Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Ernst, Henry, tailor , r.residence es.east side Nebraska av.avenue bet.between Pres-
talozzi and Rappahannock
Ernst, Herman G.printer , Jno.McKittrick & Co.company
r.residence 1100 n.north 12th
Ernst, John, barkeeper , Atlantic house, r.residence 3617
Ernst, John, painter , r.residence 2625 Pacific
Ernst, Leonhardt, brewer , Union brewery, bds.boards
1712 Market
Ernst, William, baker , MortizFreand, , r.residence 917 Sou-
Ernst, William, tailor , r.residence Heropstead, se.southeast cor.corner
Ernst, Xavier, saloon, 1343 s.south 5th, r.residence same
Erpher, James, corker , bds.boards 302 Lesperanee
Errick, Geroge, cooper , r.residence rear 510 s.south 13th
Errickssman, Isaac H. Mrs. saloon, 3532 Broadway,
r.residence same
Erriekson, Willtim, carpenter , bds.boards 521 s.south 14th
Erskine, Ann, wid.widow Peter, , r.residence 2616 Olive
Erskine, Clyde, bookkeeper , H. & r.residence B. Whitte-
more & Co.company r.residence 300 n.north 8th, cor.corner Olive
Erskine, Floyd, bds.boards 302 n.north 8th
Erskine, Frank, r.residence 302 n.north 8th
Ertkine, Greene, r.residence 302 n.north 8th
Erakine, Greebem jr.bds.boards 302 n.north 8th
Erskine, Henry, saloon, 12 Carr, r.residence same
Ersmann, Lena, wid.widow Jacob, , r.residence 321 Myrtle
Ertheiler, Philip(J. Ertheiler & Co.company ) , r.residence 7 n.north 5th,
op court house
Ertheiler P. & Co.company (PhilipErtheiler, and M., and
J.Alexander, , n.north Y.), leaf and manufactured
tobacco and cigars, 311 n.north 3rd
Ertz, Carl, blacksmith , r.residence al.alley bet.between Decatur and
Buel, Soulard and Lafayette
Erwein, Thomas, clerk , bds.boards Walnut Street house
Erwin, Rancis, grocer , 2618 Franklin av.avenue r.residence same
Erwin, T. J.photoprapher , J. A.Steibert, , bds.boards
1724 Washington av.avenue
Esby, James B.salesman , Bruce, Abbey & Co.company r.residence
810 n.north 19th
Eschar, Leonard, lab.laborer bds.boards ss.south side Ferry, nr.near River
Eschbach, John, drayman , Senter, Collier & Ran-
ken , r.residence ws.west side 16th, nr.near Spring
Eschback, Stephen, apprentice , Gast, Moeller &
ken , r.residence ws.west side 16th, nr.near Spring
Eschback, Stephen, apprenti
Co. r.residence 1526 Madison
Eschelbach, Andrew, boot and shoemaker , 318 s.south
2d, r.residence same
Eschelbach, George, cigars and tobacco, 302 s.south 3d
Eschlenrich, Henry, saloon, 728 s.south 2d. r.residence same
Eschle, John, driver , JosephUhrig, , bds. Market,
sw.southwest cor.corner 18th
Eschmann, Ernst, clerk , Cherry Street mills, r.residence
2208 n.north 14th
Eschmann, John, advertising agt.agent . Never Aneiger
des Westens, 15 n.north 3d, r.residence 1017 s.south 5th
Eschrich, Louis, machinist , Fulton iron works, r.residence
1206 n.north 14th
Eshmore, Frederick W.clerk , r.residence 1115 Biddle
Eshmore, Fredrika, wid.widow Frederick, , r.residence 1115 Biddle
Eshrob, James, clerk , bds 1000 Chesnut
Esler, Nathan, varietystore, ws. 7th, bet. Soalard
and Lafayette, r.residence 1703 s.south 7th
Esman, Edward O. drygoods. 1239 n.north 13th, r.residence same
Espenhain, Emil M.(Espenhain & Bro.Brothers ) , r.residence 1424
Franklin av.avenue
Espenhain, Franklin C(Espenliain & Bro.Brothers ) , r.residence
Belleville, Ill.
Espenliain & Bro.Brothers (Franklin C. and Emite M.Es-, ), drygoods fancy, 1424 Franklin av.avenue
Espen chied, Charles(Smith & Espenschied) , 813
Espenschiedd, Henry(Espenschied &. Co.company ) , r.residence 9th,
cor.corner Webster
Espenschied, Louis, pres.president North St. Louis Savings'
association, 723 n.north 3d, r.residence 813 Hempstead
Espenschied, Louis, wagonmaker 1815 Broadway,
r.residence 813 Hempstead, bet.between Broadway and 9th
Espenschied, Louisjr.junior clerk , LouisEspenschied, ,
r.residence 813 Hempstead