Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Dutro, John M.(Rich & Co.company ) , r.residence 1628, se.southeast
cor.corner 16th
Dutro, Thomas Conrin, stoekclerk . St. Louis Rail-
way Supplies Mnfg.Co.company r.residence 16th, nw.northwest car. Carr
Dotro, Thomas C.r.residence 1628 Wash
Dotton, Calvin, agt.agent . St. Uoia Transfer Co.company bds.boards
Everett house
Dutton, James M.metropolitan police . 4th dirtrirt
station. r.residence ns.north side Chambers, bet.between 13th and 14th
Dntton, Richard. tailor , r.residence 1307 n.north Main
Dutzi, Adam, saloon . 322 s.south 2d. r.residence same
Doval, Henrv. cigarrnakcr . r.residence 22 n.north 9th
Duval, Joseph, printer . Daly, Belt & Boas
Duvald, Ohrirtian. lab.laborer r.residence 2108 n.north 10th
DuvalS, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence 709 n.north Main
Duvall, L. s.south cotton mer. r.residence 206 n.north 6th
Duvall, L. n.north student , Bryant, Strattos &
Carpenter'S College . Olive, cor.corner 5th
Derail, William r.residence oilot . upper Mississippi benev-
olent pilot aworiation, 13 Olive
Do Vaolt, Rebecca, wid.widow r.residence 1237 n.north 2d
Duvien, L.cooper . Charlw W.Horn,
Duvmil, Jnlia. wid.widow r.residence 1724 Decatnr
Dowire, Margaret, wid.widow Michael, . r.residence 114 Mulberry
Dwelle, Henry B.physician , 411 n.north 5th, r.residence same
Dwelly, Charles, marhuii't . bds.boards 320 Howard
Dwellv, G. A.markctwales. bds.boards Clearer house
Dwight, John e.east (Pierce & Dwight) , r.residence 1214 Olive
Dwire, Daniel, lab.laborer r.residence rear 2320 Cass av.avenue
Dwire, lames, tinsmith , r.residence ss.south side Davis, bet.between 21st and
Dwire, Mary, wid.widow Michael, , r.residence 1213 s.south 24
Dwosack, Jacob, gtrdrtier , r.residence 117 Hamtramek
Dwyer, Bridget, wid.widow Wiliam, , bds.boards 220 Moore
Dwyer, Edward, plumber , r.residence 1205 Orange
Dwyer, James(PinigHn & Dwyer) , bds.boards 1235 n.north
Dwyer, Jemes. straightener, Laclede iron works ,
bds.boards ws.west side Main. bet.between Augusta and Angelica
Dwrer, Jeremiah, porter , M.L. Pottle & Co.company r.residence
1205 Orange
Dwyer, Jeremiah, watchman , r.residence 23 Summit av.avenue
Dwyer, Jerry, lab.laborer r.residence 12th, ror. Poplar
Dwyer, John, bds St. Clair hotel
Dwyer, John, clerk . The Commercial bank of St,
Louis , r.residence Main, nw.northwest cor.corner Elm
Dwyer, John, driver . M.U.Ex.Co.company r.residence 220 Moore
Dwyer, John, moulder , bda. Mechanics' exchange
Dwyer, Joseph, boilermakrr , Allinon & Rohan , r.residence
620 Biddle
Dwyer, Joseph, driller , Eagle iron works . r.residence Bid-
dle, bet.between 6th and 7th
Dwyer, Joseph, student , St. Louis universirty , r.residence
234 Olive
Dwyer, Luke, quarrvman , bds.boards Salibury. se, cor.
Natural bridge plank rd.road
Dwyer, Margaret, wid.widow Edward, , rKin Park av.avenue
Dwyer, Margaret, wid.widow Patrick, , r.residence 921 Warren
Dwyer, Mary, saleswoman , C. H.Tuttle, , r.residence 1205
Dwyer, Mary, wid.widow John, . r.residence 1924 Poplar
Dwyer, Mary, wid.widow r.residence 1128 n.north 25th
Dwyer, Mirhael, drayman , r.residence 884 Summit av.avenue
Dwyer, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Cozens, nr.near Summit av.avenue
Dwyer, Philip, capt. 5th U.H. cavalry, bds.boards 1426
Dwyer, Richard, wagonmaker . bds.boards 1448 Broad-
Dwyer, Timothy, teamster , Market Street planing
mill, bds, 100 Moore