Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Supereme Court of the Unite States—The
Supreme Court is held in the city of Washington, D.
C., and has one session annually, commencing on the
first Monday in December. Salmon P.chase, , of
Ohio, Chief justice ; DavidDavis, , of Illinois, Noah n.north
Swayne, , of Ohio, Samuel F.Miller, , of Iowa, Samuel
Nelson, , of New York, Robert C.Grier, , of Pennsly-
vania, Nathanclifford, , of Maine, and Stephen j.
Field, , of California, associate judges .
Circuit Courts—The United States are divided into
nine Judicial Districts, in each of which a cirouit
Court is held twice every year for each state within
the Circuit, and by the district judge of the state or
District in which the Court sits. The State of Mis-
souri is attached to the Eighth Circuit, and divided
into two Districts, the Eastern and Western. The
Circuit Court and District court for the Eastern dis-
trict are held in st. Louis. the district Court for
the western District is held in Jefferson City. There
is but one Circuit Court, embracing both districts.
United States Circuit Court—Place of holding
Court, Custom House building. Hon.Honorable Samuel f.
Miller, , presiding judge ; Hon.Honorable Samueltreat, and
Hon.Honorable A.Krekel, , associate judges ; Benj. F.Hick-, clerk . Terms—First Mondays in April and
United States Distric Court—Hon.Honorable Samuel
Treat, , judge ; John W.Noble, , district attorney ; Benj.
F.Hickman, , clerk ; J. B.rogers, , marshal . Terms—
Regular stated, third Mondays in February, May and
November. Place of bolding court, custom House
building. Admiralty return terros, first Monday of
each month. Place of holding Court, custome House
Supreme Court of the State of Missouri—
Hon.Honorable DavidWagner, , of Marion county, Hon.Honorable Thos.Thomas
C.Fagg, , of Pike county, and Hon.Honorable NathanielHolmes, ,
of St. Louis, judges ; O. T.Fishback, , of St. Louis,
clerk ; O. s.south Fuller, , of St. Louis, Marshal . Terms—
At St. Louis, third Monday in March and October.
At Jefferson City, second Monday in january and
first Monday in July. At St. Joseph, third Mondays
in February and August. Assignments of errors
must be filed on or before the first day on which
causes from the same circuit are set for hearing.
Joinders to be filed within four days after the filling of
assignments. Court room, No. 8 south wing, second
Circuit Court—SamuelReber, , president judge ;
Charles B.Lord, and Roderick e.east Rombauer, , associate
judges ; JohnLewis, , clerk ; e.east P.Walsh, , Robert
Brent, , CharlesLevy, J.Thornburgh, and Patrick
McDonald, , deputies ; Alphonse F.Perrier, and Philip
Stock, , assistant clerks . Terms—First Mondays in Feb-
ruary, April, June, October and December.
Probate Court—Hon.Honorable NathanielMcDonald, ,
judge ; Wm.William e.east Wagner, , clerk ; A. A.Osgood, , deputy
clerk . March 2d, Court meets; February 29th last
day for service of notice; March 5th, 12th and 19th
docket called; May 21st, last day for sersing notices
for June term. June 1st, Court meets; June 4th,
11th and 18th, docket called; Auguast 27th, last day
for serving notices for september term. September7th, court meets; September 10th, 17th and 24th,
docket called; November 26th, last day for serving
notices for December term. December 7th, Court
meets; December 10th, 17th and 24th, docket called.
Court room, No. 4 east wing, first story, Clerk's
office, No. 3 east wing, first story.
Criminal Court—Hon.Honorable WilsonPrimm, , judge ;
Chas. P.Johnson, , circuit attorney ; Wm.WilliamKreiter, ,
assistant circuit attorney ; Peter P.Dailey, , clerk ;
Edward J.Drewer, and DanielPhelan, , deputies .
Court meets first Mondays in January, March, May,
July, September and November. A Grand Jury,
consisting of from sixteen to twenty three citizens,
is sworn at each term. Appeals from justices of the
peace and from the city recorder must be filed on or
before the first day of the term to insure docketing
for trial at such term. Applications for naturaliza-
tion of foreigners must be made immediately upon
the opening of the Court—that is, at 10 a.m. Court
room, south wing, east side. Clerk's office, south
wing, east side.
Court of Criminal Correction—C. D.Wolff, ,
judge ; J. P.Colcord, , prosecuting attorney ; Jno. F.
Doerbaum, , clerk ; Jno. C.Farney, and LewisCustar, ,
deputies . Court meets daily at 9 a.m. (Sundays ex-
cepted). Motion day, every Saturday. Applications
for naturalizationof foreigners must be made imme-
diately upon the opening of said court, r.residence e.east , 9 a.m.
clerk's office, room 25 Court House, south wing.
County Court—Regualr terms, on the third Mou-
day of each month.