Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Bates, Conrad, bookkeeper , JohannesLudewig, , r.residence
309 Ashely
Bates De, Dello, agent. North Missouri B, r.residence r.residence
1127 s.south 12th
Bites, Howard, r.residence 2732 Morgan
Bates, Kthrincrtori T.H. passenger agt.agent . St.Street Iuis,
Alton and Terra Haute B, B. 105 n.north 4th, r.residence
1207 Morgan
Bates, e.east P.contractor. bds.boards 1213 Pine
Bates, Ferdinand, student , St.Street Louis university
Bates, Frederick, drayman , r.residence Delaware, w. of
California av.avenue
Bates, F. H.chief U. 8. mustering and disbursing
officer , M.D.Mo.Missouri r.residence 1129 Pine 1
Bates, George, student , St. Ixiuis universoty
Bates, John P.naturalist. 2094 w. 6th. same
Bates, John V.salesman , Rosenfield k Co.company r.residence 210
s.south 5th
Bates, Julisnphysican office 2643 Pine r.residence same
Bates, Leavitt D.capente , r.residence 923 Wash
Bates, Martin L.contracto. r.residence 2722 n.north 11th
Baste, Martin L.jr. r.residence 2615 n.north 10th
Bates, Mary G.wid.widow r.residence 923 Wash
Bates, Newton r.residence contractor , r.residence 2717 n.north 10th
Baetes, Thomas, foreman , Industrial Plow Mnfg.
Co.company bds.boards 8th, cor.corner Arsenal
Bates, Thomas, riverman , bds.boards 1427 Collins
Bates, William, engineer , r.residence 921 Caas av.avenue
Bates, William H.riverman. r.residence 1427 Collins
Bath, Harry, lab.laborer Southern hotel, bds.boards same
Bath, Henry, tailor , r.residence 613 a. 12th
Batb, Heniy C.porter , r.residence 613 s.south 12th
Bath, Henry B. (Batb & Johnson, ) ,r.residence 1411 n.north 10th,
bet.between O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Bath, John H.grocer , 1621 Decatnr, r.residence same
Bath, William, confectioner , r.residence 613 s.south 12th
Bith &. Johnson (Henry e.east Bath and Tbomas
Johnson) funiture secondhand , 1414 Broad-
Batista, Berton, saloon, 14 n.north Levee, r.residence 1 n.north Levee
Batte, Benjamin H.(Glasgow. Bro.Brothers & Co.company ) , r.residence 703
n.north 17th
Batistam, Gustav,clerk , Fritz Otto, r.residence 616 s.south 2d
Battles, William, salesman , Barr, Duncan & Co.company
r.residence Walnut, , bet.between 7th and 8th
Baty, Richard J.riverman , r.residence 2405 O'Fallon
BaU, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence 129 Lombard
Bate, Elizabeth, wid.widow Eckhard, , r.residence es.east side Adele, nr.near
Batz, Henry, carpeoter , r.residence Gravois rd, nr.near Bat-
tery No.4
Batr., Justus, woodyard. r.residence 513 Lesperance
Banchard, A. s.south bds.boards St.Street Clair hotel
Bauchholse, Henry, lab.laborer r, us.Davis, bet.between 23d and
Bsudler, John.lab.laborer r.residence tie. Utah, bet.between Indiana and
Missouri av.avenue
Baudon, Leander, carpenter , HenryKennedy, , r.residence
1222 n.north 14th
Bauduy, Jerome K.physician , 2106 Clark av.avenue r
Bauer, Adam, barkeeper , JohnBenttel, , r.residence 2000
Bauiir, Adam, carpenter , J. 0. Codding, r.residence 9th,
ne.northeast cor.corner Wash
Bauer, Adam.milkman , r.residence es. Lemp, bet.between Utah
and Cherokee
Bauer, Agatha, wid.widow Nichols, , r.residence 2626 Market
Bauer, Agenaz, teamster , Kunz & Hoffmeister, r.residence
1904 Poplar
Bauer, Alexander, brewer , r.residence as.Victor, nw.northwest cor.corner
Bauer, Amelia, wid.widow Ernst , r.residence 1832 Decatnr
Bauer, Andrew, lab.laborer r.residence 1933 s.south Linn
Bauer, Antoioe, stonemason , r.residence n.north 18th, bet.between Gari-
baldi aud Penrose
Baoor, Anton, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and Fulton, Soa-
lard and Lafayette
Baoer, Anton, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Convent and Rut-
gers, 3d and 6th
Baoer, Anton, lab.laborer r.residence 1705 Menard