Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
County Organization.
County Court of St,. Louis County.
Regular Terms on the 3d Monday of each month. Of-
fice, Court House. Benj.Charles, , presiding Justice ;
David C.coleman, , county clerk ; F. C.Schoenthaler, ,
deputy clerk .
First District—Comprises the whole of Carondelet
township, and all that portion of Central township
situated south of Clayton road. Thomas M.Brannon, ,
justice .
Second District—Comprises the whole of the present
township of Bonbomme and Meramec. Robert c.
Allen, , justice .
Third District—Comprises all of Central township
situated north of Clayton road, and the whole of st.
Ferdinand township. James s.south Farrar, , Justice .
Fourth District—Comprises the whole 1st, 2d
and 3d wards of St. Louis city and all that portion of
St. Louis township south of a line running due west
to the western boundary of said township, from the
northwest corner of the 3d ward, as at present con-
stituted. Ferd. W.Cronenbold, , justice .
Fifth District—Comprises the whole of the 4th, and
5th wards of St. Louis city, and that portion of st.
louis township lying north of the 4th district, and
south of a line running due west from the northwest
corner of the 5th ward, to the western limits of said
township. John F.Long, , justice .
Sixth District—Comprises the whole of the 6th, 7th
and 8th wards of St. Louis city, and that portion of
the township embraced within the limits of the line
defining the northern boundary of the 5th district, and
a line running due west from the northwest corner of
the 8th ward, to the westren limits of St. Louis town-
ship. Thomas J.Dailey, , justice .
Seventh District—Comprises the whole of the 9th and
10th wards of St. Louis city, and the reminder of St.
Louis township. BenjaminCharles, , justice .
Assessors—For State, county and city — Office,
room 21 court house; Robert J.Rombauer, , presi-
dent of the board ; HermanBleeck, , chief clerk ;
LeonardZwanziger, , draughtsman ; A.albert, , Fr.
Annecke, , J. J.Morand, , h.Nlemeyer, , Charles
Kautriner, , ErnstSchmidt, , Fr.Thomas, , T. M.Green, ,
Fred.Cratz, , Fr.Dolles, , J.Loisseau, , D. M.Keeler,
and Chas. VonSoden, , clerks .
WilliamSievers, , 1st district; RobertLange, , 2d dis-
trict; Robert C.Hoggins, , 3d district; Theodore
Wilkins, , 4th district; richardMollincott, , 5th dis-
trict; james K.McKenna, , 6th district; DavidStein, ,
7th district, St. Ferdinand township; George W.
Brouster, , 8th district, Central township; William J.
Smith, , 9th district, bonhomme township; Herman
Steines, , 10th district, Meramec township; Chas.Mehl,
jr., 11th district, Carondelet township; william O.
Bleeck, , 12th district, St. Louis township.
Assessment Districts—first District—That
part of the city of St. Louis south of Lafayette street
and Lafayette avenue.
Second District—South of Plum and Cerre streets
and the Pacific Railroad, and north of Lafayette street
and avenue.
Third District—South of Lucas place and Locust street
and Olive street plank road from Ware avenue to city
limmits, and north of Plum and Cerre streets and the
Pacific railroad.
Fourth District—south of Carr Street from River to
Broadway, Wash steet, from Braodway to 17th
street, Carr street, form 17th street to Pratte avenue,
Stoddard street, form Pratte to Glasgow avenues
Gamble street from Galsgow avenue to St. Charles
raod and thence 9th ward limits to city limit and
north of the northern line of the 3d assessment district.
Fifth District—South of Chambers street from River
to 10th street, Howard street from 10th street, to 18th
street, and Cass avenue from 18th street to city limits
and north of the northern line of the 4th assessment
Sixth District—North of the northern line of the 5th
assessment district.
Seventh District—St. Ferdinand township.
Eighth District—Central township.
Ninth District—Bonhomme township.
Tenth District—Meramec township.
Eleventh District—Carondelet township.
Twelfth District—St. Louis township.
county Officers.
County Treasurer —John t.Fisla, . Office, Court House.
County Auditor —Win. H.Heath, . Office, Court House.
County Recorder —JuliusConrad, . Deputies —Antho-steffens, , AdrianTetard, and James P.Wilton, .
County Marshal —BernardLaibold, .
County Architect — ——, , Assistant —Ed.Morti-, .
County Engineer —C. e.east Salomon, , Office, Court
House, Assistant —Wm.WilliamEimbeck, .
Sheriff —JohnMcNell, . Deputies —John s.south Wilkins, ,
Theo.LaBaume, , LouisHoly, , LouisSchween, , Courad