Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Chapman & Thorp (Nelson C.Chapman, , Joseph
G.Thorp, and Joseph G.Chapman, ), lumber
dealers. Cass av.avenue bet.between 13th and 14th
Chappell, John T.com.mer. r.residence 2224 Sprtng
Chapuis, Joseph, gasfritter. Siegel & Bobb , r.residence 1435
Charbonnier, John, matchmaker , r.residence 1917 Colum-
Cherbulak, John Franz, waiter , r.residence 1705 Fulton
Cbarbulak, Valentin, r.residence 1705 Fulton
Charbulock, Edward, waiter , Olive Street hotel,
r.residence same
Charbulock, Frank, waiter , Olive Street hotel, r.residence
Chart, David K.barkeeper , Billing & Co.company r.residence rear
1229 n.north 13th
Charles, Benjamin, printer , r.residence 1613 Hebert
Charles, Benjnmin F.judge county court , r.residence ns.north side
Hebert. bet.between 16th and 17th
Charles, Daniel, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1617 Colnmbns
Charles, Daniel Q.carpenter , r.residence 1314 Spruce
Charles, F. r.residence prod.produce mcr. bds.boards 525 Market
Charles, Jemes, r.residence 1227 Chambers
Charles, Robert, builder , r.residence 1314 Spruce
Charless, Mary J.wid.widow william, , r.residence 1017 n.north 5th
Charless, School, Carrie L.Bryant, , prin. Kings-
burry, nr.near Gravois rd.road
Charlesworth, John, mechanic , r.residence 1014 Spring
Charley, Frank, machinist , bds.boards 1200 Broadway
Charlot, C. s.south receiving teller , 2d National bank,
r.residence 2805 Pacific
Charlotte, Conrad, lab.laborer ConradSeibel, , r.residence 308 Con-
Charpiat, Edward, watchcase maker , Doriot &
Longuet , r.residence 5th, bet.between Kutgcra and Erie
Cbarrappin, e.east L., travelling agt.agent . I. & L.M. Bell-
Charroppin, Charles M.scholastic , St. Loui uni-
versity, r.residence same
Charter Oak Fire & Marine
Ins. co. of Hartford, Conn., Collins &
MaUde. agt.agent . 205 n.north 3d
Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. of
Hartford, Conn., Godfrey & Wilde , gen.agt.agent s.
313 Olive
Cbase, Edward(Clark Bros. & Co.) , r.residence Mt. Pleas-
ant, Carondelet rd.road
Chase, Edward, clerk , A. F. Snarpleigh & Co.company
Chese, Henry, engineer , r.residence 810 n.north 8th
Chase, Henry s.south (H. & L. Chase) , r.residence Boston, Mass.
Chase, Henry s.south dentist , 216 n.north 6th. r.residence same
Chase, H. Lincoln(H. & L. Chase) , r.residence Boston,
Chase H. & L. (Henry s.south and H. Lincoln
Chase, ), represented by Francis H. Luding-
ton, mnfrs. and dealers in bags and bagging.
114 s.south Commercial
Chassaing, Edward J.(Rodney Wyman & Co.) , r.residence
1513 Spruce
Cnsssaing, P. M.wid.widow Edward, , bds.boards 1513 Spruce
Cfamsse, Napoleon, prof. Academy Of The
Christian Brothers
Chatelain, John M.watchmaker , John A.T., r.residence 2005 Franklin ev.
Chatfield, Charles, paperhanger , Newcomb & Co.company
r.residence 1011 n.north 6th
Chatham, Thomas C.(Porter & Co.) , r.residence 808 n.north 6th
Chauvenet, William, Ll. D.cbancelor, , Washing-
ton university, r.residence 2703 Lncas pl.place
Chaveous, Malon, barber , W.Smith,
Chauvin, Sylvester, r.residence 1621 Morgan
Chealey, Anton, lab.laborer JauiesR. Lake. bds.boards 740s.south 2d
Chealey, Vinceennes, lab.laborer James r.residence Lake, , bds.boards 740
s.south 2d
Cheever, Ammi B.clerk , r.residence 1111 Washington av.avenue
Cheever, Joshua(Wurae, Cheevert & Co.) , r.residence 1111
Washington av.avenue
Cheevers, e.east J. Mrs. r.residence 1616 Olive
Cheinn, James, carpenter , r.residence 1521 Orange
Cheld, Lue M.teacher , High school, r.residence 1114 Locust
Chemery, August, stockingmaker , r.residence 816 Market