Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Crosky, Richard, raftsman , bd3. ns. Ferry. nr.near
Croaa, Deborah, wid.widow John, ,dressmaker ,12 s.south 10th,
r.residence same
Cross, 'Felixstudent . Bryant. Stratton A
Cari'Knteu'S College .Olive,cor.corner 5th
Cross, Jobn, porter ,' M.J. liyan A Co.company r.residence 12 a. 10th
Cross, Josejih. moulder , r.residence 1807 Itoxatti
Cross, Joseph s.south engineer , Mepham Broi tobacco
factory, r.residence 18D7 Itoantli
Cross, William, liuisher , Missouri iron works
Cross, William, machinal , bds.boards 100!) n.north 7th
Crossin, Ann, wid.widow Thomas, , as. Conde, bel.below 21st
and Pratte av.avenue
Crossin, James, salesman , T. & C. Slevin & Co.company 22
n.north Main, r.residence 1706 Pine
Crossin, Owen, lab.laborer r.residence 21st, se.southeast cor.corner Conde
Crossman, Robert B.jobprinter , 516 n.north 3d, r.residence 1502
n.north 15th
Crothers, Robert, clerk . Pacific freight line, bds.boards
13th, sw.southwest cor.corner Poplar
Crouch, DarineRev.Reverend r.residence 2102 Broadway
Crouch, G. W. (Crouch & Johnson ), r.residence 2102 Broad-
Cruuch, James n.north clerk , s.south A. Granlharo A Co.company r.residence
1731 Morgan
Crouch, Wi liam. shlpcnrpenter , bds.boards 302 Cass av.avenue
Crouch, William T.photographer , r.residence Magsiine,
bet.between Webster and Garrison nvs.
Crouch A Johnson ti. W.Crouch, and F.John-, ), upholsterers . 2102 Broadway
Crongh, William, lab.laborer r.residence 1617 O Fallon
Crouglian, John, tinsmith , r.residence as. Davis, bet.between 23d
and 23d
CrouseP. I,, student , Bryant. Stratton A
Cakpestkh'S College . Olive, cor.corner 5th
Crow, Julio, stonemason , r.residence es.east side 21 tb, bet.between Davis and
Cass av.avenue
Crow, Martin, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Waterworks, bet.between 18lh
and 19th
Crow, iisthias, riverman . r.residence rear 1013 Wash
Crow, McCreery A Co.company (WaymanCrow, . William
A.Hargadine, , HughMcKi'trkfc, and David
D.Walker, ), drvgoo.ls, whol.wholesale 216 n.north Main
Crow, P.trick, lab.laborer r.residence 13U7 n.north 7ih
Crow, Philip A. {Sipple, Crow A Co.company ). bds.boards Olive
Street hotel
Crow, Wayman (Crow, McHreery A Co.company ). r.residence 305
8th. nw.northwest cor.corner Olive
Crow, William, teamster , r.residence 1617 O'Fallon
Crow, William F. (Crow & Farrell ), bds.boards Laclede
Crow & Fahrell (William F.Crow, and
JohnFarrell, ),drygooda, whol.wholesale and ret.416
and 418 Market
Crowe, John F. gas and stcampipeAlter, , 1025 n,
7th, r.residence same
Crowell, Ssruh Miss, milliner . 1120 Oliver, same
Crowell, Sarah A.wid.widow (ieorge, , r.residence 1714 Broadway
Ciowley, Charles, moulder , Missouri iron works
Crowley, Charles, porter , Samuel H.Pingry, , bds.boards
Taylor house
Crowley, Cornelius, moulder . Missouri iron works
Crowley, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence 1414 n.north ath
Crowley, Edward F.bookkeeper , Pratt, Fox A Co.company
r- 16th, ne.northeast cor.corner Penrose nv.
Crowley, James, porter , Graff. Bennett A Co.company bds.boards
ws.west side Broadway, bet.between O'Fallon and Baes
Crowley, James, warehouseman , bds.boards 1317 Broad-
Crowley, Jdlm, lab.laborer r.residence 1532 n.north 2d
Crowley, John, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Davis, bet.between 23d and 24th
Crowley, John, r.residence 1308 Collins
CrowiVy, John, teamster , r.residence l. renr 1241 Sprace
Cmwley, John. wks.works St. lyoois planing mill
Crowley, John Ii.porter . St. 1-ools Itnilway Sap-
plies Mnfe.Co.company r.residence 16th, cor.corner Penroee nv.
