buel street.
Geramania Saengerbund --Meets Tuesdays and
Fridays, at 463 (Old No.) Jackson street.
North St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , Feb-ruary, 1863. Regular meetings second and fourth Fri-
days in each month. Club room in Waidmann's hall,
Franklin av.avenue between 13th and 14th streets, C.Schne-, , jaegermeister ; Carl, Barth, oberjaeger ; Hein-, Scharringhausen, schatzmeister ; Friedrich, Green-, schriftfiehrer.
St. Louis Jagdverein--Organized , September1st, 1863. Regular meetings first Wednesday in each
month. Club room 161 and 163 (Old Nos.) s.south 2d street.
Charles, Reis, president ; Frank, Bohm, vice president ;
John, Krumholz, treasurer ; L.J.Zwanzeger, , secre-
Independet Oeder of Good Fellows.
Jefferson Encampment , No. 2--Meets first and
third Fridays in each month, at 1405 s.south 7th street.
St. Louis Degree--Meets every second Friday in
each month at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Phoenix Lodge, No. 3--Meets every Tuesday at
1405 s.south 7th street.
Concordia Lodge, No. 4--Meets every Monday
at 1405 s.south 7th street.
Good Ladies, No. 1--Meets every Sunday afternon
at 1405 s.south 7th street.