Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Gonly, George F.dbs. 1630 Pine
Gonner, Henry.stonefacer , G. & w. tOod & co.
r.residence o'Fallon, cor.corner 9th
Gonner, John, 518 Hickory
Gonosolllis, John, r.residence 518 Hickory
Gonsollis, John, piolot , r,3617 n.north 10th
Gonsollis, John jr.pilot , bds.boards 3617 n.north 10th
Gonter, Charles G.(Charles G. Gonter & Co.) r.residence
2125 Pine
Gonter Charles G. & co. (Charles,
G.Gouter, Josiah, Anderson and george, M.
Harker). publishers , St. Louis Price Cur
rent and jon printers, 108 Olive, up stairs
Gonter, William D.clerk , Southwestern Freighn
and Cotton Press Co.company r.residence ss.south side Chesnut, bet.between
13th and 14th
Good, Anton, Milkman , r.residence Charles, , 2d door n.north of.
Good, Catharine, widJocob, , r.residence al.alley betbetween 3d and
4th, Market and Walnut
Good, Francis A.daryman , ss.south side Cherokee, bet.between
Lousisana and virginia avs.avenues r.residence same
Good, Jocob.lab r.residence ss.south side Cherokee, betbetween , Louisiana
and Virginia avs.avenues
Good, Lewis H.provision store , 2034 Mirgabm r.residence
Good, Peter.watchman , r.residence 2725 Adams
Good, Samaritanhospitial , Louis, e.east Nollan, supt.superintendant
T. G.Comstock, , attending physician , Pratte
av.avenue nw.northwest cor.corner Dayton
Goodale, Dexter C.clerk , J. L.Isaacs, , r.residence 1209
Goodall, William W.bds.boards 2300 Cozens
Goodar, Joseph B.lab .r.residence 909 s.south Main
Goodeck, Charles, harnessmaker , George Cours
Goodell, George, carpernter r.residence rear 1828 n.north 10th
Goodell, George, engineer , bds.boards 2220 Cozens
Goodell, Oliver D.ass.supt St. Lousis Lead and
Oil Co.company bds.boards 7th bet.between O'Fallon and Biddle
Goodelt, William.physician , r.residence 1221 n.north 14th
Goodfellow, Davidchief clerk , waterrates office,
r.residence 314 e.east Mound
Goodfellow, jane r.residence Miss, teacher , Laclede shcoll,
r.residence 314 e.east Mound
Goodfellow, Jo-eph.bookkeeper , appleton. Noyes
& Co.company r.residence 2645 Olive
Goodfellow, Margaret e.east asst.assistant teacher , Jefferson
Goodfellow, William, watchman ,engine , Gen, Lyon.
r.residence 314 e.east Mound
Goodfleish, Jacob, carpeter , bds.boards 1639 North
Goodhue, Lyman B.boardinghouse, 515 St. Charles
r.residence same
Goodhue, P. P. Mrs.grocer , 515 St. Charles, r.residence
Goodhue, Stephen W.bookkeeper , Western Elas
tic Sponge Co .r.residence 1012 n.north 5th
Goodin, Chariesr.residence bookkeeper , State Saving as
sociation.r.residence 1422 Popular
Goodin, John, propr. Eagle steam gas
pipe works, and brass foundry, 218 to 224
Vine bds/ Planters house
Goodin, Mary.wid.widow william, F.r.residence 1422 Popular
Goodin, Robert A.day watchman U.s.south bonded
warehouse , r.residence 2638 Adams, bet.between Emily and
pratte av.avenue
Goodin, Samuel(Goodin & Thomson) , r.residence 1422
Goodin, W.Henry, bookkeeper , Sells & Co.company r.residence 1422