Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
California Avenue, from Lafayette av.avenue south to
Cambria, from Lynch north to Sidney
Capitol, from Chippewa north to President
Cardinal Avenue, from Lucas north to Gamble
Carolina, from O'Blennis west beyond city limits
Caroline, from Parson north to Conde
Carondelet Avenue, from 501 Park av.avenue wrath to
Carondelet Road, from Cherokee Sonth beyond
city limits
Carr, from 1101 Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
Carr Lane, from Chouteau av.avenue nr.near city limits south
Carr Square, on 16th, between Carr and Wash
Carroll, from s.south Levee west to 2d Carondlet av.avenue
Cass Avenue, from 1501 n.north Main west to city limits
Caswell, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Catalpa, from Choutean av. north to Gratiot
Cave, from s.south Levee west to s.south 8th
Cecile, from Victor north to Arrow
Cadar, from 801 s.south Levee west to 730 s.south 4th
Celeste Avenue, in northwestern suburbs
Center, from 1310 Market south to 1307 Clark av.avenue
Cerre, from 701 s.south 4th west to s.south 12th
Chambers, from Levee west to 2000 n.north 16th
Channing, from Olive north to Thomas av.avenue
Charles, from Devolsey north to Kingsbury
Charter, from Shenandoah south to Victor
Cherokee, from junction s.south 7th and Carondelet av.avenue
west to Grand av.avenue
Cherry, from 901 n.north Levee west to 900 Broadway
Chesnut, from 101 n.north Levee west to Garrison av.avenue
Chipeewa, from Marine av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Choate, from Chouteau av.avenue north to Cozens
Chouteau Avenue, from 1101 s.south Levee west to
city limits
Charisty Avenue, from 701 n.north 11th west to Beamont
Clara, from Arsenal south to Potomac
Clark Avenuem, from 300 s.south 7th west to Manchester
Clay, from 1103 Warren north to 126 Spring
Clay Avenue, from Frnklin av.avenue n.north Penrose
Clemens, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet road
Closey, from 1312 Park av.avenue south to Geyer av.avenue
Coleman, from North Market north to Grand av.avenue
Collins, from 207 Cherry north to 210 Florida
Columbus, from Harper north to 200 Rutgers
Commercial (n.north ), from 7 Market north to 5 Wash
ington av.avenue
Commercial (s.south ), from 7 Market south to Walnut
Compton Avenue, from Choutean av.avenue south to
Conde, from 16th west to Fllmore av.avenue
Congress, from Cambria west to Baresaloux
Convent, from s.south Levee west to Missouri av.avenue
Cooper, from Tayon ar. west to Pratte av.avenue
Coote, from Colons to Choutean av.
Cozens, from Tayon av.avenue west Pratte av.avenue
Cozens Avenue, from Alby west to Prairie av.avenue
Cri'lTenden, from ssouth , 8th west to Compton av.avenue
Cumbria, from Lynch north to Sidney
Curran, from Park av.avenue south to Lafayette av.avenue
Cushing, from Ceclle west
Devis, from 1405 n.north 18th west to Grand av.avenue
Dickson. from Pratte* av.avenue vest to Garrsion av.avenue
Destrehan, from Levee west to 16th
Devolsey, from Jefferson av.avenue west to Oregon av.avenue
Dicksonl, from Pratte av.avenue west to Webter av.avenue
Dillon, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Carroll
Division, from 18th weat to Pratte av.avenue
Dock, from Levee west to 10th
Dodier, from 2901 n.north 14th west to city limits
Dolman, from 260 (old no.) Chouteau av.avenue south to
Lafayette av.avenue
Dora, from Hebert north to Davis
Dorcas, from s.south Levee west to Carondelet av.avenue
Dubbeuil, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Geyer av.avenue
Duchouquette, from s.south Levee west to 357 (old No.)
