Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Dwyer, Thomas, flanger . J.e.east Oxiey & Co.company
Dwyer, Thomas, lab r.residence 1518 n.north 16th
Dwyer, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence 1613 O'Fallon
Dwyer, William, r.residence 408 s.south 23d
Dwyer, William, steamboat captain , r.residence 2711 Mill
Dwyer, William, (Dwyer & Bnmmiskey) , r.residence 2634
DwyerWilliam , O.carpenter , bds.boards 304 s.south 8th
Dwyer & Cummiskey (WilliamDwyer, and Ter-Cummiskey, ), realestate agets. 408 n.north 6th
Dwyne, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence 117 Convent
Dwyre, Daniel, watchman , r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Biddle
and O'Falion, 8th and 9th
Dwyre, Elizabeth, wid.widow Christopher, , r.residence 2106 Bid-
Dwyre, John, prodacedealer , r.residence 1235 n.north 7th
Dwyre, Michael, drayman , r.residence es.east side Argyle av.avenue bet.between
Bernard and Gamble avs.avenues
Dyckmann, Leonard, clerk. Matthew Rabenberg ,
r.residence ns.north side al.alley bet.between 10th and 11th, Market and Wal-
Dye, L. A.barkeeper , bds.boards 1519 Morgan
Dye, Philip, undertaker , bds.boards 1017 n.north 10th
Dyer, A. F.bds.boards St. Nicholas hotel
Dyer, e.east G.(Owens, Laue, Dyer & Co.company ) , r.residence Ham-
ilton. Ohio
Dyer, Jacob, batcher , r.residence 3213 n.north 10th
Dyer, John, mer. r.residence 1010 Chonteau av.avenue
Dyer, John, printer , bds.boards 604 Market
Dyer, John, tinsmith , r.residence rear 2241 O'Fallon
Dyer, John n.north actuary and librarian , St. Louis
mercantile library association
Dye, Mary, wid.widow John, , bds.boards 208 s.south 16th
Dye, n.north D.clerk , city collector's office, Court
House . bds.boards 616 St. Charles
Dyer, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O'Fallon, 7th and 8th
Dyer, Patrick, riverinan , r.residence al.alley bet.between 18th and 19th,
Clark av.avenue and Spruce
Dyer, Richard, bds.boards Planters' honse
Dyer, Romevn A.printer. .Jfiwuri Democrat , r.residence
604 Market
Dykemann, Stephen H.lab.laborer r,1109 n.north 12th
Dykerhoff, Ernst, plasterer , r.residence 1018 Geyer av.avenue
Dykman, Kverhard, clerk , MathiasRabenberg, ,
bds, ss. Market, bet.between 10th and 11th
Dykman, Leonhard, clerk , MathiasRabenberg, ,
bds.boards ss.south side Market, bet.between 10th and 11th
Dykniann, William, lab.laborer al.alley bet.between 10th and 11th,
Market and Walnut
Dynam, Daniel, barkeeper , DavidHoag, , bds.boards 952
Dynan, John, carpenter , bds.boards 603 n.north Levee
Dynnett, John, lab, bds.boards 1223 n.north 13th
Dyson, Abraham, woodinspector , 605 Poplar, r.residence
114 s.south 6th
Dyson, Edwin, printer , Missouri Repitblican , r.residence
1008 n.north 10th
Eaches, Charlca B.(Charles B, Eaehes & Co,) , r.residence
1323 Randolph
Eaches Charles B. & Co.company (Charles B.Eaches, ,
Walter, , Walsh, and William J.Bennett, ), city
weighers, 114 s.south Commercial
Eades, Albert, printer , bds.boards 616 n.north 8th
Eades, Joseph, boot and shoemaker , r.residence 1219 n.north 7th
Eadea, Joseph, printer , bds.boards 18 n.north 9th
Eadio, Albert, clerk , W. r.residence Stoneham, , r.residence 815
Franklin av.avenue
Eads, James B.chicfengracer , St. Lonia & Illinois
Bridge Co.company 203 n.north 3d. r.residence ws.west side Compton av.avenue
bet.between Henrietta and Snsan
Eads, W. G.student , Bryant. Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor, 5th
Eadua, William G.salesman . Hayden, Wilsons &