Crowley, Sarah, whi.Ceorge, , r.residence 3330 n.north 11th
Crowley, Thomas, finisher , Pulton iron works, r.residence
1225 n.north 16th
Crownell, Eageiie. waiter , r.residence 928 n, 8th
Crojler, Alexander (Crozler, Baxter A Co.company ), and
vice pres.president board of water commissioners,
bds.boards South hotel
Crozier Baxter & Co.company (Alexander
Crozier, , SamuelBaxter, , ErnstWuerpel, and
John A.Hodgman, ), proprs. Eagle foundry
Main, bet.between Carr and Biddle
Crozier, W. M. Mrs.r.residence 1104 Morgan
Cruice, Mary H. Mrs.washerwoman , r.residence 813 Wash-
inton av.avenue
Criiclict, Louis, blacksmith , James A.Wright, , r.residence
Spruce, ne.northeast cor.corner fith
Cruddy, Martin, quarry man , bds.boards 2006 Broadway
Cruesoe, David, l-ba. conist. r.residence 823 Walnut
Cruder, Charles, goldsmith , r.residence 2d, bet.between Harper and
Crull, Augustus, locnl editor . St. Louis Aben-
lettung. r.residence Clara, se.southeast cor.corner Miami
Crull, ) Augustus, student , ConcordLi college,r.residence ss.south side
Clara, nr.near Miami
Crum, Mary A. Mr*, seam-tress , r.residence 1004 Webster
Cr.mby, Henry, wood turner , r.residence 3323 n.north 10th
Crumby, William, cblnetinnker . r.residence 914 Buchanan
Crumley, John, lioiHer . r.residence 416 Wash
Crummey, Andrew J.trunkmaker , bds.boards 1817 Mor-
Crummey, Magdalene, wid.widow Edward, , r.residence 1817 Mor-
Crummic, James, carrier , St. Louis Daily Times
Crump, Fleming, muaiclan . r.residence 1119 Wash
Crump, Francis, butcher , r.residence ss.south side Orange, nr.near 23d
Crudcn, Mary Mrs.snpt. Female Guard an Society,
r.residence 1418 Pine, and 614 St. Charles
Crutsinger, Charles W.job print-
er and propr . Combination l'rogramnte. 221
Olive, r.residence es.east side 14th. bet.between Wash and Franklin av.avenue
Cruttenden, Roswell W. (A.F. Shaapleigh & Co.company ),
r.residence 1116 Olive
Cubberly Daniel A. Transfer Co.company r.residence 924 Brookly
Cubick, Francis, lab.laborer r.residence Conde, cor.corner Clay av.avenue
Cucklas, Michael, conductor r.residence r506 Lafayette
Cuddv, Jumcs J. (Georgc Trott A Co.company ), r.residence 3032
Cuddy, Kate, wid.widow s.south r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th,
Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Cuddy, Margaret Mrs.dressmaker , 1229 Olive, r.residence
Cuddy, Patrick, lab.laborer r1925 Carr
Cuddy, Thomas. V.s.south asst.assistant assessor , 910 n.north 5th,
r.residence es.east side 10th, bet.between Wash and Carr
Cuddy, William, U.S.United States inspector of coal oil and
spirits, 210 n.north 3d, r.residence 1014 n.north 10th
Cuddy, William s.south gen. paymaster and gen. sup-
ply agt.agent . P.r.residence r.residence Co.company r.residence 3032 Bell
Cudniure, William. stonecutter , r.residence 919 n.north 17th
Cuendet, Eugene J. (e.east Jaccard & Co.company ), rooms,
302 n.north 4th
Cuff, Catharine. wid.widow James, , r.residence 1311 n.north 16th
Culinane, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Carr and
Biddle, 9th and 10th
Culkenna, Michael, silversmith , r.residence room 44 Whit-
tier bldg.building
CuUiin, Anthony, cow desler , r.residence sb. California,
nr.near Prairie av.avenue
Culkin, Margarel. wid.widow Michael, , r.residence 1205 n.north 7th
Culkin, Patick, rope mnfr.manufacturer r.residence 533 Sidney
Cull, Patrick, moulder , McMurray & Smith , bds.boards
2636 Clark av.avenue
Cullahan, Martin, lab.laborer r.residence 1335 n.north 13th
Cullen, Bridget, wid.widow Martin, , r.residence ns.north side Ferry nr.near Main
Cullea, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence 1517 n.north 17th