Carondelet av.avenue
Dudlby Avenue, from Wilkinson av.avenue east to Thomas
East Brooklyn, from Levee west to 1801 Broadway
East Mound, from Levee west to 1716 Broadway
Easton, from Harper north to Barton
Easton Avenue, from junction of Clay and Frank-
lin av.avenue west to Prairie av.avenue
Edwards Alley, from 16th, between Salisbury and
Eighteknth (n.north ), from 1801 Market north to Angelica
Eighteenth (s.south ), from 1860 Market south to Poplar
Eighth (n.north ), from 801 Market north to 400 Mound
Eigii1 H (s.south ). from 800 Market south to Cherokee
Eleventh (n.north ), from 1101 Market north to Bremen av.avenue
Eleventh (n), from 1100 Mrket south to 1101 Gra-
Eliot Avenue, from Fraklin av.avenue north to Grande
Eliza, from O'Blennis west to Compton av.avenue
Elizabenth, from Arrow north to Geyer av.avenue
Elizabeth, from Kossuth av.avenue north to Moore
Elm, from 201 s.south Levee, west to 200 s.south 7th
Ely, from Lynch south to Crittenden
Emily, from Pacific north to Clark av.avenue
Emma, from Sydney south to Lynch
Emmet, from Kosciusko west to Linn
Estele, from Adolph west to Pratte av.avenue
Eugenia, from Adolph west to Pratte av.avenue
Evans, from Alby west to Prairie av.avenue
Ewing Avenue, from Market north to St.Street Charlesrd.
Fair Grounds, ws.west side Grand av.avenue between Kossuth and
Natural Bridge plank rd.road
Fairview Avenue, from Grand av.avenue west beyond
city limits
Fall, from Parson north to Grand av.avenue
Farrar, from 10th west to Grande av.avenue
Ferry, from 1475 (old No.), Brodway east to river
Fifteenth (n.north ), from 1501 Market north to Bremen
Fifteenth (s.south ), from 1500 Market south to 1501 Chou-
teau av.avenue
Fifth (n.north ), from 501 Market north to 500 O'Fallon
Fifth (s.south ), from 500 Market south to Arsenal
Filmoile Avenue, continuation of Garrison av.avenue
north to Carolina
First (n.north ), from 101 Market north to Grand av.avenue (see
First (s.south ), from 100 Market south to city limits (see
Flora Avenue, from Grand av. west
Florida, from n.north Levee west to 1521 Broadway
Fourteenth (n.north ), from 1401 Market north to city
Fourteenth (s.south ), from 1400 Market south to 1401
Chouteau av.avenue
Foosth (n.north ), from 401 Market north to 1001 Broad-
Fourth (s.south ), from 400 Market south to Chlppewa
Franklin Avenue, from 901 Broadway west to ciy
Fulton, from Ruuell av.avenue north to 800 Park av.avenue
Gamble, from Pralte av.avenue wast to Alby
Gamble Avenue, from Naomi west to Pratte av.avenue
Geno Avenue, from Bellefontaine road notheast to
the river
Garibaldi, from 16th west to Kossuth av.avenue
Garrison Avenue, from Market north to Grande av.avenue
Gtae, from Carondelet av.avenue west to s.south 8th
Gay, from 815 n.north 12th west to 814 n.north 17th
Geyer Avenue, from 1901 Csrondelet av.avenue west to
Jefferson av.avenue
Giles Avhnue, from Soudder av.avenue north to McDonald
Glandale, in northwestern suburbs
Glasgow Avenue, from St.Street Charles rd.road north to
Grande av.avenue
Goen, from Picker south
Goode Avenue. in northwestern suburbs
Government, from s.south Levee west to Carondelat av.avenue
Grace, from Gravols rd. north
Grand Avenue, from Osage running north to entire
length of city to the Mississippi river
Grande Avenue, from 16th we,tlo Grand av.avenue
Pbatiot, from 801 s.south 4th west to Tayon av.avenue
Grattan, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Lafayette av.avenue
Gravois, from Rosattl west to city limits, north of
Gravois Road, from junction of Ann av.avenue and Melville
southwest beyond city limits
Green, from 701 n.north Levee west to 700 n.north 11th
Green (n.north ), from 16th west to Pratte av.avenue
Gregor, in southwestern suburbs
Grove, from Kossuth av.avenue south
Guilford, from Wilkinson av.avenue to Carr lane
Half, from Naomi wast to Pratte av.avenue