Allen , r.residence es.east side 13th. bet.between Chesnut and Pine
Eagan, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O'Fallou. 8tb and 9th
Enijan, Henry, lab.laborer bds.boards 305 O'Fallon
Eagan, Jamca, lab.laborer r.residence 21 Smith
Eagan, James, warehouseman . U.S.United States warehouse ,
r.residence 25th. ne.northeast cor.corner Biddle
Engnu, John, blacksmith , bds.boards 815 n.north 8th
Eagan, John, batcher , r.residence ns.north side Boston, nr.near St. Louis
Eagan, John, lab.laborer Allison & Rohan
Eagan, Margaret, wid.widow Michael, , r.residence rear 1337 n.north 14th
Eagan, Michael, helpert , Allison & Rohan
Eagan, Nicholas. printer , r.residence 2019 Estelle
Eagan, Patrick, butcher , City market. r.residence Butcher-
Eagan, Solomon, lab.laborer Bellefontaine city railway
Eagan, William, lab.laborer r.residence 1513 . 17th
Eagan, , see also Egan,
Eagan, James, r.residence ns.north side Biddle. bet.between 24th and 25th
Eagan, Patrick, porter , r.residence 1223 n.north 17th
Eagan, Thomas, cooper , r.residence ns.north side Davis, bet.between 21st
and 22d
Eagen, Thomas. lab.laborer r.residence 1403 n.north 18th
Eagen, Samnel W. jr.r.residence 119 s.south 14th
Eagen, William, moulder . r.residence 212 Ashley
Eagle Brass Foundry. Kupferle. Boisseiier & Co
proprs. 809 n.north 2d
Eagle, Cluistian. hostler . Dsn. McAteer & Co.company
Eagle Express & City Package Delivery, office ,
307 Pine
Eagle Foundry. Crozier. Baxter & Co.company proprs.
Main. bet.between Carr and Biddle
Eagle Hotel. Bielile & Scherer . nroprs. 518 and
520 s.south 2d
Eagle Mills. Matthew Hunt , propr. 906 Broadway
and 305 Cherry
Eagle, Robert, chiefclerk. Merchants' National
bank, of St. Louis. , r.residence 2815 Olive
Eagle Steam And Gas Pipe
Works And Brass Foundry ,
JohnGoodin, . propr. 218 to 224 Vine
Eagle Steam Mills. e.east OStanard, . propr. Main, ne.northeast
cor.corner Bates, office. Mam.sw.southwest cor.corner Market
Eagle, Thomas, teamster , r.residence es.east side 2d. bet.between Labeaume
Eagle Woolen Mills. D. & B. Samuels & Co.company
proprs. 2201. 2203 and 2205 n.north Main
Eagleson, John, sawer . James M.Patterson, , r.residence
831 Brooklyn
Eagleson, William H.(William H. Eagleson & Co.company ) ,
r.residence Toyon av.avenue bet.between Clark av.avenue and Poplar
Eagleson William H. & Co.company (William H.Eagleson,
and WilliamGovelt, ). builder* . 411 s.south 16th
Eagon, John M.conductor . n.north M.r.residence s.south bds.boards
Mound City hotel
Eaickelnmnn, Bliaabeth. wid.widow Henry, , r.residence 17th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Biddle
Eaickelmann, r.residence H.clerk , r.residence 17th. ne.northeast cor.corner Biddle
Eaken, Edward, jeweler , r.residence 1303 n.north 2d
Eakin, Albert, plumber . bds.boards 2023 Christy av.avenue
Eakin, Franklin, plumber , bds.boards 2023 Christy av.avenue
Ealer, Heunetta, wuidWilliam P.milliner, , 2221
Monard. r.residence same
Ealer, Henrv. riverman . bds.boards 633 s.south 4th
Ealev, Theobold. moulder . Excelsior Mnfg.Co.company r.residence
Hibbord. ne.northeast cor.corner 16th
Eames, J. H.dealer in staves and headings , 314
Olive, bds.boards St. Nicholas hotel
Eames, William H.deatist . 8th. se.southeast cor.corner Olive, r.residence
Earet, John, tailor , r.residence 923 n.north 12thb
Earhart, Ernest, shoemaker , r.residence 1101 n.north Main
Eaiarhart, Henry, oigarmaker , bds.boards 1101 n.north Main
Earickson, H.carpenter C.H. & J.W. Peck